love this part of the lyrics

Album reviews: Niall Horan - Flicker

Give the lad his due: it would have been easy for the One Direction heartthrob to trot out a collection of ersatz R&B crowd-pleasers, but on Flicker he keeps faith with the West Coast influences that first drew him into music. On tracks like “On The Loose” and “Since We’re Alone”, the formula of fat, warm bass and drums anchoring light guitars and harmonies comes straight from the Fleetwood Mac playbook (indeed, the latter’s guitar vamp irresistibly recalls “Dreams”). Elsewhere, his grasp of country-rock modes is firm but light, Horan harmonising with himself on “You And Me” like a reedier version of Don and Phil Everly, while lilting folksy strummers such as “Seeing Blind” and “Flicker” glow like late-afternoon sunlight in Laurel Canyon. Lyrically, Horan pushes no envelopes, sticking to earnest love plaints and poignant reminiscences for the most part, and even offering to listen to his girl’s problems in “Fire Away”. Clearly, a chap who knows exactly what women most want from men.


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It's not the lyric itself really but the way Christian sings "it really KILLED me when you took those vows" on the recording destroys me 100% of the time

SAME. He has such great line delivery (evidence: everything he’s ever been in but esp something rotten!), so he impressed me throughout falsettos. The words that he chose to put emphasis on were sometimes so surprising but always so powerful.

I feel like I Never Wanted To Love You was a great demonstration of his talent for this!! Bc yeah, same, his voice kills me in that part.

I know lyrical speculation about anyone other than Joe has been discouraged due to some people *coughs* but I think we’re all sleeping on the part where she says:

“You should think about the consequence of you touching my hand in a darkened room” (and then she repeats “dark room” a couple times, clearly calling emphasis to it.)

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that came to mind when listening to that was the first line of You Are In Love: “One look, dark room, meant just for you.” Karlie’s song. Taylor, honey, if you’re really trying to push the no homo narrative, you’re gonna have to stop releasing such gay songs.

hi Taylor!! I’m Ashley. I discovered your music in 2009 when I was 7 years old, when my sisters and I got the fearless platinum edition cd for Christmas. We listened to it for hours on repeat while playing in the basement and I quickly memorized all the lyrics and fell in love with your songs. since then my love for you has only grown. you have been such a big part of my life and who I am. I am so thankful for your advice, and for your example of strength, kindness, and independence. you have taught me not to worry about what others think of me. I have so much love and respect for you. you have the greatest personality and the greatest sense of humor and SO. MUCH. TALENT. I love you so much, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and the wonderful impact you’ve had on my life.

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But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!

[TRANS] BTS - Sea (lyrics)

(T/N: This is one of the hidden tracks of ‘LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her’, therefore there’s no official lyrics. I listened to the track and translated what I heard, there might be mistakes.)

Somehow I walked and came to this sea
From this sea I look at the beach
Countless grains of sand and the fierce wind
I’m still looking at the desert
I want to have the sea, I gulped you all down
But I get even thirstier than before
Is everything I know truly the sea
Or is it a blue desert

I don’t know I don’t know
If I’m feeling the waves in this moment or not, yeah
I don’t know I don’t know
If I’m still chased by the sandstorm or not, yeah
I don’t know, I don’t know
Is it a sea, is it a desert, is it hope, is it despair
Is it real, is it fake, shit

I know I know
That I will
I know I know
Overcome my trials
I know I know
It’s myself
That I rely on
Think positively, swallow*
Even if I’m anxious, even if a desert
It’s the beautiful Namib Desert

Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials

Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah
Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah

I thought the sea was here but it turned out to be a desert
Small company’s idols with nothing special was my second name
Countless of times edited out from broadcasts
Someone’s fill-in, our dream
Some people said our company was small so we wouldn’t be famous
I know I know, I know it too
Even back when the seven of us struggled to sleep in one room
The trust before sleep that tomorrow would be different
The mirage of the desert, I can see its shape but I couldn’t grab it
I pray that I will survive in this endless desert
I pray that it is not the reality

At last I grabbed the mirage and it became reality
The desert I was once afraid of became that sea by our blood, sweat and tears
But what are these fears among all the happiness
We all know too well this place was originally a desert

I don’t want to cry
I don’t want to rest
(No, how about resting just for a little bit?
No, no, no)
I don’t want to lose
It was originally a desert
(Then let them know everything
We have to achieve more)

Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials
Where there is hope, there are trials

Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah
Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah

Ocean, desert, the world
Everything is the same thing
Different name
I see ocean
I see desert
I see the world
Everything is the same thing but with different name
It’s life again

Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah
Where there is hope
You know you know you know yeah

Where there is hope, there is despair
Where there is hope, there is despair
Where there is hope, there is despair
Where there is hope, there is despair

We have to despair, for all of those trials
We have to despair, for all of those trials

*swallowing saliva when being nervous

After meeting you I just don’t think there will be any other. A part of me will never be whole again. I picked up your habits, good and bad. Phrases you said became a part of me and I find myself using them in sentences. I memorized the lyrics of all your favorite songs and I catch myself singing them randomly. I smell of your scent every once in a while and I cannot help but wonder where you are, and if you are thinking of me as well. I close my eyes and all I see is you. You are in every part of me, consuming me.
Memeteen guide to Seventeen


  • carats make fun of his stage name holding a couple s.coups of icecream and a S.cup of noodles 
  • chicc
  • the poor man between jeongjicheol
  • papa coups 
  • embarrasing dad
  • wings it at choreo sometimes
  • has 12 children 
  • wants to c h o k e jeonghan
  • the type of dad that would challenge his 5 yr old child to a game of soccer and then gets too competitive and swerves that bitch to get goals
  •  his smile and his smile alone gave one of Seventeen’s stages a crap ton of views
  • say the name!
  • camel
  • piggy bank
  • beagle leader
  • “eyes look like 9:15″
  • eyelashes for ddaayyyysss
  • Everybody SCREAMM
  • fireworks are the only enemy
  • members rebel against him at times
  • someone save him


  • John-Oops I mean Jeonghan
  • Laying down is his preferred physical state
  • swindler
  • long hair majestic unicorn and short hair majestic prince. He majestic no matter what fam
  • “Joshua was the first one to approach me”
  •  toucher of asses 
  • shamelessly feeds off of members’ love 24/7
  • Makes members have couple wallpaper and phone cases with him 
  •  "angel"
  • the mother of Seventeen
  • “Dino, nugu aegi?”
  • All members are under his spell
  • giraffe running
  • Jeonghan’s warm cup of milk
  • sa-sa-say the name seventeen 
  • Doubts OFD pds
  • bitter smile of betrayal 
  • vernon crushed his balls once
  • athletic with no stamina
  • creator of the Carat mating call: *incoherent screaming*


  • Gentleman
  • fukn weeaboo
  • the b e s t freestyle rapper in Seventeen. Dont @ me
  • ded meme(?) “Jisoos Christ”
  • The ‘normal one’-SIKE bitch
  • That poor waterbottle
  • When-one-of-the-members-wear-a-shirt-with-questionable-english-words-everyone-blames-me-lol  guy
  • I pledge allegence to the flag of the united states of amerca and to the re-
  • dRinK WaTeR
  • pin drop and worm master +uncle dance
  • pingpong vlive 
  • “EAT THIS” signature move
  • “over here”
  • The english teacher everyone wants and deserves 
  • white cap
  • Chicken can heal the heart
  • L.A motherfuckerss
  • piggy bank
  • “Ïm part of vocal unit too! T-T”


  • Heechul’s reincarnated body that was too early bc he aint ded lol
  • chinaline
  • child actor 
  • nyeac nyeac 
  • logos are out to get him 
  • eyeroll king 
  • punny and awkward
  • king of china
  • 404 lines not found
  • My I now
  • “Ice ice froze.” (that crazy in love Wonwoo lyric) moments
  • sexy expression
  • convinced he is the number one visual 
  • shy vlives
  • proceeds to tell members to call him handsome in chinese
  • ofd positivity boy


  • naega hosh + pose
  •  What time is it? 10:10 bitches
  • ‘ten hour ten minute’
  •  shinee’s biggest fanboy
  •  from soft 1 to hipthurst 100  real quick.
  • My name’s soonyoung call me soon
  • hamster cheeks
  • suffers with spicy food
  • beurora hurricane
  • Coco his chicken 
  • his love for the angsty teen makne 
  • “HEy MIDDLE" 
  • glitter face
  • pretty u first win cry face
  • Mounteen
  • kwon fire
  •  making dances out of things that inspire him; ex: crab, octopus, noodles, street lamp, backpack
  • kwon edward soonyoung 
  • refuses to be bottom visual 
  • rivalry with seungkwan and wonwoo 
  • claps like a child
  • Grandma


  • lowkey highkey loves his own visuals 
  • beanie bro 
  • garden fairy 
  • voice so deep adele’s rollin in it 
  • “life is hamburger”
  • cheese burger aegyo 
  • emo 
  • let him sing fam
  • fukn nerddd 
  • sick wonwoo days with the plushy
  • Tsundere™
  • make him an actor pls 
  • got hit in the balls with a ball one time 
  • nose crinkle 
  • specs 
  • lack of highfives
  • middle school’s dance machine
  • him vs. Hoshi in ofd japan
  • bag of luck


  • Smol bean that would kill for a single cornchip 
  • Reminds me of a old grandpa teddy bear idk lol 
  • Done with life, hates aegyo and human contact, but will accept it when he wants to
  • members mock his crying from pretty u first win every chance they get 
  • if he does anything out of character they tease him about it till no end tbh
  • Suga’s son
  • his need to grab and hit people when he laughs
  • guitar is his greatest weapon
  • ccrriinnggeee & finger ccurrlll
  • producer-nim
  •  adore u is a funky pop song that has fun and fresh lyrics that match seventeen’s age on top of an addictive melody 
  • members exposing his ass in project svt


  • the actual sun
  •  built in speakers bc he loud as shit 
  • sacrifices his beautiful face to make people laugh
  •  smile that can cure all the worlds sickness
  •  stop eating cds
  • woojoos_daddy
  • ‘come to daddy’ tee
  • horsemin MAL
  • pigeon
  •  chicc
  •  pure and goes along with jokes the best 
  • heLL0 mY naMe Is LeE SeOkMIN my moTheR’S naMe Is
  • hightone rap
  • wat is basketball? 
  • do it from your heart 
  • Jeonghan’s fool 
  • mosquito 
  • Happy birfthday broo
  • orange peel king
  • wow, unbeliebable  
  • Grandpa
  • Two-teen


  • MingEW and all his sneezin
  • flowercap boi 
  • tol and clumsy
  • If Seventeen doesnt drop somethign, Mingyu certainly will 
  • actually very organized and neat 
  • Minghousewife 
  • was a cheeto for a split second
  • proud father of OG BongBong 
  • Mingyu sunbaenimmm
  • Seventeen cant live without their swiss army knife 
  • Akita sound
  • oh. my. god. Oho My GOD
  • ‘Your name is bob’
  • Where Is Your Tag???
  • squeals 
  • “Seventeens official visual" 
  • oooo000OOO yEAh 


  • got7 bambam taught him how to dab and he never looked back since
  •  thughao
  • IMMA
  • before: Yeah I’ll have her home before 10 ^-^ 

          now: she’ll spend a night at my house ;)

  • nunchuuk daddy
  • 404 no lines found pt.2
  • now My I
  • his predebut pictures are  e p i c
  • side-eye king
  • arms for days
  • fashionista
  • rolled thin porkbelly hair
  • learns more korean to roast bitches
  • flipping is his preferred transportation 
  • dirty dirty jamjam ^-^ *svt flipps out in cringe* 
  • Kermit is his bitch


  • fresh baked buns bebe
  • divaboo
  •  just put boo in any word and it gets 100 times better
  • supports AND hates aegyo
  • Beyonce who?
  • MCboo, talk talk talk. 
  • "Thomas the train” omg rip XD 
  • Vernon’s number 1 fan
  • cries in jeju accent
  • John?
  • Boonon, svts rapper 
  • Oh Laaaddiieesss~~ this is your story 
  • red 
  • haunted house screaming 
  • volleyball fanatic
  •  kimbap kidding? 
  • Crab walks away 
  • Son of Jeju 
  • fashTion 
  • '13th visual’ (fuk nah)
  • Im the BEST quality 


  • child actor but never fukn talks about it
  • attempts vocal runs
  • looks confused most of the time  
  • iconic rap lines “pull up on you wacks with a mac fuly loaded”, “i’m only seventeen i only got a few dollars” “Chili Chicken in the microwave”
  • fortune cookie hair 
  • headlines headlines ( HaJiMAaaaAa, dont mention smtm4)
  • his obsession with hotline bling
  • “speaks english, but forgets that one english word” (bilingual problems)
  • Person: h- 

          Vernon: I was born in america but moved to korea when I was five 

  • Kidney function is not a right its a privilege
  • woke af
  • His mom is my bias
  • teeth
  • bubble pop
  • *slightly lifts glasses* 'ding' 
  • sofia
  • Leonardo Dicaprio AND Leonardo Divinci
  • Dont take him fishing
  • stitch
  • Dat laugh tho
  • lotto
  • My favorite part of Seungkwan is-


  • Michael Chanson
  • “Im growing!”
  • not Jeonghan’s aegi
  • we will now forget mansae era duck ass hair
  • Diamond makne
  • “he’s going through puberty now”-Hoshi
  • a new born savage
  • Makne’s visual ranking
  • GloUp of the century
  • “michael jackson version" 
  • bitter smile 
  • loud laugh 
  • *runs over hoshi’s toes with scooter* 
  • *scrolls through phone and half-heartedly says*  I love you.