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  • Gideon: You know, just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful person in the whole world. You know what I said?
  • Sophie: What did you say?
  • Gideon: I said... *sees Will outside the window* Will?
  • Sophie: Will?!
  • Gideon: No! No, that's not what I was going to say!
  • Sophie: Gideon, you're not making any sense...
  • Gideon, nervously babbling: I mean, sure, he's handsome, he's rugged, but-

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headcanons for polydins + reader all just cuddling and takin' turns making out??? lol i'm such a slut for team voltron sorry

I never thought I would need this, but I do ~Mod Saffron


  • Lance definitely initiates it all. It’ll probably be after a battle or something really serious. If one of the Paladins or you are feeling a little down, everyone else will secretly collab together to get the downtrodden babe in bed.
  • Once they are in bed, they are the center of attention and everyone cuddles around their figure. Usually, this person is Shiro, so all of you will surround his body parts according to the way they form Voltron.
  • You will directly lay on top of Shiro, since you don’t pilot any of the lions and because you’re special to him ;)
  • Keith will usually get kisses first, simply because he claims he doesn’t know how to kiss, so everyone will take turns “teaching” him how to kiss.
  • Lance will whine and bitch until someone kisses him. It will usually be Hunk or Pidge, just to shut him up. Occasionally, you’ll get up to kiss his neck while Hunk rubs your arms and kisses your back.
  • Pidge and Keith are always making out! And they always do it whenever you and Shiro are locking lips; they will reach across each side to break off the kiss and obnoxiously smack lips and suck face for as long as they need to make a point.
  • Lance will play games with everyone’s lips, so no one really wants to kiss him unless he promises it’s for the good cause of affection.
  • Everyone ganged up on you once and you switched lips every 3.5 seconds, leaving you breathless and messy.

Ok, this photo. I got it from @kyleeann1996 ‘s wall, in one of the collages. Original Post is @wolveria So, can I just speak my mind about this pic? IT IS SO CUTE. Just…Just everything about it!

-Rex watching over her protectively

-Ahsoka’s robe that is too big for her


-The fact she’s absolutely clueless

-Rex is being protective cause Bonturi is in the room


I will forever love them.

A Missing Soul and Other Observations

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(This speculation was too long and complicated to be sent as an ask. I hope you don’t mind this theory being sent in as a submission!)

So! After the release of Monday’s page, we all learned something quite shocking! The Dreemurrs only had five human souls at the time of Frisk’s falling into the Underground. Now, if this story is keeping true to all known facts from the game before Frisk fell (save for Chara and Asriel dying) then that means six humans had to have fallen after Chara and before Frisk. Now that begs several questions; Which one is missing? Where did it go? And most curious to me, Why is one missing?

Now, I have absolutely no idea which soul is missing. For now, we can assume it is not the Patient Soul, since it had been collected by Chara and Gaster and taken for research. Unless the Patient Soul was stolen by someone, but I highly doubt that, as it was the first soul the dreemurrs collected, so it was probably kept guarded under close watch.

For the next two questions of “where did it go” and “why is it missing”, I have one theory. Are you ready? Got your note pad? Okay, listen to this; the soul (as well as the entire human) was “deleted”.

(“How?!” you ask, your pen screeching to a halt on your notepad halfway through a frantic scribble.)

Let me explain. First, three important things we need to keep in mind; 1) Until Frisk fell, only Chara could Save and Load. None of the other humans could do it, 2) Time on the surface keeps passing at its normal rate, no matter what happens in the Underground, and  3) We assume the Barrier is what allows time to flow differently in the Underground (it keeps all Load and Save shenanigans contained, which is why the dates are different on the Surface vs the Underground)

Now let’s set the scene; First, Chara makes a Save at some random point in the Underground. It doesn’t really matter when, the important thing is that they do before a human falls. Second, a human falls into the Underground and is now trapped by the laws of the barrier like everyone else. At that physical point in time the human no longer exists on the surface, because they’re underground. The timeline on the surface keeps progressing as usual. Third, for whatever reason, Chara decides to Load back to their Save point before this other human fell. What happens to this second human? Assuming the magic of the barrier is what keeps the timeline of the underground seperate from the timeline on the surface, Chara rewinding time would, in theory, virtually erase them from existing, because after the human falls, time keeps passing on the surface and they are no longer apart of it. Chara going back to a time where the second human did not yet exist in the Underground would not and could not force the second human back on the surface of Mt. Ebott, because that would mean time on the surface would have to rewind to a point before the second human fell, back to a time where the human was on the surface, but as we pointed out, the timeline on the surface is not effected by the timeline in the Underground. SO! After Chara Loads, the human is “deleted” from all of time and space. Chara may wait around for them to “fall again”, but it’s not going to happen because the human stopped existing on the surface as soon as they fell into Mt. Ebott the first time (Only time, technically). Time moved on without them, indifferent to Chara’s Saving and Loading and the humans who fall.

(WOW! Sorry that got really wordy. I hope I explained my thoughts clear enough!)

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Episode 5: Han and Leia having hand sex on the falcon and Leia is trembling. Episode 8: Ben and Rey having hand sex through their force bond while she's in her hut where she SLEEPS and he's in his room where he SLEEPS. Ben's hand trembles a little and to add when he say's "Please", his lip is trembling and his hand is trembling again.

Omg anon💗 Thank you for this!


Halloween Hat by Lisa Diesslin

A wonderful fic (and art to go with it!) made by @sweetdreamclouds!

Max had tiredly stumbled out of the elevator. He has been tossing boxes about a big as he is around, and he can’t really recall the last time he took a break. He sat down and tried to take a nap.

“Oh, C'mon now,” the intercom whimpered, “I had a super special surprise for you! You’re gonna love it! Please please please just look at it? It’ll perk you up for sure! Then maybe you’ll love these tests as much as I do!”

Max sighed, realizing that David would never cut him some slack. He stood back up, and walked into the new room.

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