love this artist!

I was taught not to be sad.
Not to show exactly how broken I truly am.
Stop crying.
Keep your head up.
Fix your makeup.
And smile.
Hiding it only lasts for so long until you break.
Where the tears never stop.
And your cheeks are stained black.
Where smiling seems like the hardest thing in the world.

But no matter what happens, or how often I break down, I put on the act, that I am happy and perfect.
Even though I know i’ll never be close to that.

—  A.P

not sorry to sound like a xingmi But… thinking about the things yixing has done and accomplished in the last year alone in his solo career makes my heart full to capacity &  everyday i’m so full of pride and respect for the effort n dedication he puts in to following his dreams and making art!!!!

I can still remember how it felt,
Your lips pressed softly to mine.
The way our hands intertwined.
How you held me in your arms and promised to never let go.

And I can still hear your voice,
You saying I wad the most beautiful thing you’ve ever known.
The way you always told me goodnight and good morning.
How you never forgot to say I love you and always will.
I think we both knew we wouldn’t last,
An unspoken agreement to go ahead and try anyways.
Although we didn’t love each other, too young to even know what love is, we may have ended differently if you had even cared at all.

—  A.P

I poeti hanno inventato metafore necessarie a nominare indicibili come un cuore che si scalda,dilata,rimpicciolisce,spezza,trema

Alessandro d'Avenia,l'arte di essere fragili

As I lay outside with you next to me,
I feel a change in the weather.
The leaves turn orange and red.
There’s a reason I stopped calling it Autumn.
Like the leaves I’m falling too.
Not falling because I’ve withered and died, but because of you.
Maybe it’s the way you look at me as we sit by the fire.
Or the way you make my cheeks turn pinker than the cold ever does.
And just like everyone begins to notice the leaves falling,
I wonder if you notice me falling too.
—  A.P