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There was nothing poetic about my sadness. It was crying myself to sleep at 3am, only to wake up the next morning pretending like everything was just fine.
—  “I love your blog”
You stole the sun for me
I stole the moon for you
together we stole the stars
and together we will build our own universe
But then
I hold
myself back,
I knew
I’ll be
burned too,
once I start
a fire
—  ma.c.a // I almost touch the spark
And just like that, everything was over again.
Just like that, I was shattered all over again.
Just like that I knew,
I had to begin again.
And just like that,
I had to drag myself out to
a new beginning (again)
-Just like that we were over again
—  Dianadabdi

One time there was an actual physical fight on the Congress floor. At the Congress Hall in January 1798 when Federalist vs Democratic-Republican tensions were at a peak, Representative Matthew Lyon of Vermont, a “die-hard” Republican, began to mock the “aristocratic sympathies” of of Roger Griswold, a Federalist from Connecticut. Griswold then taunted Lyon for his alleged cowardice during the American Revolution and when Griswold turned around, Lyon spat right in his face. Rage went higher and Griswold got his hickory cane and proceeded to lunge at Lyon with it, hitting him several times because Lyon was able to retaliate by grabbed a pair of fire tongs and attacking Griswold back. Two members of Congress ended up fighting on the floor like “common ruffians”. 

Your eyes will always be the galaxy I wanted to witness. But I know, after all those years, it will just be a strong memory for me. We lived our lives separately, we became successful. We became happy after everything we went through. I have moved on, burned the bridges that lead me back to you. I used my own light to walk away from our past. But this time, the skies are making another way for us to meet again. This time, I’m sure of one thing; It wasn’t me who created the opportunity. I was caught off guard when fate reread our past chapter in my life and tried to write a similar of it. I saw a glimpse of what will happen next. You are here again. We are here again. And the universe does wonders to align our hearts but this time, I feel everything is better.  It’s not a coincidence. And I don’t know what will happen next, but I’m ready to risk and hold your hand again.
—  E.J. Cenita

Baby, you’re a catch

A solid 10/10, and anyone would be lucky to have you,

His immaturity is the reason it didn’t work out, you were to good for him, and he couldn’t handle that,

So don’t mope, don’t cry,

Baby, you’ve got a bright future, under this cherry blue sky

So just stay by my side, and everything will be just fine

—  Advice from a girl who’s a 10/10 too