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Before…. and after Anti took over :)

D̵̪͚̝͞i̫̣̰̗̝d̠̘͙̲͖̟͕̥͇̀̕ ̵̘͘ỳ͞͏͈̬̰̦̱̟̘̦ͅọ̶̷̼͜ͅu͍͓̼̻̺̼͈͘ ͕̻͜͟m̷̡̼̤i̱̪͇̪s҉̮͚͍̰͙s̼͓̣͎̝̳͠ ̻̟̙̣̼̹̤͡m̛͕͇̻͎̱͇̕è͙̬̕?̷̢͎͔͖͢

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❣ Your Soul Is Mine ❣

Look at this too sassy man who got himself caught by a very amused demon. This oh so perfect college professor teaches occultism in a very sceptical way. One day, while he’s at home to make a video, to show that black magic and this stuff is utter nonsense, he accidentally sacrifices his soul to this demon, who’s of course very happy. But the professor won’t submit and since the demon can’t kill him to devour his soul, he will torture him until he give it by his own will. Professor’s world turned upside down and now there’s a demon waiting for him whenever he comes home.

Two new Oc’s haha So kids don’t play with magic! And I hope you will like it and that you are having a great day!! ❤❤

Hey hosty, so I know the Author is a sensitive subject, but I drew this for you. :) I have some more drawings if you want to see them, but for now, here. Have a good day!

“‘Hello, dear,’ the Host says. ‘The Author could be considered a sensitive subject for me, I suppose. I mean… I hate how I used to be when I was him, but he was an interesting character on his own. And drawings will always be appreciated here! Thank you very much for this. It looks very nice, I especially love how you’ve drawn his face and hair. And I would love to see your other drawings! Thank you so much for this one, I love it. You have a good day as well!’“


Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri