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Gothic Hate Crime Murder
Per Nordkvist

On the 13th of February 2010 in Sweden, Per Nordkvist was getting money from a cash point with friends when he was approached by a gang of youths aged between 15 to 18. Immediately he was beaten and stabbed. Sadly hours later Nordkvist died from his injuries.

The Swedish media labelled it as a possible hate crime due to the fact Nordkvist was a goth.

At trial. the 18 year old received 7 years whilst a 17 year old involved received youth care

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it seems to me that there’s a lot of bad vibes going around the reylo community today due to anti’s and their shit talking :( so instead of dwelling on their hate and negativity, i wanted to celebrate the star wars fandom and the bonds that reylo shippers have made on tumblr!

the following blogs have brought me so much joy through their posts and i’d love for all of you to give them some love :)

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Murder Of Riley Ann Sawyer 

On the 29th of July 2007 in Texas, fisherman at Galveston Bay found a body of a little girl in a container. 

The body was that of 2 year old Riley Ann Sawyer, who was murdered days before on 24th of July. The infant’s mother Kimberly Trenor and her stepfather Royce Ziegler beat the girl with leather belts, Ziegler chucked the defenceless infant against the wall and they watched her struggle to stand. During the brutal attack Riley cried “I Love You” for them to stop. Sawyer later died from her injuries, a coroner claimed her injuries were similar to someone who fell from a rooftop. 

The trial was delayed due to Kimberly being pregnant again 

In February 2009, Kimberly Sawyer was sentenced to life and in November 2009 so was Royce Ziegler