love this guy so much!



y’all, i had a meeting with my CEO today and i have another one in the morning. we are having SUPER CASUAL CHATS about how my title and my actual work don’t match. i came straight home and sat down with an entire bar of dark chocolate???

How did I reach 200 followers? I got to 100 a few days ago! Thank you so, so, so much to my lovely followers❤️🎉

Oh fyi I wouldn’t mind talking to you guys so please feel free to send me an ask or something? 

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I wanna share my harrie colleague’s story once again because he told me that he was listening to sweet creature on youtube with his headphones and his mom just walked in then she gave him a look that looked like she just realized something and he ain’t bother to explain why is he staring at a video of a naked guy bathing in pink water