love this guy man

Let's Be Honest Here

We’d all much rather prefer a guy/girl in a marching band uniform than a knight in shining armor.

I know the Bad Bradley is of Irish descent idea may seem a bit stereotypical due to his colour scheme but I really love it because then I get to imagine him wearing a Claddagh ring and I LOVE CLADDAGH RINGS!

He’s always worn it on his right hand with the heart pointed down towards his fingertips (designating that he is single), but after a few dates with Athletic Man he turns it so that the heart is pointing up towards his wrist (designating that he is in a relationship). He doesn’t think anyone will notice but a blurry close up shot of his right hand turns up on one of those ‘Spotted on campus’ pages with the message “Bradley’s Claddagh ring has been flipped. IT’S HAPPENED GUYS, IT’S FINALLY HAPPENED!”

Athletic Man is just really happy because everyone is so supportive and now he can kiss Bradley even if there are people around since everyone knows they’re together.

This episode was a mess. Good grief. And when they hit the real puzzle, they were so tired that they couldn’t brain properly. Like, the chasm and anti-grav body pile was a really interesting thing! But it took so long to get there that the timing was bad. 

Grog being unable to do anything other than smash things is really starting to frustrate me. (I can only imagine how Travis must feel.) He literally sat there for like an hour and tried to not fall asleep. The characters are getting to a level where distances are now the challenge, and he’s strictly melee. And because he’s so heavy, he couldn’t even attempt to use the carpet to help. 

Oh right, maid cafes are… a thing that actually exists somewhere.

Honestly I never understood the appeal but hey, to each their own.

I love how… this guy is just exposition man.

Altough he is giving me a lot of answers so I won’t complain.


Ohhhhh that’s…. that’s pretty fucking big actually.

So tsundere tiny girl is also connected to the incident in some way, just as most of the people in the town are I presume.

A…. priest.

And Rika was the owner of the garden close to the shrine, plus participating in the festival.

I think I know where this is going. Rika was their daughter wasn’t she.

Holy shit what did these girls do to the town?

And they know it too. They’re all in it and if I had to guess I’d say that… the entity, or whatever the fuck is keeping the murder tradition alive is keeping both Rika and Satoko as hostages.

This is so fucked up.






Parts 1-7 of JJBA in Terms of Dio Brando
  • Part 1: George Joestar is dumb enough to adopt Dio Brando
  • Part 2: The origin of Dio Brando's vampire powers
  • Part 3: Someone finally fucking kills Dio Brando
  • Part 4: A small break from Dio Brando that actually turns out to involve him anyway
  • Part 5: Guess what? Dio Brando also had a son
  • Part 6: Dio Brando seduces a priest and continues to fuck shit up from beyond the grave
  • Part 7: Dino Brando
matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’