love this fucker so much

Insta Series: Tetsurō Kuroo

In which Kuroo loves Kenma (and Kenma’s ass) very much a lot, shows off his legendary abs and blesses us with skater!Bokuto

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I was down on my luck
At the end of my rope
About to give up
But my friend said nope

YOOOOOOOOO the season finale of Buddy System was so amazing!! I’m so glad to be able to join the ride through the entire season, I wish there’ll be another season? Hmm? How about that? Thank you so much, Rhett and Link, for the enjoyable ride! :D:D The new rap part of BFF caught me off guard btw lmao- also no I definitely did not reuse an old set uh day/song 8 of Buddy System!! <3

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Does anyone else randomly think up of little scenes for the boys in their head. They don’t belong to anything or fit into a fanfiction, they’re just scenes of their life together. It’s almost like a TV show that plays random moments in my head without any warning.  


Random favorite Root&Shaw moments:
That moment of absolute subtlety accompanied with the shoulder bobbing thing that they do as they walk off into a long long night.

u know ever since i first started watching yoi i kept seeing posts like “at this rate they’ll be married by the end of the season” and i was like “nah they’ll prob be dating but marriage?? thats moving too fast lol” and here i am at episode 9 like “they love each other so much holy shit did he just basically propose??theyre so happy???holyshit??”
and now with all the development their relationship has gotten like??these fuckers could actually be married by the end of this?holy shit??my happy babies holyshitilovethisshow


glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥


every rwby villain ship


I’m going to get my money Kaz vowed. And I’m going to get my girl.


(mostly because he goes “well she’s not my girl but you know, i’ll give her freedom, girls love freedom”)

MY TINY SON WILL KICK SOME MAJOR ASS and i hope he understands that he can care about people, it doesn’t make his hands less dirty