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Hi! May I ask what's your favorite fluffiest fluff HC of Sasuke and Sakura? 🍒🍅

Omg i dont even know if i have a favorite!! I’ve got so many that I adore. I guess I could list them in no particular order:

  • Their most common affectionate gesture isn’t handholding or hugging or kissing. It’s actually touching their foreheads together. Most often, Sakura just smiles, and Sasuke closes his eyes, urging her own to slip shut too. It’s never really a prolonged thing, just the two of them touching foreheads and closing their eyes for some time, before he either kisses her or they part from each other to do whatever they were doing.
  • The first time she saw him grin, like really grin, was the day Sarada was born. It was also the first time she saw him cry happy tears (no sobbing, just silent tears and the widest smile).
  • The first time he told her he loved her was when they first made love. (She already knew he did, but she’d never heard him say it and it made her all teary.)
  • I know I’ve said it a thousand times but I’m 1000% sure they didn’t date. They fell into a relationship. The process was so slow and tentative and gentle but ugh so fluffy. Cute dorks.
  • They both blushed after their first kiss. Not that Sasuke’s face was completely flushed, but he had this little faint rosiness to his cheeks, and his ears were so, so red. It was adorable.
  • It didn’t happen too often—never unless in complete privacy—but absolutely adored when Sasuke knelt down to nuzzle her pregnant belly.
  • He never sleeps well unless he has Sakura in his arms, or wrapped around him. Her presence always chases away the darkness. 
  • He likes to run his fingers through her hair a lot, but he only does it when she’s sleeping. It takes her years to notice. 

I think i’ll stop there :)))

Know Your Wakandans (and Variations)

Hi, all! I think the Shuri “Know Your Wakandans” post was great, so I wanted to put it out there that if anyone wants to write about a Black Panther character they are particularly knowledgeable or thrilled to see in the film, I’d love for you to message me.

Besides Shuri, they were written by me and I love the comics but wasn’t yet born when some of them were written so I’m no expert!

Early Posts

Posts Done After Casting/Trailer Images Available

Posts I’d Like to Have

Well obviously there’s one glaring omission. There’s no post on T’CHALLA. If anyone is an expert in his comics history, I’d love that! Some other ideas:

  • Better post on T’Chaka, including younger T’Chaka to be played by Atandwa Kani (John Kani’s son, which I am all hearts <3s over because families!)
  • Nightshade
  • Klaue, like I guess, meh.

Thoughts? I want us all to be ready when the film comes out so we can go “OH SHIT!” when someone pops up on screen and appreciate all the subtle genius of Ryan Coogler.

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what are your favorite jamion moments? Btw i love this blog so much!!!

There a lot of Jamion-stuff and I forgot a lot, but here are the 10 things that I remember right now and all of them are important. More attention is paid to text interviews and phrases from a video interviews. Order does not matter.

  2. When we finally spoke to each other properly, we found out that we got on. We ended up living in a two-bedroomed flat on Westbourne Grove for a year-and-a-half. He’s a very, very good cook. Very messy, though. He didn’t have a wardrobe: He just had a big pile of clothes in his room. I was obsessive about cleanliness. He cured me of that. Damon was encounter therapy for my OCD
  3. THE WHOLE TIME WHEN THEY WERE LIVING TOGETHER. They broke up with Jane and Justin, they had been quarreling almost 10 years and suddenly come together. LIKE ???!!!
  4. ‘Hewlett and Albarn opted to share a flat on Westborne Grove, which Albarn still owns.’ OKAY ALBARN IS RICH MUSICIAN. He does not need anyone to rent an apartment in a fold. He owns the flat. Why they are living together? Think it out yourself :’) 
  5. A little bit of pain. JH: ‘I needed to change my life. I was going a little bit insane at that point. And, yeah we had a little bit of a disagreement. We’d lived in each other’s pockets for 10 years. Damon’s an artist, he’s one of the few real artists that I know, but that means you can be a little crazy and a little difficult and I can be the same. We locked horns a few times and I needed to escape. I met my wife, I went to Paris and I fixed myself. I sorted out my head.’ I fixed myself. It sounds so bad. Poor Jay. There was so much of Albarn in his life. In the ‘Bananaz’, it was clear how excited and inspired Jamie was next to him, but he could not stand so much Damon around for long. headсanon on the topic of reparative therapy and Jamie’s escape to Paris and what was with Damon - totally wrong. 
  6. DA: ‘No, I’m not jealous of Emma. No, I was just a bit sad. That I’ve spent so much time with had chosen someone over me.‘ 
  7. JH: ‘Jamion is a mixture of me and Damon. Sometimes I’ll ring him up and he’ll be ‘’Helloooooo… this is Jamion!'’ He’s like the evil half of each of us.’
  8. 'They reconciled at a friend’s Christmas party in 2014. Hewlett says: “I knew the first words that came out of his mouth would be, ‘All right, poof?’ And he came over and said, ‘All right, poof?’ And I said, ‘Hi, Damon.' 
  9. JH: ‘He seems to have a constant melody in his head. Which is a gift and a curse.’ 
  10. DA: ‘He’s my bro and always will be. I love him.’ / JH: ‘But I love Damon.’

ask questions - I am always ready to answer. thx anon for attention to my blog <3 I love you, jamion-folks! 

Aceppting to yourself that you are not okay is one of the hardest things ever.

They’re not just being honest, they’re also being so brave for letting everyone know how they truly feel right now.
We all lost ourselves at some points in our lives, and the hardest part is finding the right path again.
They’ll find it. They are strong and capable. They got each other and all of us.
I am beyond thankful and proud of those two boys.
I love them.

Exo Scenario: First Date with Chanyeol ~

Hiiiii! I’m the anon who requested “Alone Time with Chanyeol!” Since you’re about to close the requests, could you do some kind of prequel to that story? Like their very first date together at some theme park. It goes terribly wrong and embarrassingly for the two of them, but somehow, everything just falls into place, and it’s just magic!?? Thank you!!!!

Hey thanks for requesting, I absolutely loved writing your past request and it’s really cute that you thought of a prequel to it for me to write :) Hope you like it just as much as the first scenario and please let me know what you think of this :) 

You can find the first part here.

Also everything from now on will be placed under a read more so as not to clog up your feeds, so let me know if this is easier for everyone <3

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movie-addict24 replied to your post “@rosegoldgemini replied to your post “I get that we’re all excited…”

Honestly that could also be why past debates of them lacking chemistry because they dont really kiss like two people in love, in the begining of their relationship. They kiss like they have been married for 40 years. (Well the ones that are not still passionate)

 I doubt they will be steamy. Only one of their kisses has ever been steamy. I hope i am wrong. But i probably am not.

Well, anyone who says they lack chemistry had better be ready to fight me, because they’re wonderful together and I adore them and I’m 99.99% certain Harry could have chemistry with a door knocker if he wanted to. 

But that bolded part? Thank you. Those were the words my broken brain was refusing to cough up earlier. They should be very deeply entrenched in the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship right now, but they have never really acted like honeymooners. The way many of the longer kisses have been staged (and a lot of this is down to the director, not the actors) feels sort of incongruous when one considers the stage the relationship is at. And as much as I adore them, I find myself very jarred by that sometimes.

So that’s what I would most like to see in this upcoming episode; a level of passion commensurate with the newness (and the intensity that comes with being in that state of newness) of the relationship.

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Hi What are your next writing projects? Im curios and love your writing❤️

Hi, thank you! Well in the next week or so, I’ll be putting a few more requests out, one based on a song and two based on prompt sentences. I also have a multi-part piece coming out that wasn’t requested but is based off a post, which will most likely only be two parts but we’ll see. And then I’ll be writing more requests and posting those as I finish them :)

“I’m totally in love with Australia/Seychelles. Sea, sun, surf, adventures, etc. etc. Every time I think about them, I imagine the Lilo & Stich soundtrack in the background XD“

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I wanted to add Jo/D@ny seem to me too announced and perfect 'cause romantic love between them is definitive and lasting. I'll tell you: they're prince and princess promised, they're quite woman and quite man, all insist 'cause they meet. Melisandre says openly Jon/ D@ny have a role to play ... only thing missing is they remain victims of a great thunderbolt as soon as their eyes meet in 7x03, but ... where is love story? Where is construction, climax, obstacles? Even Ned/Cat had against...


Is this a part of another ask?? Okay anyway. Yes Where’s the construction? The build up and is there really time to show a believable love between two characters in a show which has reached the beginning of it’s end??

Beats me too!!

Thanks for the ask!

1. You and your love are both soft and haunted and some people will come into your life and take that softness for granted. This is just how the world is, my darling, diamonds exist but so do wolves and sometimes it is the diamonds that we need to watch out for because they are made of cold and wolves still have heartbeats and are just misunderstood. Navigating the world is a hard thing, especially for girls who are made of story flavoured madness and seeking happy endings here that are harder than finding a pearl in the deepest part of ocean.

2. I have known of too many girls who have both become and died in the embrace of men that should have loved them better but chose to let them go. Both Gods and men tend to treat dreamers and romantics with an equal part of disdain and neglect. I have ached for them, but watching sadness does things to a persons mind and heart.

3. My cousin was a small girl with dreams the size of a country and determination made of a bullet that penetrated every job she ever did. I never once saw her fail and then she fell in love. Even bullets can dissolve when put in enough heat. Watching her melt from a gun to a wound was enough to teach me that alone had a lovely sound to it.

4. Alone and lonely are two different things. Alone means nights with my books. Alone means quiet star gazing and drinking tea drinking on my roof. Alone means hours of self aware retrospection in a coffee shop whilst scribbling poetry. But most importantly alone means not wilting into the arms of a man who may not appreciate the stars and poetry. Lonely is carnal. Lonely is craven. Lonely is sad.

5. I thought I was safe in my alone. But love is a wicked predator, it found my hiding place even in a forest. To do so, it set my beautiful forest of alone on fire.

6. For a while, we were happy. For a while, love almost had me believe that I was wrong. Until the day you left, like a hurricane leaves the ocean. For good.

7. I crumbled. Picked myself up. And crumbled again. Eventually I lost track of how many times I had to get up. Eventually you began to fade into the graveyard of the still living people that have abandoned me in my head.

8. I am better now. The forest of my alone finally has grown back from the ashes. Bigger and better than before, my alone is beautiful. It is slowly filling the graves you left inside me with self love and healing. My alone is softer with my heart than your love has ever left it feeling.

—  Nikita Gill, Alone

NEW VIDEO: “A Matter of Life or Death: LGBTQ+ Refugees”: Being LGBTQ+ in the United States can definitely be difficult, but in some countries around the world you can go to jail or even be killed if you are out of the closet. For part 5 of my Pride Month series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience,” I met two incredible members of our community, Shadi (from Syria) and Sharifa (from Uganda) who went to incredible lengths to flee their home countries to avoid persecution. You’ll love them.

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No seriously! The two people Louis collaborated with: a non white man with a degree in women studies and a woman part of the LGBTQ community. Both supporters of gay rights, women rights, with charity projects and, to not forget, incredibly talented and outspoken. I'm so proud of Louis! And you know what also says a lot? Not only that Louis chose them but they also chose Louis!! If Louis was the man his team wanted us to believe he was Steve and Bebe wouldn't have worked him and love him so much!