love this dog!

The world is bad— but being with you is so, so good.

(crank up your screen brightness if you keep it low)


Ditte and wild flowers by Ingrid0804
Via Flickr:
A lovely Danish summer day

Venus through the axes

Venus in the first // I am love - Venus in the seventh // I want love

Venus in the second // Love is valuable - Venus in the eighth // Love is destructible 

Venus in the third // Love is on my mind - Venus in the ninth // Love is out in the world

Venus in the fourth // I was raised with love - Venus in the tenth // Love should boost my social status 

Venus in the fifth // Sex first - Venus in the eleventh // Friends first

Venus in the sixth // Love should be practical - Venus in the twelfth // Love should be imaginative

I know is not much but hope you like it senpai!!! And I love your oc! Is so cool and cute!! I will draw your other oc very soon! I just got a bit lazy now, sorry senpai…. B-but also you are amazing as always!….btw… Big fan… Eeee X3…plz notice me senpai…

Nelly belongs to @nelly-the-dog
And this is also for @nelly-the-dog