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Compatibilities with Every Sign

Determining compatibility is not a matter of sun signs.  Anyone who says a Sagittarius woman is compatible with a Leo is probably getting it out of a magazine or from a newspaper.  In fact, if you come across a book that discusses the sun signs to determine compatibility, do not buy it. Waste of money.
Authentic compatibility involves the whole chart, all of you compared to all of someone else, and if you think about it for a moment that makes sense.  There’s a lot more to you than your sun sign.
In looking over the example chart, Summer, you of course begin with overview technique and immediately see that she has a very strong emphasis in fire signs, including the sun in Aries.  And in the two years that I knew her, she indeed expressed the fiery traits typical of this sort of horoscope.  She was confident, inspired, self-centered, innocent, naive, self-assertive, and willful.
Because the six planets are camped out in the zealous fire signs, there are only four left to distribute amongst the other three elements; earth, air and water.  Only Jupiter holds court in an earth sign, and he’s in the 9th house, a fiery house, where the earthy element is quite thoroughly baked, so to speak.
As you can EASILY see, Summer desperately needs someone to calm her down, to be a harbor she can take refuge in during her self-created fire storms.  With six planets in fire roaring around and Mars (the will) in Gemini, certainly no small potatoes when it comes to activity, this is a living, breathing whirlwind.  I can attest to the truth of this; I knew her personally, as I said.
So does she need a man with a strong fiery disposition?  Does she need a partner who is inspired, self centered, supremely confident, loud, and crazy?
Not only no, but hell no.
She very obviously needs calm.  She needs soothe.  She needs quiet, gentle, nurture, and so on.
Do you understand this?
She needs this because she lacks these qualities in her own nature!
Summer needs from a man the qualities she is deficient in, as this enables her to happily live in the fiery/airy part of herself.
“Oh yeah.” you say, “Easy for you. You Cherry-picked a horoscope that was simple to understand.  But I ain’t got no six planets in no freakin’ fire signs.  So what about me!”  Since I don’t do chart compatibility as a general rule, I’m not very good at it.  
But I do understand the basics.  It involves a technique I’ll call chart wrapping, and it’s quite simple, once you get on to it.
In exactly the same way you wrap transits around your chart, wrap your acquaintance’s horoscope around your own.
Nothing in your chart changes.  You plunk the other person’s planets into your houses exactly the same as you’d put transiting planets around your horoscope.  This always shows how the other person affects you.   Then wrap your chart around theirs, with their chart unchanged and your planets dropped into the proper houses in their chart.  This shows how you affect them.

One more suggestion.  Scrub off all the extra junk in your horoscope using lots of soap.  No nodes, part of fortune, asteroids, minor aspects, dark moons, fixed stars, or other stuff.  Work with the relatively simple format consisting of the 12 signs, 10 planets, and the five aspects.  That and no more.  When you are looking at a prospective serious relationship it’s just that - serious.  You can play later.  Stick with the basics when doing chart comparison and compatibility.

Jon Hassinger, writer for Astrolocherry

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