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a little game of stealing

Inej and Kaz have an little game they like to play because they don’t see each other much anymore. It goes something like this, whenever Inej is in Ketterdam she’ll break into Kaz’s room and steal something of his. Nothing major, just a hat, a pen, or a tie. Then hide it somewhere around the Slat. Kaz will, in return, sneak onto Inej’s boat and steal something of hers and hide it somewhere on the ship. So then both of them have until they meet again to find what was stolen and where it is hidden. And if either fail, they owe the other a giant stack of waffles.


BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

for dills

Voltage’s May Super Sale

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Voltage’s Super Sale and the death of my wallet. From May the 13th-15th, some items will be up to 75% off in 13 apps. Happy Spending Everyone~

The 13 apps are:

  • After School Affairs
  • Butler Until Midnight
  • Class Trip Crush
  • Dangerous Seduction
  • Enchanted in the Moonlight
  • Era of Samurai: Code of Love
  • In your Arms Tonights
  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
  • Love Letter from Thief X
  • My Last First Kiss
  • Scandal in the Spotlight
  • Star-Crossed Myth
  • Our Two Bedroom Story
  • Me: no I'm not going to buy that route.
  • Voltage: but you'll love it.
  • Me: no. I don't have money for it.
  • Voltage: *shows me pic of bae all battered and bruised/ pointing a gun at someone/crying*
  • Voltage: guess you'll have to buy the route and find out.
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ........
  • Me: ........
  • Me: Damn it

Hi! I made a Voltage gif, better late than never XD 

Gahhhhh I forgot A Knight’s Devotion! Sorry!


How MC would handle a dangerous situation

Anonymous Request: So I saw the headcannon a while back about what MC is like in each game, and I was just curious if you could possibly do one about how you think the MC in each game would react to a dangerous situation? (it could be funny or serious!)

Ohhh this is an interesting one! I surely can, hope you like them! :) These are just my opinion so everyone keep that in mind lol Also keep in mind that the games I haven’t played (or just aren’t very familiar with) will not be included. 

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 

External image

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Love Letter from Thief X: 

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My Sweet Bodyguard: 

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Serendipity Next Door: 

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Our Two Bedroom Story: 

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MPD: Close to You: 

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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: 

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Be My Princess (1&2): 

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Star-Crossed Myth:

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My Forged Wedding: 

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Enchanted in the Moonlight: 

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Kiss of Revenge: 

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Pirates in Love: 

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10 Days with my Devil: 

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In Your Arms Tonight: 

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A Knights Devotion: 

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Her Love in the Force: 

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idonia-dovahkiin  asked:

I, too, have a love for Voltage. My bank account would say "obsession," but I digress. In the four games that I've played (SLBP, MFWP, EitM and Office Secrets) all the MCs seem the same: shy, meek, easily embarrassed girls. Granted most the situations are extraordinary (I'm only speaking for the ones I've played), and how MC meets the men is as such. Do you think the guys will attracted to any other "personality type?" Please feel free to break this up in different parts, or only one game.

So the way I approached this one was to pick a few personality types and list every guy (from the apps I’ve played) that I believe would be interested in them, mostly because if I did by discussing it I could write you a dissertation on the subject lol. This was also hard because I believe that one person does not have one personality type, I think we’re more complicated than that. Every guy got put into two to three categories, but some could have been in more or less.

Guys Who Would Be Attracted to:

The Fiery, Stubborn Girl: Nagito, Eisuke, Ota, Mamoru, Hikaru, Huedhaut, Chikage, Kyoga, Yuma, Chance, Aurora, Asahi, Ren, Kai, Shinichi, Hidetaka, Riki, Keith, Joshua, Subaru, Kaiji, Nobunaga, Saizo, Masamune, Shingen, Ieyasu

The Intelligent Bookworm: Iori, Takashi, Ryo, Soryu, Rhion, Shuichi, Scorpio, Huedhaut, Samon, Tomoki, Irving, Ash, Seiichirou, Kai, Kiyonori, Kenshi, Edward, Wilfred, Joshua, Daichi, Mitsuhide, Yukimura, Kojoro, Mitsunari

The Girl With Poor Self – Esteem and Baggage: Nagito, Takashi, Soryu, Ota, Rhion, Luke, Leon, Dui, Chikage, Samon, Aoi, Kyo, Yamato, Seiichirou, Junta, Rikiya, Hidetaka, Takuto, Edward, Wilfred, Glenn, Mitsuhide, Yukimura, Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, Toshiie

The Girl With Trust Issues: Kyohei, Kota, Eisuke, Baba, Teorus, Dui, Shinra, Yuma, Kyo, Yoshimitsu, Ash, Yamato, Ren, Rikiya, Kenzo, Riki, Hiro, Atsumu, Roberto, Glenn, Daichi, Kaiji, Mitsuki, Sora, Nobunaga, Masamune, Kenshin

The Cold Girl: Kota, Ryo, Baba, Mamoru, Hikaru, Leon, Teorus, Ichthys, Miyabi, Shinra, Aoi, Itsuki, Aurora, Hiroto, Junta, Kiyonori, Takuto, Kenshi, Roberto, Sora, Saizo, Kojoro, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu, Toshiie

The Confident, Sexy Girl: Kyohei, Iori, Luke, Shuichi, Scorpio, Ichthys, Miyabi, Kyoga, Tomoki, Itsuki, Chance, Yoshimitsu, Irving, Asahi, Hiroto, Shinichi, Kenzo, Hiro, Atsumu, Keith, Subaru, Mitsuki, Kenshin, Shingen

Sometimes I feel that voltage men understand you better than human beings

Gotta Love Voltage Sometimes XD

(Earlier while playing SCM sub story I bought today….)


……it couldn’t be…..



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Hehe that’s my damn tsun tsun! Can’t ever admit when he’s happy. 

And on top of it even in another game in a sub route of another man he has to remind me he’s around waiting for me XD

Also I love that Karno acknowledges that Taku is mega tsun tsun XD


This is literally me in EVERY voltage route

Huedhaut MS


I’ve lived a hundred lives, I’ve loved a hundred loves, and I’ve walked in distant worlds… all thanks to Voltage.

Reblog if you believe that anyone can be in the Voltage/Otome Fandom

Doesn’t matter if they are Male/Female/Agender, Dog/Cat, Old/Young, Different Ethnics, Different Religions, Chicken/Egg ETC ETC


  • Me: Gather ‘round my children I have something to show you…
  • My children: Whatever could it be mother?
  • Me: *looks around* Don’t tell anyone else…
  • My children: *nods*
  • Me: Good. These are your real fathers… *shows them all the fictional men I romanced*

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