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…Both Yennefer and Geralt prove in the earlier stages of their relationship more than in any other moment to be two broken characters in opposite ways. Because of their past, they both think that they would never find happiness. As much as Geralt thinks that since he is a witcher, he can’t love anybody because of his mutations and so he has nothing to offer Yen, Yennefer thinks that she can never be loved for who she really is and cannot offer anything in return to Geralt. And so when they meet, when they finally find someone to love, someone who would love them back, they don’t believe it, they are too afraid to believe it. But as far as the saga go, these self-destructives internal demons of theirs end up proving to be the precise fix for each other that will make them equal characters, and most of it is due to Ciri. Geralt learns from Yennefer that he is capable of feeling love, and, in turn, Yennefer equally learns from Geralt that she is capable of being loved. Geralt and Yennefer are partners in a way many fictional relationships don’t depict. After all, they are truly equals, and not opposite, who both learn from one another, plot with and sometimes against one another, and both grow together as characters in equally meaningful ways. They will learn to believe in their love for each over, they will learn that they can be happy. They will evolve, A LOT after admitting that. And they will face everything together. In my opinion, their love is the definition of true love, it is unconditional. It doesn’t matter if they screw up, it doesn’t matter if there is trouble. At the end of the day they will always have each other.

And this is the major reason why I hate all the Yen vs. Triss thing. It hurts the books at its core. The games took off all the meaning that Sapkowski spent his efforts ALONE to build it throughout SEVEN books, and overcame it just in the name of such a futile meaning in comparison as “roleplaying” and “personal choice”. For that, they bothered to elevate Triss’ characterization a lot, almost literally borrowing from book Yennefer as a caring mother, and reduced Yen’s characterization to the one from the first two books which matches a lot of the hate people usually and precipitately have on her, ignoring all her growth in the next books and making her look like a complete apathetic mother figure to Ciri in which she has less dialogue to her than in a single page of the books, or even worse, less than Skjall’s sister, who is voiced by the same voice actress of Yennefer. I don’t want to be harsh on CDPR, and I actually don’t blame them for leaving her out of the first two games and thus leaving more than enough room to increase Triss’s likelihood among players. But the one game she appears, they ought to have made justice to her, no matter how far it would end up affecting players’ choice and, what concerns me the most, readers’ appreciation of her character and therefore of the books themselves, for it’s all tied up in one major message that Sapkowski wanted to pass for us. The games have overcome and trivialized what Sapkowski wanted us to see as the definition of true love so that they could make roleplaying more important than that.


Sorry for the crappy indoor photos. This is a quick first outfit for my new girl. I got the base materials for this cape from @hasel-anne because I missed out on a meet because I was sick. I sewed it together and decorated it. To bad her hat turned out way too smal, that is what I get for being impatient. She needs a wig first anyway.

She has so much character and the colour is lovely <3

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Do u have a favorite oc

I knew the day would come when I’d have to choose between my children.

Overall, my Warden, Hawke and Shepard are my dearest ocs, simply because they’re the ones that I’ve spent the most time with and that I’ve fleshed out the most. They’ve all been my favorite at some point and they continue to alternate depending on my mood. That being said, and as much as I really do love them all, I think I’d have to go with Indess, my Warden.

She’s such a conflicted character, and the most unpredictable of the bunch -which always keeps things interesting. She’s also the one that’s been through the most hardship, and has come out of it bitter, for sure, but stronger too. Indess has made (and continues to make) terrible decisions, that have negatively impacted herself and others… But there’s a real sense of humanity to her character, of growth too, from alienage Tavern Wench all the way to Hero of Ferelden and even further , that make her so… enjoyable. Her story has changed so much, diverging from canon a whole bunch; it’s all lead to her having a uniqueness that my other characters can’t match.

If you want to know any more about her, feel free to ask. If you’re curious, her tag is here and I also have a pinterest board for her, here.

Thank you for the ask! I always love talking about my girls :)

J.J. parents are pretty damn awesome. 

The writers/directors cleverly built around J.J.’s family, leaving us with open assumptions, and carefully paced the reveal about their true characters without giving them too much screen time.

It’s a cool way to construct characterization. 

His father says, “We’ll smile for him, no matter his score.”

His mother holds him when he breaks about not knowing what to do, and it’s apparent she doesn’t know what to do either. She simply holds her distraught son.

Flashbacks reveal J.J. Style wasn’t a thing for the other coaches, and it’s easy to move to the conclusion that his parents became his coaches so he could be himself in a healthy and supportive environment. 

If that isn’t love, if that isn’t agape, then I don’t know what is. 

Because when you’ve got characters like J.J.’s parents, former figure skaters themselves, you always anticipate the tragic backstory where they’re total stage parents and only care about winning and their personal gain. But nope. Not gonna happen this go round.

Give a hand to J.J.’s parents. Completely healthy, loving, and awesome parents loving their J.J. and his style. 

And that includes letting him dig into Eric Cartman’s winter closet. 


I’m rarely ever patient with backgrounds and shading, but I couldn’t help myself with this one! Thank you so much @thecottonproject for creating such a beautiful and fun lineart for the @pjocoloringbookproject! There was so much included, but not so much that it was overwhelming to color in! It was the perfect amount! It was so much fun adding all the little details! You did a lovely job and I’ve always loved how you drew these characters! Thank you so much!!!

Have some more Ahsoka art, proper art this time.

I’m just gonna pretend I can draw ships and stuff… Have my take on a “cover” for the book. 

I spent way too much time doodling out these characters for this image XD

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don’t let anybody tell you you’re any less than what you are!! you are important, and you deserve to be treated that way!

I think the other thing that kind of works good for Monster Factory is that we try to really embrace whatever character we make. So we try to, like, if we pick a character and we’re investing ourselves in them, no matter how sort of initially weird they may be, by the time we’ve lived with them a while, we can’t imagine them looking like a different way. And I think that that’s–this is reading too much into it, obviously, but there’s something that resonates in that with people, like, there’s this sense that Monster Factory is broadly about–there’s a lot of it that’s about acceptance, I think … We build this character and we live with it, but we let it evolve naturally and let it become whatever it’s going to become and we love whatever the character is. And that’s so much more interesting than trying to poke fun at ugly characters. And the thing about that that’s so fun is you find that when you love, like, really ugly characters, they become beautiful for some people. Probably our best example of this is The Final Pam … The weird thing is that we just tried to make the most uncomfortable looking person we could in Fallout 4, but because we made these choices that she’s indestructible and unkillable and a force of nature basically, that weird visage became the least interesting thing about her. And that was the jumping off point, but by the end of it it 100% did not define her. And there’s morals and lessons there, I think, if you want to think too much about it.
—  Justin McElroy (Just Talking Podcast, #372)


Blue Diamond!

I have way too much love for my Diamonds, of course I had to make Blue as well (Yellow is still my main bitch tho). As you might notice I took some liberties with her look, tried going for sad and devastated, with colder shades of blue to fully embrace her character. Might have shaved off half of my eyebrows again for this, hahaha.

A full video makeup tutorial is on its way!


2/100  days of productivity challenge! ❀

i’m translating virgil and i love it so so much! i’m so lucky to studying something which is my hobby too! that is a part of aeneid’s book four and i’ve got to admit dido is such a strong and amazing character: i adore the way latin writers deal with women in love!

ps: thank you to @emmastudies because i’m using her calendar wallpaper and it’s so so cool! you all should try it!

24th january 2017 


Geez, what a difference a year makes! Especially if you’re drawing the same character nearly every day.

I still remember the first time I drew him and being so jazzed and proud about how he was designed, and thinking about how he took way too long to draw, haha. Luckily I’ve gotten faster at it, or else updates would take even longer than they do now :P

Happy Birthday, Fatal_Error :’)

And thanks to everyone for being here to celebrate it <3 I’ve got a little surprise planned, but it’d take a miracle to have it done before the end of today. I’ll do my best though ;)

And if you’re curious, the first image was a part of this, and the second image was from here!

on the new ghost zone information and vlad

what if, instead of trying to find the elsewhereness(? it was kind of hard to hear) so that he could conquer and rule it, he was trying to find the elsewhereness to destroy it? 

because i can’t imagine vlad would want to rule it. He’s never acquired wealth or power for the sake of having it, so why would he do so in this case? Ruling the elsewhereness would have no meaning for him, just as ruling the world in PP had no meaning for him, because it gets him no closer to his goal of marrying Maddie. 

But, Vlad is petty. If he can’t have the things he wants, then no one else can either. He would sooner try to kill Danny than accept his refusal to be his son, like he tried in Kindred Spirits. Even when Maddie constantly rebuffs his advances, he still plots to kill Jack anyway, because if he can’t have her, then neither should Jack. So if he can’t find happiness (which he never will, because he is a miserable excuse of a man), then neither can anyone else–I can see him wanting to destroy this entire realm of bliss for all ghosts just to drag everyone else down to his own level of petty suffering.

Alternatively: Vlad trying to find a way to reliably create and control portals to the unworld for the same purpose. He could toss anyone who crosses him into eternal terror and pain. And at least then, he has the spiteful pleasure of knowing that even if he’s suffering, well, at least these nuisances have it worse than him now. (And after what happened in Kindred Spirits, I can easily see him trying to shove Danny in there.)

Just finished the second season of Fuller House and OH MY GOD. Way better than the first. Here’s the highlight.

S P O I L E R S   A H E A D   I F   Y O U   H A V E N T   S E E N   I T

  • Jackson puberty moment
  • Matt and Steve becoming bffs
  • They bringing up “One Kid can change the World” in pretty much every episode and bringing awareness on things we (or kids) can do to help the world
  • Max was gold in every single episode
  • Lola and Jackson was too adorable for this world too
  • Relatable episode about first kiss/crush and getting your heart broken
  • Max being adorable with Ramona
  • Max being furious because of broken hearted Ramona
  • “I just spent the last 25 minutes picking out the perfect outfit for Ramona’s date with you. And then I walk into THIS”
  • #protectiveMax2016
  • DJ flirting with a gay guy
  • The girls initiating Ramona on the She-Wolf pack
  • Max’s respectful polite kind of mean friend, Taylor
  • Great costumes for the Halloween Party
  • Kimmy and Fernando
  • Jackson dressing up as a bear to make DJ happy
  • “Middle” life crisis Danny
  • Joey, his wife and FOUR kids that no one likes
  • Jesse and Becky baby fighting
  • Jesse thinking he won the fight
  • DJ and Gia still not hitting it off
  • Fernando being kind of a father figure to little Max
  • Kimmy making Ramona feeling better and actually giving good advice
  • Episode of awareness for man (boys actually) that when someone says no, they don’t have any right to be a bully
  • Jackson going against his best friend to defend Ramona
  • (by the way, the started to make a good job on this scene but I hated that Popko next line after this was comic relief. They should’ve continued to be serious on the matter)
  • #awkwardJackson
  • DJ vs Taylor’s dad
  • DJ being horrible at insulting Taylor’s dad
  • Kimmy helping Stephanie on her music video
  • Matt being there to Jackson, Tommy and Max in a father way
  • (i mean, I was never a fan, but I likes some of their songs and their participation was amazing)
  • They being afraid of Kimmy
  • Steve really thoughtful gift for DJ’s birthday
  • Steve really thoughtful act to make Matt better
  • Sweet episode of making Jackson feeling better for not being good at something like Ramona and Max
  • (i love this so much because I’m glad they did a kid that just wants to be good at something but hasn’t find his thing yet. this is so relatable in so many levels)
  • (also important because they showed a boy crying for being insecure. that doesn’t happen that often)
  • kind of
  • Kimmy showing that it doesn’t matter how weird you are, you should just embrace it
  • (whatever)
  • #SteveandDJ’smoment
  • Max’s first crush
  • Max being way more smoother with girls than Jackson
  • Stephanie opening up more to love and to share personal stuff
  • DJ proposing
  • The midnight kisses (all adorable)
  • Jesse and Becky adopting a little black baby girl

I don’t think you’ll ever stop being the main character in my story. You might never think of me, maybe one day in October when coffee burns your lips like I do. Maybe when you wonder why you don’t like the smell of bubblegum anymore but love it all too much. Maybe that will be the extent of it. Maybe I’ll be a passing thought.

But not you. Every song is going to whisper your name, every lovely thought will feel like falling asleep in your arms and every new relationship will remind me of all the ways that they could never be you.

You won’t be my past. You’ll be my present and future and all the darkness in between. I’m never going to stop wondering if you’re looking at the same sky, I’m never going to stop wondering where you’re waking up, and who you’re waking up beside.

Maybe I’ll be bitter, nostalgic, angry, happy or just excruciatingly lonely. But I’ll never stop writing about you. No day will go by without remembering the things you made me feel, and the ways you made me myself.

One day you will be long gone, and somehow you’ll be everything but.

—  the air that I breathe ~ blue-delusion

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The way Alec grabs Magnus' arm but then his hand gently (so fucking gently) slides down so he can hold Magnus' hand and then Magnus grabs Alec's other hand and they're so gentle with each other, I'm dying. Also Magnus calling out Alec is my aesthetic

god i know all the malec scenes are so good. i love that at first, magnus’ expression is the same when anyone grabs him – just the way his gaze goes down and darkens. like magnus has never liked being grabbed. but with alec, magnus pauses and then alec realizes he’s too forceful, and he just loosens his grip and gently holds magnus’ hand instead – and magnus lets him, he lets him do this and he just melts because of this stupid shadowhunter.

and yes!! magnus taking zero bullshit and demanding respect is incredible. i mean, we always knew this was a part of magnus’ character – he’s never put up with anyone’s bullshit – but i just love how much this episode reinforced this idea. i think it’s really needed because i see way too many people characterizing magnus as submissive when he’s the goddamn High Warlock who’s gone toe to toe with the Clave for centuries. magnus has many faults and doubts, but a lack of self-respect isn’t one of them. he knows how he deserves to be treated and he won’t accept any less than that.