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I was tagged by @thatsadbreakfastclub and @mrsjugheadjonesthethird (honoured tbh, bc I love them both so much (check them out dudes))

List ten favourite movies (damn this is hard)
1. Sound Of Music
2. Hairspray
3. Alice In Wonderland (cartoon or Tim Burton, love all my Alice)
4. Labyrinth
5. LotR (all of them but if I had to pick one, Return of the King (luv me that ghost army))
6. Hobbit (again all but if I had to pick one Desolation of Smaug (bc Mirkwood and elf daddy)
7. Grease
8. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (B O T H)
9. Romeo and Juliet (the Leo DiCaprio version)
10. Stardust

Yes I said elf daddy and I will never forgive myself but he IS literally elf daddy

Anyway thank you so much for tagging me, I love u all and I don’t really know who to tag except maybe @full-dark-no-starsxx , @cherylsvixens , @the-winter-imagines, and @allipotterhead1 AND THATS ALL I GOT BUT IF U WANNA DO IT GO FOR IT MY LOVELYS


The Young Victoria (Queen Victoria & Prince Albert)

“Victoria and Albert were a very real, lively young couple and he had a lot of ambition. Had he not married Victoria, he would have been king of his country, and I think that his drive coupled with her ambition and forcefulness inevitably would lead to a clash. What was extraordinary about it is that every time they did have arguments – and they argued a hell of a lot – they did make up, and I think it made them stronger. They didn’t give up, and I was inspired by that. I didn’t realize that theirs was a genuine love story; that they were a team, they ruled together. They had a family together. It wasn’t a cold, ‘You father my children and then go sit in the study’. They did everything together. They were never apart for a day and I hadn’t realized quite why she was still wearing black at 80. It was just that. She’d had half of her soul ripped away from her when he died.” Rupert Friend

Femslash February

Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer (Heathers: The Musical)


               When my 60 seconds came around,

                    l realized l had everything l ever wanted

                         but nothing l really needed.

I could watch Fifty Shades Darker over and over and over again. It’s so damn good, very true to the book and so much better than Fifty Shades of Grey. This movie has Christian Grey, who is so obviously in love with Ana and would do anything to not loose her again. This movie has real love. This movie has perfect music. This movie makes you feel so many emotions.

Things about the Red Dwarf fandom

  • Everyone insists Rimmer is capable of change.
  • Nothing isn’t gay.
  • Cat is always drawn with more cat-like features.
  • For some reason everyone is attracted to Rimmer and I mean ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ.
  • There are protection squads for every single character with +2 lines of dialogue.
  • The entirety of the fandom will collectively lose their shit if someone else says “it’s cold outside.”
  • The moment Ace Rimmer is so much as hinted at, someone else will comment “What a guy.”
  • Ace Rimmer is clearly the height of Chris Barrie’s acting career and god damn it he should have made it into the movie business.
  • “Listy”
  • Everyone knows exactly what episode you’re talking about.
  • No one is exactly positive about how Kryten’s face should look, but if someone challenges a specific opinion they are totally wrong.

I love you guys jeez

Waking Up To SVT || Valentine’s Day Edition


The wind rushed into the room as he set the items in place, hoping you wouldn’t wake up mid-surprise to a half finished event. He had woken up early to prepare everything for you, hoping you would love the surprise with all your heart. 

He watched as you turned to your side, your hair falling over your face delicately. With a smile, he set down whatever he had been holding and walked over to you, moving your hair out of your face as he planted a kiss on your forehead. “Damn I adore you so much,” he’d whisper to himself.

Seungcheol: Seungcheol would be the cliche movie man. He’d have a platter of food in the kitchen that he actually made like wow man, he’d have a bath running, full of flower petals and it would be very fragrant. And when he woke you up, he’d have the sweetest smile “Happy Valentine’s day my love.” After eating breakfast in bed, he’d bring you to the bath and let you have some alone time to hopefully gush about what he was doing for you to your friends, yes he set up a phone in there. And after the bath, you’d come out in a robe, and he’d be sitting in a heart made of flower petals serenading you with ‘your song’. 

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would be the type to be too lazy to do anything too extravagant, but he would still try. You’d wake up to a coy Jeonghan who confidently says he didn’t do much, but when you look around the room, you’d see it filled with heart shaped photos of your previous dates. And the tv would suddenly turn on and a video would pop up and it would be edited clips of you guys laughing and having fun, and at the end of the video, there would be a photo from your first date, and a text would come rolling in “I, Yoon Jeonghan, will forever love you, no matter how much you annoy me. Happy Valentines day (Y/n)!”

Joshua: Joshua would be the type to go all out while keeping it simple. He’d have bears, he’d have chocolates, he’d have roses, ya know the typical Valentines day stuff Anyway, you’d wake up to the sound of his guitar playing from somewhere in the house. You’d run out into your living room/dining room and see a feast on the table, you’d see the note that told you to sit and eat as things got prepared, but being the sneaky person you were, you ran around the apartment, looking for Joshua but to your dismay he wasn’t there.  “Hi (Y/n)!” He’d greet from the screen cutely, “If you didn’t do what I told you to do, you would see that I am not in the house right now, but please don’t be alarmed, just go look out on the balcony and you’ll see where I am.” You’d rush to the nearest balcony, swinging the door open to look out and see Joshua up on the hill behind your apartment complex. He’d be surrounded by bouquets and bouquets of roses that spelled out “I LUV U”, waving to you, you’d smile cheekily before running to your front door and rushing down to him.

Jun: Jun would do the most normal thing out of all the members while also being romantic. He’d buy a crap ton of heart shaped balloons and throw them around the the room, filling them until you couldn’t see your ceiling or floor. Each balloon on the floor would have a little note stuck inside of it, and in order to read it, you’d have to pop it open. And the balloons floating above your head would have a little gift along with a note, in fact when you woke up, you were hit in the head with a teddy bear. After going through all the balloons, you’d open the door to your room to see him in the kitchen cooking breakfast in an apron. “Good morning (Y/n), happy valentines day.” he’d give you a playful wink as he set down the pan and sauntered over to you, giving you a chaste kiss. 

Hoshi: Hoshi would practically fill your apartment with stuffed bears. Starting from small to big, you would wake up to a small stuffed bear the size of your face stuffed in your arms and you would squeeze it bc it told you to, “Good morning darling, I hope you had a nice sleep.” And when you sat up, you would see another pillow sized stuffed bear sitting on your desk with a box of chocolates and a note. “I hope for our love to be as sweet as these chocolates. P.S. I made them so I hope they taste good <3” And each bear you encountered as you followed the flower petal arrows would give you a gift and a heartfelt note until you were led back to your bedroom where he would be waiting in a bear onesie with a bouquet of roses.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo’s would be simple but special, something so simple you could predict what was going to happen. You’d wake up in his arms, his husky voice the first thing you hear. “Good morning, I hope you slept well.” You’d be blindfolded as soon as he saw you were awake. He’d carry you over to what you thought was your dinner table, and he would feed you the delicious foods he had made earlier that morning oh how much ingredients he wasted rip and after breakfast, he’d lead you to the bathroom where he’d take off the blind fold and let you wash up in the warm bath that he had prepared. And when you were done, you’d get out and follow the trail of thornless roses. When you got to him, he’d have the biggest smile on his face as he saw you were smiling and he’d forget everything he had planned and just hugged you. “Happy Valentines day (Y/n), I really, really, really love you.”

Woozi: Woozi would do something that he knew he could do. And what can he do you ask? He can make you a song. Woozi would be in his studio, making a song describing your relationship and how he felt when he saw you. On Valentine’s day, he would present it to you in an old fashioned way, a cassette tape tied to three balloons. You would wake up to the gentle hands that belonged to Jihoon and rise slowly, unaware of what he was doing. And once you became aware, everything seemed to fall in place, a balloon floated your way with a cassette tape and you would look up to Jihoon who was now standing in the doorway. “Come on, you gotta find the cassette player to listen to it.” Your morning would be filled with a treasure hunt to find the cassette player, determined to listen to what was on it -of course you knew it had to do with music, but nonetheless, you wanted to listen to it, and feel the effort and heart that Jihoon poured into it. When you finally found it and ended the treasure hunt, you’d sit down in the living room and place it on your coffee table to play as you sat on the couch and cuddled with him. “I love you (Y/n)” he would say as the song finished. 

Seokmin: Seokmin would be normal on Valentine’s day. He would wake you up with his smile that could compete with the sun and give you a giant hug. The day would be filled with tons of skinship, every chance he’d get, he’d be hugging you or giving you sweet pecks on the cheek. He’d have individual pieces of chocolate in his pocket that he’d bring out at random times in the morning and he’d literally stuff it in your mouth. And when you’re least expecting it, he’d bring out a giant bundle of balloons that each have a rose tied to them and he’d walk around the house with them and each hour at the same time, he’d give you one along with a peck on the cheek. 

Mingyu: Mingyu would wake up hella early to cook you food. Knowing that food is something that you both love a lot, that’s what he did, he woke up at the ass crack of dawn to make a whole bunch of your favorite dishes. He’d even go as far to make his own assorted chocolates and chocolate strawberries. When it was time for the big reveal, you’d wake up to the smell of nice ass foods and dishes that he had made and run out to your kitchen/dining room only to be blocked by Mingyu. Knowing you’d wake up to the smell of food sooner or later, he stood in front of your bedroom door, blocking it with all his might and gifts that he didn’t make in his hands. He had went out and bought a large bouquet of your favorite flowers, along with some roses and a medium sized teddy bear. “Good morning, I know you love my food but hear me out first okay sweets?” 

Minghao: Minghao’s wake up surprise would be a thing you’ve never seen before. You’d wake up on the living room couch with a tray of food before your eyes, and there would be a note telling you to eat up and stay in the living room. And you wouldn’t notice it at first, but the Tv would be on, and it would be playing this sweet song that COUgh he wrote himself couGH and you’d hum along to the melody after realizing it was playing. And all of a sudden the song would stop and a video would play, “Good morning (Y/n)! If you are still in the living room, I want you to get up and walk to the kitchen and open the oven, there’s some stuff in there.” And when you did as asked, you’d see that there was a cake-along with a note and a stuffed cat. You’d feel him embrace you from behind, and he just wraps his arms around your waist and rests his head on your shoulder. “Happy valentines day my love”

Seungkwan: Seungkwan would do THE most for you. He would plan for his morning surprise like two months ahead just to make sure he had everything he needed and that everything would go as planned. You’d wake up to his soft singing voice, a song that he had made himself would flow to your ears as he played the instrumental. You’d open your eyes to see him sitting at the end of your bed with a giant stuffed bear and he’d have the purest smile on his face as he saw you beam. “Happy Valentines day,” he greet. And you’d think that this is it, but no, he has more. Seungkwan would bring you out to a living room full of photos with notes and small gifts. “I love you so much, and no matter what I won’t forget about you, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”  And after getting ready, he’d take you out for breakfast. 

Vernon: Vernon’s would be very pure. Like this extremely pure being, everything he’d prepare for you would be pure, sweet and heartfelt. Everytime he went to buy, or taste, or look for things for this special day, he would try to remember what you like and if it would suit your taste. The whole day, he is worrying whether or not you would like the things you’re doing for him, or even if it’s enough. You would wake up to shy kisses on your cheeks and lips, the first thing you see when you open your eyes would be Vernon’s eyes. He would kiss you on the lips as soon as you make eye contact and pull away from you all shy before pulling you from your bed and bringng you out into the living room. The ceiling is filled with balloons that have photos of your dates hung upon them, and couch is scattered with handmade chocolates and oragami notes. “I hope you like it,” he’s say timidly as he walked up to you and kissed the top of your forehead. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Dino: Dino’s would be a very new approach to things. He is a newbie to life, and a newbie to long-term love. He would get you the regular teddy bear from the store and he would set it on your computer chair. He’d set up notes around your house, telling you which way to go, and nice little things he had thought but never told you. “I know I don’t say it a lot, but I appreciate that you’re here with me on this journey of life as we start our careers and experience new things as adults. Happy Valentines day love.” And he’d pop out from behind the couch with those little confetti poppers and scare you, pulling you into a back hug as he kissed your cheek. 

Guys this means like so much to me.

Because after 20 god damn years of being forced to write movies as glorified marketing advertisements (with varying degrees of success) this ACTUALLY looks like something fully made out of care and love and artistic integrity and sdvfscggdc

Like I don’t want to jynx this but this makes me SO happy, it’s actually honoring of the anime’s history, it’s fans and shows that it means more to a lot of people then just a advertisement for the games, I am SO stoked to learn more of this

today i was having a really bad day.

someone who i thought was one of my best friends has been not talking to me and acting like they hate me because the other day i stood up for myself when they did something mean. in general, they’re not very nice to people and put others down and i hate to admit it, but i’ve let it slide. i hate that. i wish i had said something every damn time they were rude to someone without reason. so yeah, it was an absolutely crappy day.

then, one of my best friends who i love very very much drove almost 45 minutes to get to my house just to bring me chocolate covered popcorn and watch movies with me to make me feel better. this SIGNIFICANTLY improved my state of mind, but after she left i started to feel bad again and cried a lot (whatever kelsey’s an emotional wreck we all know that tho)

so this whole time i’ve been snapchatting this girl who i’ve known for a couple years, but never really hang out with or talk to outside of choir and theatre. she noticed i was crying and asked if i was ok, then texted me and asked if she could come by my house to bring me something. I was kinda confused but i was like “yeah sure come on over” and gave her my address.

ten minutes later the doorbell rings and i unlock it to see her standing there WITH HER BRAND NEW TINY KITTEN NAMED NOLA.

my day had been so shitty and i felt so worthless that this made me almost start crying. someone gave a shit enough to drive to my house and let me hold their kitten when i was feeling like nobody cared.

this probably seems stupid or like i’m making a big deal out of nothing, but if you take anything from this, please: be kind. be thoughtful. be caring. please.

Let’s talk about Joker and Harley’s “relationship” in Suicide Squad real quick. 

Harley is Harley. She’s obsessed with him. She thinks they are as in love as any two people can be. She thinks that they have that Bey and Jay love. A love that can move mountains. He would do any and everything for her and she for him. She doesn’t outright say it in the movie but it’s there. 

Joker loves her as much as a person can love their phone. His whole storyline is him trying to get his phone back. A phone that he’s dropped 100 times because he’s straight up careless and refuses to buy a case for. That rose gold iPhone 6 that he dropped in the toilet to see if it would still work afterward. That phone that he throws when he’s mad. The screen is cracked but it has great reception and cooperates for him. He also never backed up his contacts, weird photos, and he needs to respond to the choice sexts he’s gotten from various people, so he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get it back. When they reunite, he’s like “Ugh, thank god! I can’t believe I dropped this somewhere.” She’s like “!!PUDDIN! You care! You love me! We’re gonna take over the world now!” And he’s like “That’s cute, Siri” and puts her back in his pocket and carries on with his day. 

They’re “relationship” is still very much in the honeymoon stage, so she’s not thinking about leaving him yet. You know, despite fact he tortured her in Arkham, was gonna let her drown in a vat of chemicals, crashed the car into a river despite the fact that she can’t swim, left her for dead at the bottom for the river with her unconscious body hanging through the windshield…I wasn’t really mad that David chose to show them like this. We see him through her rose-tinted view, but you can see that he’s still a straight up shitlord. It is great that she never talks about him during the mission. She alluded to him when she talked about love to Deadshot for a minute after being triggered in a stairwell, but when she’s with the team, she’s with the team. And everything she does is not to get back to him, it’s to complete the mission and survive. It was clear to me that she doesn’t need him like she think she does. Joker is the one who’s very “gotta get her back” which was as refreshing as it could possibly be. 

Still, they are NOT #RelationshipGoals and I really need y’all to remember that.

anonymous asked:

I really wish that one day there will be a human-acted (that's a word, I promise) film of Howl's Moving Castle, loyal to the book.

my dearest anon… have no idea how MUCH I wish for that too…… It’s one of my biggest dreams and I’m not even ashamed XD

The thing is, I don’t even need the movie to follow the exact plot from the book, I just want it to get the humour and the characters & their dynamics right, really.

Of course no movie can ever be as good as this book, but I still want it to happen…. I want to make videos out of it lol.

But really all these recent live action remakes of old movies (like Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast and all that) make me think of the possibility…. just imagine….. HMC film that is loyal to the book……. sassy ginger/red gold haired Sophie….. drunk Welsh Howl…….  (all. the. sass.) kinda-scary Calcifer…….. teenage Michael…… all the potential–

Basically I’d die of happiness if it ever happened in my lifetime.

themoosenswear  asked:

Can I have some 2p france boyfriend headcanons please, that man needs more love. And Id be more than happy to give it to him 😩❤️❤️👌🏼

((Totally agree with you, bro. 👌👌))

- Isn’t much of a romantic, but does try.

- He’ll leave small gifts, usually some flowers and jewelry, every so often.

- Expect to get small notes around the house with a simple ‘Je t’aime’ on a sticky note.

- He’ll cook sometimes when you’re not feeling up to it and damn is his food good (when he tries).

- Some dates will just be the two of you on the couch watching a movie or having random conversations.

- If you ask him to do something, he will do it…eventually.

- Normal days with him usually include lounging around, maybe going for a walk, eating, a small nap or two, then dinner and sex before bed.

- This man gives pretty damn good shoulder and back massages like d amn.

- Though he doesn’t say it often, he really does love you and appreciate you staying with him.

- He’s proud to call you his s/o, which actually says A LOT sooo don’t take it for granted.