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He’s the one who said they couldn’t have a relationship. She’s the one who makes sure that they don’t.

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Her 
Rating: Mature
Words: 1744

They tumble through the hotel room door, his palm swiftly pushing it shut behind their entangled bodies. Her hands wander up his chest and her arms find their way around his neck, a need to be close dragging her to him. Their lips detach from one another’s during brief moments when they both push their jackets off their shoulders and take off their shoes in a hurry, and when he pulls her top over her head. Her fingers work fast to unbutton his shirt and remove it from his body while his hands move to cup her bottom. 

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jongdae is so beautiful and adorable and wonderful and amazing and talented and heart warming and overall the sweetest little gumdrop in the world i love him so much :(

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Hi! I've never asked for a request but I love them so much (your writing is so so so good!) that I thought I'd ask for one, if that's okay! Can you do a headcanon with the main 3 about their s/o greeting them at one of their performances- mainly a surprise? Thank you so much! Also; don't listen to the rude anons! You are so precious and amazing and they have no idea what they're talking about. You are great, kind, and make my days better. Thank you once again ! -A

Viktor will be very, very happy. When he sees them, he’ll skate off the ice (if he’s finished with his performance) to hug them. Will love them forever if they bring him flowers and Makkachin.

Yuuri will be close to crying from happiness. He never expected that to happen, but he skates his best to try and make coming worthwhile. Will definitely shyly ask them to come to all his performances from then on.

Yuri will blush a beautiful shade of red! I mean, why didn’t you tell him you were coming?? He’ll be secretly glad, though. And he’ll show off, just a tiny bit (and by tiny I mean he’ll skate a personal best)


Happy Birthday, Jun-kun! ♥

It’s Ucchi’s Birthday today!!!

I’ve always feel like Ucchi was one of the hardest workers in μ’s . She wasn’t comfortable with crowds and TV appearance, didn’t expected to have to dance during her seiyuu career, she was afraid of not being a good real life reflection of Kotori. Yet somehow Ucchi managed to keep her head up despite all the obstacles, overcoming it all to bring Kotori-chan and into real life. 

When her throat was hurt during day two of Final Live, Ucchi cried so much because she was afraid she would not be able to bring Kotori and μ’s to the fans one last time on the grand stage. But despite the pain, Ucchi still delivered an impeccable performance that will live forever within every Love Liver.

Thank you for your constant hardwork and dedication towards μ’s, your beautiful voice, your beaming smiles and everything Ucchi!

And may your 30th brings you happiness and everlasting smiles!

Poly Kataang?

(Yup this ot3 thing is getting out of hand, I can’t help myself)

I think people just don’t see Aang and Katara as the sort of people who do polyamory (/threesomes). And it’s not that they need to have sex with other people (not at all), but I feel that they actually kinda fit the profile? It’s something they might have liked to try?

(I mean it’s well within the boundaries of what’s suggested by canon, without being canon. Just like Aang could be straight, demi, bi: neither option is out of character.)

Katara and Aang have this relationship where something was kinda there from the start, and it was built upon during the show until they finally got together. But what’s relevant here is that while they were building this relationship, they were also kinda engaging different people (that’s who they are?).

So while he’s absolutely focused on Katara as his SO forever, Aang loves performing for other girls (even boys). In two of the episodes where he’s being the most forward with her, he’s also very much enjoying some attention? By The Headband, he’s already known for some time that he loves her, but he’s still having a fun time with the Fire Nation girls - dancing with them, making them giggle. He surely meant nothing by it, it was nothing major or important, and the next second he’s back to Katara and reassuring her she’s the one for him - “it’s just you and me right now”. Aang has no problem being charming and playful with other people in a somewhat flirty way, while being steadfast in his affection for one person - it could mean nothing, or it could hint at him not being against the idea of a more open kind of relationship.

Same with Katara, in a different way. She has this very tentative relationship with Aang where she’s clearly somewhat interested (actually we know she starts considering him a legit option for a future husband from Book 1 episode 14), but she’s also absolutely ready to connect deeply emotionally and be physically affectionate with every other boy. Again, it’s not necessarily romantic: Katara is a very affectionate and emotionally open person. But it’s a part of her personality - she naturally connects and is willing to build an emotional bond with more than one person at a time, and maybe it could hint at her being open to a less monogamous relationship.

I think people also tend to see them as more “stuck up” or traditional than I imagine them. They’re these adventurous nomadic hippies with a good deal of curiosity for everything, and idk, I think in their group they may be the ones most open to new experiences - by which I mean, in the show, they are often the most eager to step out of their comfort zone, discover new possibilities, meet new people and explore traditions from other cultures. Katara’s always excited to meet strangers (Aang, Jet’s group, Haru, etc.), she wants to know more about them and try out the things they do, in contrast to Sokka’s ever mistrustful and reluctant attitude. It’s Katara who’s always ready to (physically) challenge the status quo everywhere she sees injustice, whereas Sokka had to have his sexism literally beaten out of him, and he still carried with him burdensome ideas of what it meant to be “manly” for the majority of the show. Aang of course is as social and accepting as you can be. So idk, I think that while Sokka or Zuko for example might be at first flabbergasted by the idea of three people being in love and/or having sex together, Katara and Aang might just be curious? (I don’t think they’d be uneasy anyway yk?)

They are both 1) extraverted, friendly and good at managing relationships, 2) good at talking about their feelings and listening to the other’s, 3) very loyal and honest with each other. These should be the most essential qualities to have in order to maintain a healthy poly relationship? They are also both publicly affectionate with each other and very unapologetic about their relationship. They don’t mind being different from everyone else - actually as the only survivor of his people, Aang is different by default? They already have a peculiar lifestyle anyway. But even without taking this into consideration, he’s just the sort of person who thrives on his uniqueness? He’s more than comfortable standing out in almost every situation - he actively tries to stand out. Same thing for Katara, she grew up the only waterbender in her tribe and was being called weird for it, she’s used to being different. They’re both pretty non-conformist without trying.

(It’s also worth noting that we don’t know much about the Air Nomads: “free love” could have been the norm in their culture as far as we know - it’s certainly one of the most likely options.)

Of course, they are several ways to be poly. Personally I just think that if they both had a crush on Zuko some cute/hot person, exploring the possibilities - sharing or even falling in love together - is something they might enjoy?

(Though not before they grow up a bit and become absolutely confident in their relationship (them as a couple), because both Aang and Katara can get jealous pretty easily if they’re insecure about the other’s feelings. It’s not something I can see them trying early on.)

Disclaimer: I of course don’t think them being poly would mean they’re any less devoted to each other. And really, I think most of this is still valid if you prefer to see them as mono - I mean they still love people: I don’t think Katara would be very happy never interacting with anyone apart from her family. And if Aang doesn’t have friends he loves to visit all over the world, he’s not Aang, yk?