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  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> so newt scamander has shown excellent prowess in not only using magic as shown by him using wordless spells even though he was trained in verbal magic and sure it's for saving time onscreen and all that but it says something and it's meant to show us this man knows how to use magic and he's shown apparating constantly without splinching and often with jacob so an added person plus he has an entire world in his suitcase with a shit ton of different climates and spaces and that's gotta take a lot of maintenance to stay functional and has insane knowledge on most species and herbs not to mention he literally extracted an obscurial from this girl which tbh doesn't sound simple at fucking all and he's also got to know how to use this magic correctly and efficiently so as to avoid trouble i.e. he smuggles magical creatures and traveled all over so he HAS to be able to hide his tracks so why did he not have a moment to obliviate jacob? he's asked a few times throughout the film and he never responds and i think it's because he empathised with the fact that this is a Muggle Plagued By A Completely Stale Life working in a canning factory and that that small moment of magic he witnessed could give him the strength drive and hope to lead his best life. Newt Scamander didn't obliviate Jacob Kowalski because he /wanted him to glean strength from the knowledge that magic is real because he is good at heart the way few people are. Newt has proven he toes the line between criminality and lawfulness but he wouldn't willingly expose or endanger the secrecy of magic folk so there is no explanation as to why he "neglected" obliviation if it weren't deliberate and sure there were a few times he ignored using some kind of mending or reparative charms to cover his trail like in restoring the jewellery store or the wrecked attic and others but there was no time for him to do so since he almost immediately had to apparate away or deal with some other loose creature so these are not examples of his character since he repaired the giant wreckage of Jacob's house and maybe that was because he cared about Jacob but they hadn't progressed as friends yet and what's more likely is he is BY NATURE aware of how to act cautiously with magic so nothing else makes sense other than him not obliviating on purpose to give Jacob a little bit of light and since we established he wouldn't endanger the statute of secrecy he knew that even in letting Jacob know what he knew it wasn't enough to uncover the magic community and even if Jacob spoke out he wouldn't be believed any more than most people and he could be obliviated eventually if he posed a threat but this actual angel newt scamander always sees the best in everyone so his first thought was that he had faith in Jacob not to rat out their community or at least not out of malice and to just admire this memory of this world he had with reverence and im not crying you're crying<p/></p>

Television: 🐺 🔮

⬆ Teen Wolf transforms from No. 11 to No. 7.
Sense8 returns at No. 19 in anticipation for the Christmas special.

Movies:💓 🏥

Love Actually debuts for the first time. A little bit because of Christmas, a lot of bit because of SNL.
⬇︎ Weird! Doctor Strange falls seven spots to No. 10.

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Music:🍋 🙌

Beyoncé blessed us with a Christmas miracle, dashes her way to No. 7.
Kanye West is at No. 12 after leaving fans puzzled over his Trump visit.

Celebrities:👀 👇

Blac Chyna is at No. 2 for…a number of reasons too long to list here.
⬇︎ Tom Holland is dropping faster than a tangled parachute, falling nine spots to No. 11.

Games:📱 ⛑

⬆ Incoming: Mystic Messenger is at No. 2 again.
Pokémon GO moves up seven spots to No. 11 thanks to the release of baby Pokémon.

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Web stuff🌘 💻

☆ Welcome back to Fandometrics, Welcome to Night Vale (No. 10).
☆ The webcomic that brought you loss.jpg, Ctrl+Alt+Del finally debuts at No. 17.

Fandometrics will be taking a bit of a holiday break. We’ll see you January 3, 2017.


Erin being a Badass Action Hero ™ + Abby’s heart eyes (Ghostbusters)

  • canon: this is a powerful, capricious magical artifact that does not take kindly to most sorcerers
  • me: lol ok but what if the cloak of levitation just acted like a cat constantly

really the main difference between the characterization of Sophie and Howl in the movie and Sophie and Howl in the book

is that your average ghibli protagonists are a good-hearted and naive young person who needs to learn to believe in themself and their companion who is both more worldly and more otherworldly but needs to learn to believe in others

and your average diana wynne jones protagonists are little shits. all of them. such little shits.


 I need a bit of Sam’s speech to get me through today…and the next four horrible years to come…

Can we please stop showing James and Michael fanart in interviews and then refer to the art as them? Like it’s obviously Cherik fanart and it would make it a lot less awkward for them :’)

(Graham Norton I’m talking to you)

ALRIGHT THIS IS A LONG POST. i know i asked about this the other day and you lovely bastards provided beautiful research sO now that ive mulled it over ive come to the following conclusions:

Alexander “Horror Movies Are So Tasteless” Hamilton- it takes a lot to scare this guy. He will sit there and point out every inconsistency and make sure everyone else in the room knows it too. He’s always willing to point out when things get too fake or unrealistic- the saw movies make for a good psychological thriller sure, but he thinks the gore is excessive. Paranormal Activity? Get that shit outta here. Jump scares have made him jump…but never scream. Even haunted houses with him are likely to end in fighting the scarers instead of just enjoying the time. He has the least problems with the psychological horror films, stuff like Silence of the Lambs and The Shining.

John “Sign Me The Fuck Up” Laurens- fucking loves horror movies. A bit of a connoisseur of sorts. He has one of those scrapbooks full of horror movies, pirated and originals and he always picks on movie night. A big fan of the paranormal films, especially poltergeist and the exorcism. The guy to always go SHH SHH THIS IS THE BEST PART.

Lafayette- SCAREDY CAT. But in a good way. They love to scream…it’s the adrenaline rush. Getting scared is fun and terrifying and a good way to release pent up emotions. Theyre always grabbing someone, mostly Hercules or Alex (though it’s hilarious when Laf tramples tiny Alex). Laf also screams at the dumbest things unscary things…and when everyone looks at them like 😒…they just shrug..“Quoi…j'étais effrayé…”

Hercules “PLEASE DON’T SIGN ME THE FUCK UP” Mulligan- THE BIGGEST SCAREDY CAT OF THEM ALL. He gets zero satisfaction from horror films and will scream. “WHAT THE FUCK WHYS THAT DUDE JUST WALKING IN THERE!!?? 😱😱” Always questioning the intelligence of the characters because why would anyone in their right mind nEVER TURN ON THE DAMN LIGHTS IN A HOUSE THAT’S HAUNTED??
If you take Hercules through a haunted house you have to DRAG him and he cries in the back. Laurens once made the mistake of telling the scarers to single him out and they all got escorted out for Hercules nearly tearing down an entire set to get the hell out of there.

Aaron “How Did I Get Here” Burr- How did he end up wasting so many Friday nights watching horror movies with these fools?? He’s the guy that accidentally gives away the ending because he’s trying to remember if this movie was like the other one he saw and everyone collectively groans like CMON REALLY?? (Hercules thanks him) HE DIDN’T MEAN TO…IT GENUINELY WAS AN ACCIDENT. He wishes Alex would stop picking apart every single thing, just let the others enjoy. Burr actually likes horror movies. It’s not his favorite genre, but he doesn’t get all that scared and finds them actually interesting.

James Madison- a huge fan of the classics. Everything else is just bad nowadays and no one else can appreciate the integrity of the older films. He has a lot of useless trivia about horror films, but is polite enough to only share when there is a lull in the movie or afterwards.

Thomas “That Wasn’t A Scream, That Was A Cough!” Jefferson- Oh he is definitely afraid. Horror movies get to him, but he is too prideful to say anything. Besides, he can’t be scared if Hamilton isn’t, that would mean he would lose. Any whimper or muffled shriek he either claims it’s a cough or blames it on someone else. And if he shifts closer to whoever is next to him, well, it isn’t mentioned.

George “I Fell Asleep Through Half Of It And Now I Don’t Know What’s Happening And Have To Ask A Lot Of Questions” Washington- Pretty self explanatory.

Angelica “Ugh This Is Dumb” Schuyler- She’d rather be watching literally anything else, but she has no real issues with horror films. She gets scared at the scary parts and that is that.

ElizaAAAAAA Schuyler- The “cover your eyes” kind of scared. She doesn’t want to see the gore or the jump scares, but she likes the plots. The terribly bad old scary movies are more her style.

Peggy “I’m Curiously Peeking Through My Fingers” Schuyer- She wants to see what the hype is, but she thinks about the paranormal ones especially too much afterwards and gets spooked way too easily. The sisters tend to latch onto each other when they decide to join and watch.