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Moana || Josh

Request: Could I please have a Josh imagine where the reader is super obsessed with the movie ‘Moana’ and pretty much anything Disney? And they’ve been dating for like 3 years (known each other since like high school) and he takes her to Disney (in Florida)


Moana was the first Disney character that you felt really looked like you. Her darker skin tone and unruly hair mirrored yours and you couldn’t help but admire her character. You were 21, but a part of you looked up to Moana as if you were a little girl again.

You had always been obsessed with Disney, but Moana just seemed to strengthen that love. You forced your boyfriend, Josh, to go see the movie with you. It left you in tears you loved it so much. Not only did you relate to Moana, but you loved that there were little girls in the theater who would begin to believe that they were strong and that they all had a purpose and that it was okay to struggle a bit on the way of finding it.

After you saw it the first time, you saw it three times after that. You bought the soundtrack and kept it in your car, meaning that you had the whole thing memorized after practically two days. There was hardly a moment where you weren’t singing or humming the entire discography.

Josh found your love of Disney endearing. He had known you since your high school days back in Knysna and he always knew you as a Disney fan. Every year for Halloween you insisted on dressing up as a Disney character and you had three different pairs of Disney pajamas. He thought it was all adorable.

One day you were on your laptop in bed feeling quite ill. You didn’t know if it was some food you ate or the fact that you had gotten your period the day before, but you wanted nothing more than to sit in bed and watch some films on your laptop. Naturally, you rented Moana and popped it in your disk drive. You sat on the bed with a blanket wrapped your body, gripping the Pua plush toy that Josh had gotten you for your birthday. You had a glass of water beside your bed and were chewing on crackers in an attempt to eat something without throwing it right back up.

Josh was catering to your every need. He left you alone when you wanted to be alone and gave you a cuddle for as long as you liked. You were sitting on his lap while watching Moana. He was scrolling contently through his phone, rubbing your back and playing with your hair, sometimes placing a kiss to your neck. He couldn’t help but smile when you started to sing How Far I’ll Go under your breath. It was one of those things you did subconsciously, too lost in the film to even realize you were doing it.

Eventually you crawled off of Josh and put the laptop next to you, turning on your side so you could watch it while laying down. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long until you fell asleep. Josh sighed, rubbing your back gently. He hated seeing you sick. He would do anything to see you smile and feel a bit better, even if that meant sitting all day and watching Disney films with you.

Suddenly, Josh was struck with an idea. He carefully got out of bed and went to get his laptop, then sat back down on the bed beside you, careful not to disturb your slumber.

When you woke up, you felt oddly better than you had when you fell asleep. Your stomach still ached a little, but not nearly as bad as it had before. You only hoped that meant you were on the road to recovery and that this was just a one day bug. Immediately you noticed Josh wasn’t in bed with you anymore. You looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6:00 in the evening. Josh was probably eating dinner. You crawled out of bed and walked into the kitchen, rubbing your eyes as they adjusted to the light. “Morning,” Josh teased lightly. “Do you want any food?”

“Maybe a sandwich?” you said. “I feel a little better but I don’t want to eat too much.”

“Of course,” he said, walking over to you and placing a kiss to your head. “Peanut butter and jelly?”

“Yes please,” you smiled.

You sat on the couch and tucked your feet under you, pulling out your phone to scroll while Josh made you your sandwich. When he brought it over to you, you noticed he had something else in his hand. “What’s that?” you asked, a mouthful of sandwich.

“What, this?” he asked teasingly, waving the papers at you too quickly for you to see what they were.

“Josh!” you laughed. “Stop! What is it? Tell me!”

“Ooo, begging is very becoming of you,” he teased. He lowered his arm so you could reach the paper, but not so much that you could tell he did it on purpose. When you snatched the papers from his hand, you looked at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“What the hell is this?” you said, not looking away from the papers in your hand.

“I dunno,” he shrugged, sitting down beside you and putting his arm around your shoulder.

“You’re winding me up now right?” you said, finally looking up at him. “Cuz if you are that’s not very nice.”

“Why would I be winding you up?” he laughed.

“So this is real then?” you said. “We’re really going to Disney World?”

“Next week, babe,” he said, placing a kiss to your forehead. “So you better be healthy by then.”

“Oh Josh!” you cheered, throwing your arms around his neck. “I feel a million times better already. You’re the greatest boyfriend in the world. Ever.”

“I’m glad you think so,” he smiled.

“Do you think I’ll get to meet Moana?” you asked, looking up at him with excited brown eyes.

Josh smiled again and placed a kiss to your forehead.

“I think we might be able to make that happen.”

Daily McBride #17

Oh my lord jesus, I cannot tell you much I fangirl over videos of Mel when she was younger! That Nexus commercial that she posted on twitter just made me squeal with giddiness b/c she’s just so damn cute!! 

I love watching older shows or movies she was in. I loved her being a sassy character, I loved her being a spokeswoman, and holy crap I loved her playing a flirtatious character… and her naturally curly red hair was adorbs too!

I just don’t understand how, but I swear she looks better as she ages. I don’t know how, but she just does. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering about what you thought of Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens and Ewan Mcgregor's performance in Beauty and the Beast, or just the overall movie. Personally I felt like all of them did amazing and i enjoyed the movie. Thanks!

Hi! I loved the movie so much. Their performances were on point, specially Josh’s LeFou, they were completely faithful to the original yet added their own little quirks and stuff to the characters, which to me is what makes a remake great. 

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Favorite colour: I’ve never actually picked a favorite colour ?? but purple came to my head first SO PURPLE  

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what you ate for dinner tonight: last night i had pie 👅👅👅

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Favorite movie character: i don’t really watch movies ?? so idk

Top place to visit on your bucket list: i really want to go to Japan. But anywhere would be nice tbh 

Harry potter house: Ravenclaw 👅


Favorite sleeping position: on my side?? i hAVE NOO IDEA

If you could instantly teleport yourself anywhere right now: JAPAN PLs 

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                     you miss it, don’t you? the warmth of a star you don’t remember.
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I love the 1986 Transformers movie as a piece of 80s cheese, but so much of the behind-the-scenes trivia makes it seem like one of the most cynical and soulless movies ever produced. For example

  • The killing off of characters was viewed merely as the retiring of old toys, and they were genuinely surprised that kids has actually formed attachments to these characters
  • The reason Spike says “shit” was to ensure a PG rating, forcing parents to go see the movie with their kids so that they’d know which toys to buy

chirrut imwe is a blind chinese main character in one of the biggest movie franchises in history!! he is disabled but is never seen as a burden, or at a disadvantage, or even given special treatment!!!!!!!! hes a kickass blind man who more than pulls his weight (HE SAVES EVERYONE LIKE WE LITERALLY WOULDNT HAVE ANY STAR WARS MOVIE WITHOUT HIM) and is an essential part to the rogue one crew, rebellion, temple, star wars galaxy, movie, world, galaxy, universe, etc. he deserves all ur love and appreciation!!!!!!

The problem with queerbaiting is not just that it’s wrong to bait LGBT people into watching your show so you make more money. It’s much, much worse than that.

When you put gay subtext into a movie but especially a tv show that goes on for years there will be LGBT people who insist that character A is gay or that characters B and C are in love. These LGBT people, full of hope and enthusiasm, will tell their family and friends and co-workers about these characters and their relationships and what they expect to happen. Most of us did that. We told others what we thought was going to happen to John and Sherlock, how they were in love, how they were in the closet, how they would be free after 130 years. And how many of our friends and and family and co-workers reacted skeptically or even negatively? Most of them, in some cases. Certainly too many.

By baiting and teasing a possible gay relationship again and again and then not following through, the writers not only didn’t represent LGBT people, they actively told all the people who didn’t believe us THAT THEY WERE RIGHT. They were right to think that John and Sherlock are just friends. They were right to think that representation isn’t important. They were right to think that friendship is purer than a romantic relationship. They were right to think that gay relationships shouldn’t be on tv anyway.

Queerbaiting makes thousands of homophobes feel validated.

Can you relate??

Do you ever just have that one character in a TV show/Movie/Book that you love so much and just can’t seem to handle seeing them with another character. Therefore you literally ship them with no one. And it’s not even about the character they are being shipped with or about the ship itself, you’re just so invested in the character that your heart just shatters when you see them with someone else. Even though you know you have absolutely no chance with them, you’re still so possessive. Guys please reblog and say u agree or else i am going to check myself into a mental hospital because I’ve been going crazy thinking about this and if no one can relate than that will prove how fucked up i am.

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  • Me: I'm fine.
  • Also me: *Cries a lot thinking about the two new otps J.K. Rowling gave me in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them*

Happy early Valentine’s Day everybody! 

Somehow I managed to do a fluffy ship piece that ends in Teru crying…

At any rate, my personal headcanon is that Teru, without any actual adult role models in his life, has instead modeled himself off of the movies that he watches. Hence why he assigns everybody (himself included) a role: main character, rival, etc… However, with that comes the fact that he doesn’t have the greatest concept of love, which, let’s be honest, films generally suck at. 

As a result, he keeps saying he’s not in love with Mob, but it’s less of a denial so much as he doesn’t have a word for the way that Mob makes him feel. 

(I’m not really sure I have a word for it either. But I hope that I managed to convey it anyways.)


Hello, survivor here who grew up with illness and disability and who loves to explore life through fictional characters because it’s a good way to think outside of your own experiences and learn and grow and also to have fun.

Can we stop pretending that unsavory fan content made by survivors is more powerful than big bucks goreporn movies coming out every year? There’s so much discourse about how someone’s geeky indulgent fanfic can cause a whole generation of sickos to feel validated by it and go commit horrible crimes but if an obscure fic is that powerful and influential because to you fiction = reality, why isn’t a musical where we root for the characters making people pies treated the same?

If fans shouldn’t be allowed to write weird or dark or gross things for coping, speculation, learning, healing, empathy, creative exercise, or just for fun just because there might be people who cannot separate fiction from reality, then why isn’t media seen by literal millions your target as well? Because individuals are easy targets and this is all performative and you don’t actually care about us, you hurt us because that’s how weak and powerless you are, you have to harass some 20 year old survivor just trying to explore things safely in the realm of fiction and act like their weird crackship fic with 800 hits is responsible for every new trauma victim created that month.

I’ve got a secret for you: telling survivors they should be ashamed of what they create and they should kill themselves because you personally are grossed out or uncomfortable with their OTP doesn’t protect them or anyone else from harm. The one doing harm is you. Stop harming real people in the name of hypotheticals. I have seen this go on for far too long. You hurt people who are already hurting. Who does that save?

Fellow survivors and even people who just like writing dark things and know that what they write isn’t reality: asking “what if?” and exploring that creatively is not a sin.


I love the movie and characters. I hope I can make the others too…..

I tried using @me-za-me-ro brush here! and I love her style and colours so much! and Thank you for your brushes!