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No acting from Tarjei was actually required in the shooting of this scene


au where jungkook is a gaming youtuber and taehyung is a model/vlogger. 31/?


Thought : It’s probably such a small thing, Kihyun’s keeping shownu’s mic when he was asked to dance a bit. But it’s the little thing that made it sweet and beautiful (cr)

smolsarcasticraspberry  asked:

i like to imagine Ryou telling Allura all the most embarrassing stories from Shiro's childhood and Shiro getting more and more flustered and sinking further into his chair until he just slides onto the floor in shame (Allura still thinks he's cute though)

The Meta™ Fairy has arrived

Shiro tries to get back at him and tell his own stories when he and Allura are alone. But it backfires because she finds all of this history endearing and she just laughs cutely and Shiro just sorta melts because gdi he can’t win and he probably doesn’t want to anymore.

  • Shiro: Baby, its our 1 year anniversary! What do you want to do?
  • Keith: You know what I want to do. * smirks *
  • Shiro: * blushes * Really?
  • Keith: Yea! We're gonna visit that Space Museum down the street, right?
  • Shiro: Yea..... Er.... Yeah! That's what we're doing today.
  • Keith: * chuckles * You perv. * playfully punches his shoulder *
  • Shiro: You're the one who ruined me.
  • Keith: You're acting like I took your innocence.
  • Shiro: * looks at Keith and raises an eyebrow *
  • Keith: Haha. You got me there.