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Armin or Bertolt?
I think it’s the longest dispute the SNK Fandom has, it’s about who Annie prefers, whether she prefers Armin or Bertolt. If they put it to think is something complicated and I had to search a lot between the anime and the manga. Why? Because it is not known exactly what Armin feels about Annie and vice versa or what she feels about Bertolt, the only thing that is known is that Bertolt likes Annie and that’s because Reiner said it. Ok, before starting I want to clarify something: Both ship I like, I have nothing I found of any. Now, we start with this What is sympathy? It is the solidarity and empathy shown in this quality that characterizes some, are manifested towards one or more people, along with emotions such as joy, suffering, tears or libido. Sympathy is also characterized by pleasantness and sensitivity. Because I talk about sympathy? Hajime Isayama said there was no love between the characters but if there is sympathy between them, some have more sympathy for others and so. Since we are introduced to Annie in the manga and anime, we are told that Annie is a “lone wolf”, was never seen interacting with Bertolt, just a little with Reiner, it could be said that with the people who interacted most was With Eren and Armin. Let’s take the manga, just like the anime does not have much interaction with her fellow warriors even in the last few episodes that we are introduced to children she did not interact much with them and I suppose that when they arrived at Paradis, Annie took her way separately This idea because when Reiner and Bertolt burst into Shiganshina was not with them in their titan form until later), with that I wonder how it was that Bertolt began to feel things for her, because I think at first it was by physical attraction and feeling Empathy and sympathy for her even though she was not mutual many times. Now approaching to the soldiers stage, Annie despite seeing a cold person was just that way to not hurt anyone, but she worried about her companions and her relationship with Reiner and Bertolt changed when they forced her to remove the Team Three-dimensional maneuvers of Marco, this time we saw Annie cry. I guess what I said before was about BeruAnni and now I’m going to talk about AruAni. Annie felt a lot of sympathy for Armin, I suppose her intelligence and kindness shook Annie in such a way that she let him live twice and she knew that it had been a mistake to have let him live but neither did he want to kill Armin and to close this when Armin knew Of the true identity of the titan female and I put it in face to Annie she said “Armin, wanted to be good for you” that made for many AruAni was almost canon (in addition to multiple compliments Armin to her). But despite everything I just said, I would not know (if in a hypothetical situation will happen) who would really choose Annie, it is difficult, apart from Bertolt is dead. I leave this as an open criterion, depending on which ship they choose, both are fine, it would seem that there is a 50-50% for both.

Another “Top 10 favourite characters”

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1)Akari Mizunashi from Aria the animation

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2)Eli Ayase from Love Live!

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3)Lia de Beaumont from Le Chevalier D’Eon

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4)Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

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5) Alice from Pandora Hearts

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6)Kaori Miyazono from Your lie in April

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7) Link from The Legend of Zelda

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8) Sam Giddings from Until Dawn

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9)Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

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10)Shinoa Hiiragi from Owari no Seraph

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I’m going to catch the last bit of California sun before I leave San Diego 🌞. This darling sums up all my feels right now! The love that everyone gave me at sdcc was amazing and adorable and I’m humbled by it🙇🏻‍♀💓 I feel like the luckiest person right now to have the supporters I do! Not only in person but online you all share with me your love and stories and it keeps me so energized to keep doing what I’m doing! 💃🏻💕You have no idea how much each comment and like means to me. So thank you for everything! 🙏🏻💖When I recover from the con I’ll get back to my Rainbow World and start on a new series of art inspired by love! Plus bees 🐝 lots and lots of fat bees!! 🐝💜💙💚💛❤💝

Me: I love anime!

Anime I like: constantly shows all the amazing female characters getting touched up unsolicitedly and wearing skimpy outfits where the guys get to be fully clothed in rad costumes and even though they’re really amazing characters my girls never really get to live in the limelight power-wise and although their quirks are strong they’re still nowhere near the level of the guys’ quirks and they all get treated kind of unfairly in comparison in general

Me: I  l o v e  a n i m e  :o’)