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Insta Series: Tetsurō Kuroo

In which Kuroo loves Kenma (and Kenma’s ass) very much a lot, shows off his legendary abs and blesses us with skater!Bokuto

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stuck on you. (m) | 01

“I want you to take my virginity.”
“What the fuck did you just ask me, Kim Taehyung?”

or, alternatively:

you’re not actually supposed to take your bestfriend’s virginity when he asks, right?

pairing: kim taehyung x reader 
genre: attempt at crack, eventual smut, college au
warnings: sexual jokes (like a cringe-worthy amount)
words: 9,582k
part: 01/03

out of context quote:
[9:52 am] Taehyung:  ___\o/___ me drowning in ur pussy lol 

“I want you to take my virginity.”

You’ve just taken a gulp of your pulp-included orange juice when Taehyung says this. He’s sitting across from you in the cafeteria of the University you both attend - have attended for the past two years.

His brown coffee coated eyes are staring directly into yours - a serious expression written across his features that tells you what he’s just spoken was said in nothing but pure seriousness.

And he says it so nonchalantly - so earnestly, that you do the only thing you can think of.

A perfectly reasonable reaction after hearing that your best friend, the boy you’ve been in love with for over two years - wants you to take his virginity.

You spit your orange juice out all over him.

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Sevro snorts. “What do you think I’ve been doing this whole time, you silky turd? Wanking off in the bushes?”
Cassius and I look at each other.
“Kind of,” I say.
“Yeah, actually,” Cassius agrees.

– – –

Sevro snaps. “You think I would do that on purpose?”
Cassius and I look at each other.
I shrug. “Well, maybe.”
“Yeah, actually.”

So @wren-of-the-rain commissioned me to animate my last drawing ;v; thanks a so much my dear, this was a pleasure to work on!! 

things about Bakugou that make him unfair:

  • has beautiful thick eyelashes
  • pretty sharp eyes
  • perfectly shaped eyebrows
  • perfect skin b/c of his mom’s moisturizing/youth quirk
  • looks like a fucking model when he’s not raging
  • his upper body??? have you SEEN those arms/shoulders/chest??
  • never had to fucking work for those looks and ok yeah he earned those muscles but he’s like??? 15???? he’s a BABY???? what the fuck???????
  • what the fuck bakugou. what the fuck. what the fuck kid. why are you so pretty, you sweaty fucker
  • (i love my son so much)

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love petscop have a picture of Toneth lmao

Yuuri in a flu mask

because I am a thirsty fever-fucker