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Recognizing the inherent worth of every living being with whom we share this planet is beautiful and transformative. We all want to live autonomously and free of suffering. Our subsequent extension of our circle of compassion to include nonhuman animals and our refusal to contribute to their exploitation is not an inconvenience or burden, but rather a chance to align our daily actions with our deepest values.

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Could you write about platonic love (one of the best kinds) 💕

Platonic love is often pushed back, hidden like the stagehands of a performance. Platonic love is long lasting, and just as real and deep as romantic love.

It’s taking a roadtrip across the country, music blaring in the background and singing off key. It is holding hands while waiting for news and then hugging excitedly when it all turns out for the best. It’s that stuffed animal you’ve had for years that you hardly remember getting, but couldn’t imagine life without.

Platonic love is knowing the moment you’ve connected with someone. Knowing that you could talk for hours on end or sit in silence together. Like when you go to the beach, there’s a soft, stillness to it with a hum in the background of the rolling waves and blowing winds.

Platonic love is saying “I love you” and it being said in return as often as you need it to be said and even when you didn’t know you needed it. It is the soup that’s made for you when you’re sick, nourishing you and making sure you’re better than okay.

It’s stargazing at night and talking about your pets and then about the meaning of life. It is the feeling of falling asleep and knowing you’ll be back in bed when you wake up or wrapped in blankets and made comfortable.

It’s feeling nervous to go on stage and having that voice in the back of your head telling you how great you’re going to do and how proud they are of you. It’s that warm feeling in the middle of your chest and in your stomach that you get when you hear your name followed by a tight, long-lasting hug.

Platonic love is finding people who give you the feeling of home. It is finding your platonic soulmate and wondering why they took so long to find you. It’s like looking up at the night sky and being a little scared at how expansive it is, but finding comfort in knowing it’s always there, surrounding you with the light from the stars and the moon. It’s like finding the right words - not always easy, but always worth it.

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Soooo if the boys are Gifre and Elias now, does that mean that there's a Sae-bot and a Lu-bot too?!

Saeyoung: Robot versions of us! Sweeeet!

Saeran: [Oh, great. And I thought having one Saeyoung around was bad enough.]

Saeyoung: Saeran, you’re such a meanie! Shh, Lu-bot, don’t listen to him!

Lu-bot: [[Okay…]]

Saeran: [Well, at least he listens to directions.]

Sae-bot: [[……]]