love these two to pieces


“I’m happy for him, you know?”

She whispers to the stars one night.

“I mean sure, I wanted it to be us in the end. I’ve thought that with quite a few people-”

“But now that I see him with her, I think I understand.”

She closes her eyes.

“Love is wanting him to be happy” she simply says. “Even if that happiness is not with me.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #120

“Ar lath mir da’halla.”

Lovely commission by Elithien Art @elithien!

My Varian “Von” and @fenrisataashi‘s Illriel Lavellan from Dragon Age

Thank you for such wonderful work of them!


marco polo gif meme →  friendships » marco & byamba.

- Marco saved me when he needn’t have. He returned to Cambulac when he could have fled. 

- Byamba, we do not know what bargain was struck in your saving, nor what motivated his return. 

 - Honor. Friendship.