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“Why him?”

It was a good question. Why not the guy with the good grades and warm smile and perfect manners? Why did I choose him—him with the dangerous aura and mysterious smirks and flirtatious winks? Perhaps it was because he challenged me, made me question everything. He infuriated me at times, but in the end no one could make me laugh like he did. He was genuinely a mystery.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #379 // and doesn’t everybody love a good mystery 

kentuckybelle3 Gillian in this week’s “People” mag. I’m so freaking excited for the new X Files!!!#gilliananderson #girlcrush #goddess #xfiles #Scully#thetruthisoutthere

One Last Thing Gillian Anderson

Last Girl’s Night Out

I’m part of a book club that is all women and it happens at night at somebody else’s house.  The person who hosts cooks dinner, I’m definitely not one of the better cooks, but I make an effort.

Last Vice

I always have a secret brownie in my purse and sometimes I carry it around for weeks.  Today I finished an audiobook I was doing and the brownie was only a few days old so it was my indulgence.

Last Time I Was Nervous

I presented at the Evening Standard Theatre awards and it needed to be memorised.  I know I’m an actor, I know I should be good at it, I know.  But I could barely hold a conversation until I’d been up onstage and didn’t completely die.

Last Thing I Returned

I suddenly decided I needed a pair of leather pants, but you have to order a few, so I returned the other sizes that didn’t fit.  I’ll probably wear them and then go “Oh my god, you’re too old for that.”

Last Fashion Disaster

I had a theatre event and I’d done a photo shoot that day, so I thought I’d be able to use the hairdo, but it was greasy. I was in a hurry so I put it up in a bun and threw on an oversize dress.  My daughter [Piper, 21] was like “Mom, I don’t know know, are you sure?”  It did not photograph well at all.
Gilmore Girls: Amy Sherman-Palladino Reveals How the Improbable Netflix Revival Came to Be (Part 1)
Gilmore Girls: Seasons formally begins shooting in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and franchise creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is a teensy bit frazzled. "These past couple of days have been crazy," admits ...
By Michael Ausiello

That same effortless rapport is evident during filming, as they playfully rib each other and crack jokes between, and often during, takes.

Duchovny and Anderson weren’t always so easygoing on set, and they presented about as far from a united front as two co-leads could. “The crucible of doing that show made monsters out of both of us,” Duchovny admits, but says that reuniting on “I Want to Believe” changed things for the better. “Once we got to step back, it was like, ‘Oh, wow, we really like each other. I didn’t know that was going to happen.’

“The way we work together has changed,” he adds. “Whatever rapport we have as actors, we earned. It’s nice to be able to play that without ever even feeling like you’re playing it.”

Anderson agrees. “Our relationship has definitely become a proper friendship over the last few years. I think we’re more on each other’s side. We’re more aware of the other’s needs, wants, concerns, and mindful to take those into consideration— and just sharing more about our experiences in the moment, under the sudden realization that we’re both in this together, and wouldn’t it be nice if it were a collaboration?”