love this kid

so there’s this guy in three of my dance classes

and first off, I’m 5'7, 5'11 in dance shoes, 170 pounds, broad shoulders and big hips and not small in any dimension. For a ballroom dancer, this means a lot of time spent learning the men’s parts. Especially in lifts.

I’ve had years now of guys kinda just going “lol heck naw” when told to lift me. I don’t admit this part much, but it makes me want to sink into the ground and die when every other girl can be lifted, but I’m just too big.

So this guy, smaller than me and really cute, shows up at auditions and I see this girl across the room getting tossed about like the beautiful pixie she is, and apparently I looked a little wistful because this boy asked me if I liked lifts.

“Oh. I… Uh… I’ve never really done the girls part. I’m a little big, haha…” (laugh it off, as usual.)

He looked me dead in the eye and then picked me up like a movie princess, bounced me in the air a few times, and set me down effortlessly while telling me whoever refused to lift me before was just being a lazy wimp.

I seriously doubt this boy will ever really get how much that meant to me. But, holy cow. Some faith in humanity just got restored.

My 12-year-old Niece: *talking to me about how much she loves Hetalia* I like all of the characters, and I have so many ships! I like Aushun, Gerita-

Me: Wait, wait… You like Gerita?

Her: *confused* Yeah.

Me: It doesn’t bother you that they’re both guys?

Her: No.

Me: *shocked*  Really?

Her: Yeah. I mean, how is Germany and Italy’s love any different from Austria and Hungary’s?


Me: *sheds tears of pride*

Funny time

So I’m chilling with my nephew, okay? This kid is seven years old, but smart as hell - like he was reciting complicated dinosaur names at two, and is always spouting off animal facts like they’re colors of the rainbow.

As we’re relaxing, watching How to Train Your Dragon, he suddenly asks

“Aunt Coley, do you have a wife? Or uh, a boyfriend?”

Note: boyfriend seemed to be an afterthought. Like he forgot that’s an option.

This fucking kid doesn’t know I’m pansexual, but he was fully prepared for me to already have a wife by now. He has his own “girlfriends” so I don’t think he just forgot the word, either.

Love my little man. He knows my tastes better than my own mother XD