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“I thought what Maria and I had was love. But I was her puppet. She pulled the strings. I didn’t know there was another way… till I found Alice. Now, she’d seen me coming, of course.” Jasper said towards Bella while on the other side Alice was walking towards Jasper in her cheery manner “You kept me waiting long enough.” The brunette said in a lightly and playful manner. “My apologies, ma'am.” A little laughter came out from Jasper’s lips as he spoken out those words “I don’t know what I’d have become without her.” he then said in continuation as he looked towards Bella then back to Alice. Which made the pixie headed girl smiled reassuringly towards him. “Shhh…  You’ll never have to be that again.” 

pyrohydriscence: I have to think that is part of the story of them falling in love.

YES omfg. Allura and Kima when they were still a part of their old adventuring party, a little awkward and unsure of each other. They all go out drinking at the close of another harrowing adventure, and Kima is sure the tall, elegant Allura Vysoren is going to be a total lightweight, probably only drinks like one fancy-ass cocktail or smth. 

Boyyyy was Kima w r o n g. Drake buys everyone a round of beer, Allura drinks it along with the rest of them, not quicker, but not slower either. She volunteers to get the next round - and comes back with shots. 

Shots? Kima’s not sure if this is, like, Allura’s “I just almost died time to toughen up” moment; or she just wanted to order something she’d thought everyone would like, but Kima knows it has to be one of those. 

It’s not either option. Half the party says no thanks, realising that the particular drinks Allura got were, like, the equivalent of a ridiculously high proof moonshine or something. Allura shrugs, splits the shots between her and the rest of the party, meaning she has like 3 in front of her. She downs them 1, 2, 3, while Kima just looks on in shock. Kima drinks one of the shots in front of her and is fully aware she needs to pace herself because of how strong they are. 

By the end of the night Allura is barely even slurring, somehow still as elegant and refined as ever. Occasionally she will stumble over one or two words, but if it gets to more than that she will abruptly stop talking, as if slurring her sentences is the worst thing to ever happen. 

Kima is so very annoyed by this stringbean blonde wizard, somehow still upright while the halfling is swaying side to side. 

Annoyed…and maybe a little interested too. Just a little.

(When they get together, one of the first coupley things they do - after kicking ass together obviously - is go drinking and find out once and for all who can hold their alcohol better. It’s a tough battle, but Allura wins eventually.)

(She carries a passed-out Kima back to their lodgings, bridal-style)

If Kagari was part of S2

Please imagine the following;

- The interactions between Kagari and Mika. I don’t even need to elaborate on this; he would drive her up the wall :D

- “Gino-san, can I touch your arm?”

- He’d scare the life out of Hinakawa. Honestly. Hinakawa would not have the first clue what to do with Kagari. 

- Although in time they’d become closer, Kagari looking out for him like some kind of older brother. Plus they share games and candy!

- Yayoi/Kagari brotp lives on f o r e v e r 

- Kagari continues to lowkey crush on Shion even though he pretends she grosses him out. Everyone knows he’s crushing in secret. 

- There’s a lot of respect for Akane, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tease her from time to time. 

- He also hides her cigarettes in various places because he hates her smoking. 

- He despises Tougane. 

- Therefore he drives the man insane in every possible way; playing his games just a bit ~too~ loudly (this annoys Tougane and Mika but everybody else is used to it), hiding his things, accidentally loosening a few screws on the man’s desk/ chair/ monitor. The pettiest, most childish and irritating pranks because those are the ones which get under Tougane’s skin most.

Dragon (Josh Diaz x Reader) Part 3

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Anon asked, “Omfg!! I loved your Josh Imagine- the dragon one, so so so much. Could you maybe do another Josh imagine where the reader is Josh’s best friend and the Chimera pack knows that he likes the reader and tease him about it all the time, until he finally tells the reader and they kiss and it’s just fluffy and cute?”

@dunbar09 asked, “One where the reader is a member of the Chimera pack  And one night Hayden, Corey, the reader, and Tracy are having just like a nice talk about life and stuff, and they start talking about people they like and the reader says she likes josh and then something cute happens between her and josh the next day?”

A/N. So, I combined the two, because they worked really well together. I made it extra long to make it up to you guys. And I made it part 3 of the Dragon series because it just seems to flow really well. I hope you like it :) No kiss, because this is building up to some major sh*t. Part 4 is in the works and I have plans for a part 5 and 6 at least. Thoughts? (PS, top pic is the photo, just pretend, and the bottom pic is what the reader looks like once she’s shifted. Tell me what you think of her please :) )

“So, what did you and Josh do last night?” Hayden asked, nudging your side.

You groaned. Someone, Corey probably, had woken up before you and found you and Josh sleeping last night. It wasn’t like anything had happened, but apparently someone’s hand had been on someone else’s ass you couldn’t get them to tell you who was feeling up who. You had a sinking feeling it may have been your fault.

Now they wouldn’t quit bugging you about it, as you struggled to get ready for school with the three of them crowding up your bathroom.

“Nothing happened.” You snapped through a mouth full of toothpaste. “It was getting warm, so we moved into the other room. That’s all. How come none of you are teasing Tracy for the way her and Theo were going at it during the movie last night?”

“Because we know Tracy and Theo are doing the dirty.” Corey winked. “What we didn’t know was that you and Josh were shirtless hugging too.”

“We’re not!” You cried, pausing to spit into the sink. “I swear. Nothing happened. I mean, yes, last night we were hugging and he happened to not be wearing a shirt, but that’s besides the point.”

“Fine.” Tracy pouted. “But it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Josh is cute. I mean, he’s no Theo, but–”

“You mean he’s not a psychotic, power hungry alpha wannabe?” You interrupted. “You’re right. He’s not.”

“You’re getting defensive.” Hayden smiled. “And you’re defending him. Further proof, that’s all I’m saying.” She held up her hands when you growled at her.

You rolled your eyes. “Like you can talk. You went from despising Liam with every fibre of your being to making out with him in like a week.”

“True.” Hayden shrugged. “But in my defence, he got cute.”

“True.” You agreed. “But still. That was awfully fast. And I get it, I really do. For you guys these people anchor you. They help you feel things again instead of being numb. And I’m happy for you. But that’s not how I am. I don’t need an anchor.”

“He doesn’t have to be your anchor.” Corey said. “He’s just someone you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be as deep as you’re making it.”

“It does help though.” Hayden added. “Having someone. Liam and Clarke, they keep me grounded. I don’t know how I’d be able to cope with all of this without them.”

“I know.” Tracy agreed, nodding. “I know you think Theo’s cold, and he is, but with me he’s the only one that makes everything seem real. Otherwise I can’t tell if I’m awake or dreaming.”

“I guess.” You sighed. “But it doesn’t matter anyway. He’s Josh. He likes girls who will sleep with him, and then he loses interest. It’s not worth it to pursue.”

Corey pursed his lips but didn’t say anything, instead excusing himself to go change and get something to eat.

You looked at the girls. “You’re not going to tell Josh about this right? Because nothing happened, and nothing is going to happen. Ever. Got it?”

They both nodded and excused themselves to go get food. You sighed, doing some quick math as you pulled your hair up. If your calculations were correct, Josh would know about this conversation before the end of second period. Shit.

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Jake and Harriett’s day of fun part 30000000. Today we went to the zoo!! And I got to feed a giraffe!! Twice! Because Jake gave me his share of the food to give to the animal! And it was amazing!! That giraffe is my life now. Also, Jake pretended he was a flamingo, we visited the bird sanctuary, and got the best lunch and subsequent icecream I have ever eaten in my life. All in all, a successful day.