love this photobook so much


“That he’s your tootsie-wootsie
In the good new summertime”

Hi!! I just want to share this because it’s my first photobook that I bought from my fav Chanbaek fansite!!! It arrived to me today so I’m excited for it!! I will tell the name of the things based from the masternim details. 

This is the packaging (I blurred my name and address)

After I opened the package 

The things inside it. Okay I started to list the things

🍬  Photo card set (30 types)

🍬  Post card set (10 types)

🍬  Transparent card set

🍬  Fan

🍬  Radiation protection sticker

🍬 Sticker

🍬  Photobook hard protection box

Tootsie-Wootsie is composed of two books.

🍬  Tootsie-Wootsie: 200P±/A4/ photos of individual& double shoot/include 2015.5~2016 published &unpublished photos before photobook making

🍬  Happiness Arrival: 100P±/A4/photos of individual& double shoot/include 2014~2016 airport photos

🍬  Mini photobook

🍬  A2 poster

🍬  A3poster x2

🍬 Full preview

It’s so beautiful right ?? It’s really worth it!! The photobook are so so thick and all the pictures in there are so nice. Thank you puppystore-nim for this awesome photobook. I will always support you!!

Thank you