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You can hear it in the silence

Sometime in 8th year…

Harry isn’t exactly sure what to think at first.

There are glances across the room. Like nothing has changed. Like everything has changed.

It feels familiar and yet… new.

It confuses him.

It’s not like the hate is suddenly gone. Harry still feels it whenever he looks at him. But it’s different now.

He can’t really describe it. He has tried several times. Ron and Hermione have asked him about it. They’ve noticed something is “off”, as they call it.

“It’s not that we’re not glad you aren’t fighting anymore. There’s been enough fighting,” Hermione had said.

“Yeah, it’s just… weird, you know. Now you’re just staring at each other,” Ron  had added.

Harry sighs as he tries to remember what he told them. It was probably something vague. Because… what Ron and Hermione don’t know… Harry has been meeting him. At night. In secret. They would just sit together and talk. But, Harry supposes, not like other people would.

They each take turns talking, while the other listens. Just listens. There are no interruptions, no judgement. They just each let the other talk. It’s been weirdly therapeutic. And also soothing.

Yesterday was Harry’s turn and after talking about his godson and Quidditch and classes, he also recounted one of his nightmares. He never talks about them with anyone. He doesn’t want to hear what they mean or that maybe he should see a mind healer. He knows perfectly well what they mean. So, simply talking about it, having the opportunity to get it out in the open and out of his system… it’s freeing. Harry also never appreciated before, how much it means when somebody listens, really just listens to him. It is a whole new experience.

As Harry makes his way to the tower nobody wants to go to anymore, he wonders what he will talk about tonight. Sometimes he talks about his mother. Never about his father. Sometimes he doesn’t say anything at all and they just sit there in silence. At first, Harry thought this was a waste of time. But it was in that silence, he realized that something really is different between them. It’s as if something between them has… shifted.

So when Harry sees Draco enter the tower, his body doesn’t go rigid. It relaxes. When Draco sits down beside him and their fingers touch, Harry doesn’t pull away. He welcomes the warmth. When Draco doesn’t say anything, Harry isn’t annoyed. He understands.

It’s in that moment, as Draco lays his head on Harry’s shoulder and Harry puts an arm around his waist, that he knows. He never thought he could be this sure. But he is. He knows.

He’s in love.

And it makes him smile.

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also im reminded of the frames when steven finds peridot and it has like the best faces like she bites her fingers and its Good Faces like i miss those days give them back, SU Crew.

u mean this

from this scene that i will never shut up about ever because it’s like, mega fave moment??

what always gets me about this moment is that like. it happened RIGHT before she lost her limb ehnahcers?

It’s like. Way to show us how expressive they can be before removing them forever.


Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week: Day 6 Favorite Killer Frost Moment

“Guess I just needed a little sleep. Thanks guys, I’m feeling much better now. It’s okay, you can let me out, I promise I’m not gonna hurt anybody. Hum… I guess you’re all smarter than I thought…”

Reaction - BTS -Tongue piercing Surprise

Prompt: Surprising him during a blowjob with a tongue piercing.

I hope you enjoy it~

This is kinda dirty.



“Holy FUCK!” He’d love it from the moment he felt it. He’d both giggle and groan and writhe at the new feeling, but after he’s came he would both be very curious and jealous of your new piercing.

JK: “I want one too, how is it?”

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He would at first try to interrupt you to see what it was, but he’d most likely get way too much into the feeling, soon just enjoying himself fully. After he would be so enthusiastic about the piercing.

TH: “That’s so cool! You should always have it in”

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He would love it too much to stop you in the act, moaning and groaning at the unusual feeling and probably cum much faster than usual. After he’d be surprised by it, but very curious about it.

JM: “You look so badass, so cool!”

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“Fuck baby” he’d dirty talk you as soon as he’d feel it. Telling you how naughty and kinky it was in a positive tone, there’s no way he wouldn’t love it. After he’d constantly comment about it and ask you how it felt.

NJ: “Goddamn baby, I didn’t expect this from you”

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He’d be shocked, but not panicked or worried because he trusted you that you wouldn’t hurt Hoseok JR on purpose. He would after a while get into the feeling and enjoy it fully. After he’d be so happy for you.

HS: “You look so good with it!”

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He would probably look down at you and check what the thing was, seeing it was a tongue piercing he would smirk widely at you. “I knew it” he’d tease before letting you continue. After he’d show his appreciation.

YG: “I should upgrade my tongue technology too”

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He’d stop you immediately. “What is that??” he’d be worried at first, but then just grin at you. “Always surprising me, babe” he’d snicker out before letting you start sucking him off again. The whole time he’d be kinda smiling in surprise still.

SJ: “Of course you’d do something like this”

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Oh man I love tongue piercings, I wish I had one



A little birthday something for Ainhoa who wished for: “The scene in 10x18 when Cas and Metatron go to the library to get the tablet and the grace. I’d love LOVE to have the moment when Cas finds his grace inside of El Quijote - SN: 10x18
Happy birthday beauty!!

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A Beautiful Distraction

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 616

Warnings: none

A/N: It’s not long or much, but it’s sweet. It’s not even remotely edited. Enjoy. Thanks @feelmyroarrrr for submitting the gif so long ago you probably forgot about it.

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