okay, peter x michelle??? let’s discuss

  • first off the fact that both of peter’s potential significant others have been smart, strong, independent black women??? amazing! show-stopping! perfection!
  • it was actually kind of great that liz was peter’s first crush because she let him get away with a lot, so we got to see how peter handle romance when his girl doesn’t know about his web-slinging.
  • michelle??? it was said when she was first introduced that she was observant of peter’s weird behavior. and she’s the type of girl who is blunt and will for sure call you on your shit. so spider-man?? not gonna be a secret for long when peter and michelle share the screen more.
  • also she’s like hella smart? captain of the academic decathlon team, reading all the time, and an activist?? honestly, she and ned as the brains behind spider-man is all i want to come from the sequel.
  • and can i just say that michelle is not the type to just fall into things quickly? her feelings for peter when they develop (or finish developing) aren’t going to be some puppy-love, wishy-washy thing where both of them end up getting hurt. whatever michelle feels is going to be quite serious.
  • this may sound a little heavy in the emotions department, but peter’s clearly shown to have strong emotions too (ex. determination to an avenger, butting heads with tony, infatuation with liz).
  • so when their relationship forms it’s gonna be real and intense and it’s gonna last.
  • and michelle’s awareness of peter’s behavior is already pretty high, so when things get romantic?? how tuned in michelle will be to peter’s emotional state (ptsd, nightmares, anxiety attacks, world-on-his-shoulders syndrome) she’ll know almost immediately and be able to offer the support he needs.

in conclusion, peter x michelle??? fucking flawless. 


IT IS FINALLY DONE! I wanted to make something for these two for a while, I thought this clip really suited Able and Elymas maybe as an early interaction when Able was still new to the beautiful world of foul language!

Hope you all enjoy!! :)

Audio from: The King’s speech

Able the Rebel angel © @the-vampire-inside-me
Elymas the Demon © @animal-guardian

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Only a person who truly loves you can look at you like this; when you’re in your sweats and a hoodie with no makeup on (see Drake lyrics) and he looks at you like you’re the *best* thing he’s seen in the world.

If photographer known, let me know so he/she can be credited.

anonymous asked:

I love Lance, friendship, and your headcanons. May I request some Lance-Hunk, Lance-Keith, Lance-Shiro, and/or Lance-Allura ones (since you've already covered Lance-Pidge)? Please and thank you, you wonderful memer.

i’m so happy someone finally requested the bros

  • *sleepover voice* “hunk… be real with me buddy….. do you think my ears are ugly”
  • they’re drift compatible
    • have mastered the art of the no-look fist bump
    • “jinx! double jinx!! triple jinx!!!”
    • the kings of spontaneous duets
  • hunk’s skin is so soft and lance is so jealous
  • “if i run and leap at hunk he will most certainly catch me in his arms” “lance wait I’m holding coffee-”
  • hunk has receipts and lance lives in fear of them
    • hunk’s known him for too long he’s gotta know a bunch of embarrassing stories
    • whenever lance gets a little too extra all hunk has to do is give him a look™ and he’ll stop like immediately
  • “hunk can you build me a girlfriend”
  • lance: *that friend that’ll text you at 2am to ask if cacti have feelings* 
    • hunk: *that friend who’ll respond with a thoughtful answer and instigate a 3 hour conversation about plant emotions*
  • their relationship is a weird mix between shaggy and scooby doo, drake and josh, and leslie knope and ann perkins
  • pidge: “why are you guys always hanging off of each other like that?” lance, literally sitting in hunk’s lap: “???? what do you mean????”

Bungou Stray Dogs S2 » (ep. 21) double black | 双つの黒

Double Black”, the most vicious duo in Yokohama’s underworld, that once wiped out an enemy organization of ability users in a single night, shall be resurrected, just this once.