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hiii! i was wondering if you have any fic recs for fics set out in isolated places, like living in the woods or outskirts of very small towns, up mountains, that sort of thing. i've read a few lately and loved them and now i'm in the mood for more! thank you!

okay my love, with the help of my fic wizards, here is a list that may be the fics you’ve recently read but hopefully also some others that may or may not fit what you’re looking for…

(take me home) country roads by @a-writerwrites

lose myself in time by anonymous for @50reasons

to the ends of the earth by stylinsoncity

all my love was down in a frozen ground by navigator

with these arms folded by @taggiecb

there’s actually another one i was trying to find, but i actually think it was deleted. sorry. i know there are others but those are more like…country fics and i wasn’t sure if that’s what you wanted. i guess mountain mama is kinda country fic as well, but it’s in appalachia, so mountains. lol anyway, i hope these help and if anyone has any others to suggest, please do!

please also be sure to check tags on these fics. hehe some have heavy material and i want you to stay safe :)