From a salty child denying his embarrassing parents’ love to a salty child rooting for his parent to do their best. Beautiful.

Georgi Popovich deserves better

can we talk about Georgi Popovich for a sec?

Georgi is a nice guy. he just has a really hard time getting over a break up. a really hard time. he is still hang up on his ex but that is somewhat understandable if you realise how those two broke up.

if you watched his routine(short program), it is pretty clear that Anya did not just break up with him. she started dating another guy, right away or possibly even before she broke up with Georgi. there is a possibility that Georgi thought that the relationship was going well but he sees his girlfriend walking down the street with another guy.by his expression you can tell that he is shocked.

he starts questioning what went wrong. the thing is that he still cares and loves her but now that love is becoming twisted. you would think that it is all Georgi’s fault but the break up is too recent for him to have recovered. if you pay close attention to the weather of the scenes that are showing Georgi’s break up you will see that she dumped him right before the season started, so that means that she did not care in the least about how Georgi would perform or how her attitude would influence his career.i am not saying that staying in a relationship that is already over is correct but she could have done it better in a more subtle way .

And Anya doesn’t leave it there.nonono. she immediately started posting selfies (not only the normal but also intimate ones) right away knowing that Georgi will see them. 

Georgi once again is shocked.and really hurt.

and do you remember when Yurio had a scene where he says that he forgot to watch the free program? he remembered about it after he saw the newsfeed of his phone. and guess who appeared in it? Georgi. Meaning he is relatively famous back home AND in the ice skating world. meaning that Anya tried to hurt him on purpose and ridicule him on the media.

Moreover when Yakov tries to help Georgi snap out of it and help him focus on his career, guess who shows up to watch the competition…Anya. seeing that her boyfriend is obviously not competing in single skating as he is watching the program along with her and seeing that she is an ice dancer(perhaps he is her partner?) and competes in a separate venue, we can only come to the conclusion that she purposefully tries to sabotage Georgi as she shows up both to the short AND the free program!!!

he is slowly getting over the break up. he goes from “i will haunt you and curse you, you damn traitor” to “I love you, please don’t leave me”. he goes from denial to bargaining. his choice of music “A Tale of the Sleeping Prince” shows that he is the one who needs to wake up and realise that the relationship is over. slowly but surely he is trying to move on.the lyrics of the song show that Georgi needs an explanation about the reason of the break up, he says that he still loves her no matter what but at the same time it shows that he needs to wake up and move on.

but Anya…that freaking Anya…she knows he didn’t take the break up well, she knows he is sensitive about it and has a hard time moving on and she knows that seeing her with her new boyfriend will hurt him. And not only that ,,she even  gives that “go to hell” sign while he is performing.why would she even show up in the first place is beyond me.

I know that Georgi is taking his love to the extreme and he really needs to snap out of it but Anya is not an innocent in this situation either. she dumped him when he thought that all was well, tried to hurt his feelings and harm his career and performance, ridiculed him and mocked him on social media and she dared to show up in order to rub salt on a still open wound.

he shows big improvement in episode 9 where you can actually see that he is more relaxed and peaceful. his words “ lost love” about Michele Crispino’s free program show that he is starting to accept that his relationship with Anya is over.

Honestly speaking, Georgi deserves better than Anya .


“I finally found someone that I like. Wearing the same uniform and the same shoes. Sitting in the same class, born in the same year.”

Doukyuusei (同級生) directed by Shouko Nakamura 

Yuri on Ice!!! Theory

I have this theory about Yuri on Ice!!! based on the opening. I first noticed it during episode 3′s opening.

Yurio has black skates

Yuuri has silver

Vicktor has gold

This really bothered me because i know all anime op’s always have meaning. so i thought about it and have developed this theory … 

I think that Yurio will have to pull out of the final because of injury (after ep 9′s free skate) this is probably the most logical thing that could happen. He’s pushing himself too much and this worries me

I’m worried about my smol angry Russian kitten boy.

or maybe some other reason (something to do with his grandad? I really hope not)

pls no! i just want Yurio to be alright 

I think that Yuri might get silver over all (silver skates). Maybe JJ will win … it’s hard because the competition is so good, so anyone could win … 

This leads me onto Vicktor, he has gold ice skates, but he’s not competing this year … so he can’t win a gold medal … 

But he can win something gold … so, a wedding ring? 

maybe? Please!

But, like i said it’s only a theory, i don’t know whats actually going to happen. With this fucking anime anything could happen…