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“I have lived through a fucking world war,” I said, my voice low and venomous. “I have lost a child. I have lost two husbands. I have starved with an army, been beaten and wounded, been patronized, betrayed, imprisoned, and attacked. And I have fucking survived!”

- Claire, ABOSAA

Drarry: A Summary
  • Harry calls Draco “Dragon Boy” because his name means dragon in Greek (from Latin).
  • Draco does not appreciate this and proceeds to call him “Henry” because Harry is a nickname for the German name Henry.
  • Harry also, does not appreciate his pet name.
  • Thus began the list of names they call each other.
    • “Ferret.”
    • “Scarhead.”
    • “Pretty boy.”
    • “WHOREcrux!”
    • “I’m a whore for you, blondie.”
  • Harry holds doors open for Draco. He also pulls out chairs for him.
  • Because Draco is a, “Pretty pretty princess that deserves to be treated like one.”
    • “Cough cough.”
    • “What?”
    • “Cough cough… the door?”
    • “I’m carrying all the groceries, Draco. I don’t have a free hand.”
    • “Well, put some down and open it.”
    • “Are you-”
    • “Yes, Potter, I am serious. Do I look like I open my own doors?”
  • Draco bought them a kitten.
  • He named her Rosie Malfoy-Potter.
  • She’s a little pure white kitty with clear blue eyes, and the constant need to lick Harry’s nose.
  • Harry didn’t know he was going to come home to his boyfriend holding a tiny animal, letting it crawl over his arms and onto their couch.
  • He was shocked, and angry at first.
  • But not even the Boy-Who-Lived can resist a kitten.
    • “Look at her! She’s nuzzling my hand!”
    • “Yes, I see that.”
    • “Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”
    • “It’s a cat.”
    • “No, it’s our daughter!”
    • “No, it’s a cat.”
    • “Come here, let me just…”
  • Draco placed the fluffy ball of fur in Harry’s arms. She quickly warmed up to him and began snuggling into his chest.
  • Harry picked her up, pulling her in front of his face.
  • Draco pushed the kitten closer, as she cautiously sniffed his nose.
  • And licked it.
    • “See? She loves you.”
    • “….”
    • “Harry? Please, I’ll be the housewife and take care of the children. Let me have her? Let us have her?”
    • “….”
    • “Honey?”
    • “Alright, she can stay.”
  • Harry’s a workaholic.
  • Sometimes he takes extra shifts because he wants to. Not for the money.
  • This annoys Draco.
  • Before they moved in together, he didn’t know how often Harry could throw himself into his work.
  • Saving lives, trying to protect the world from forces that would never cease.
  • Sometimes he needed to be reminded that not everyone can be saved. There’s more to life than being the hero.
  • Draco was a good reminder. Like an alarm.
  • He would go off at a certain time, whenever he needed him. Whenever Harry stayed up for forty-eight hours without sleep working on a case, he was there. Ready to owl him in sick, make sure he slept that night, he got food in the morning, he made sure Harry knew he couldn’t be there for everyone. The only way to stay sane as an Auror is to know when to go home. 
    • “Harry, you can’t keep going like this.”
    • “I have to finish looking over this file. If I can find out where this kid is then-”
    • “Harry Potter!”
    • “Give that back!”
    • “No, you listen to me. You can’t keep doing this.”
    • “Doing what?”
    • “Not eating, not sleeping, not talking, only working. It’s not good for you. I’m worried. You come home, but you’re not home. You’re at work. We haven’t had sex in three weeks. You haven’t had a full meal in three weeks. Mrs. Weasley flooed wondering where you were at dinner this Sunday. You know what I told her? You were hooked on this case. Addicted. This is an addiction, Harry. You’re addicted to saving people. Addicted to helping. Yeah, well you can’t save everyone, Potter! If you’re going to have a fucking hero complex then why don’t you save the ones who really matter in your life. I’ve woken up screaming and crying twice this month, and where were you? Not next to me, not where I needed you. I’ve needed saving. I love you, you stupid prick. I fucking love you. I fucking care about you. Please, for fuck’s sake, don’t do this to yourself.To us.”
  • He stopped bringing his work home after that.
An actual conversation that happened in EOS
  • Poisoned Fenrys: A gold coin says he misses
  • Aedion: Make it two, I say he hits.
  • Aelin: You can all go to hell, Make it five. Ten says he downs it with the first shot
  • Rowan: Remind me why I bother with any of you
  • *Rowan takes Down the Ilken with one shot*
  • Rowan: pay up pricks

Honestly, I laughed for so long at the ‘infamous fishing trip’ scene. Jefferson being seasick, and Hamilton then handing him over a dirty cloth that he used to wipe the oil from the fish off of his hands, then smiling about it because he’s a little shit.

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Flintwood + "you're a loser but you're my loser"

thank you so much anon! i really enjoyed writing this one! also, thank grammar for semicolons. my love; my life.


“You’re a loser, but you’re my loser,” Oliver says affectionately, slinging an arm around Marcus as they trudge back into Hogwarts, the grounds wet with the winter rain.

“Piss off,” Marcus grumbles; though he’s very much captivated by Oliver most of the time, one of those times is not when he’s just lost a game, and particularly not when Oliver is bragging about it like the Quidditch maniac he is.

“You played well,” Oliver amends, and then pokes his tongue out like a Gryffindor, “just not good enough.”

Before they even reach the Great Hall, he’s riled Marcus up so much that he finds himself slammed up against the wall of a corridor, Marcus glaring at him with enough intensity to floor him; but Oliver is not one to be floored, especially not by Marcus, and he just grins, leaning forward across the arm gripping the front of his robes and pressing his lips to Marcus’s.

Though his team lost, Marcus kisses back anyway, because though he hates to admit it, he really is Oliver’s loser.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five (or more if I get excited, I dunno)

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Hey, do u know any drarry fics with hickeys?? 💛

Aaaah I’m so sorry, but I keep track of fics by writing a basic summary of every one I read, and hickeys are usually just a small detail? So I haven’t noted any fics with hickeys? 

But when I searched the “hickeys” tag on ao3, it gave me The Destiny You Sold by tryslora (59K), which I have read and absolutely loved loved loved. Basically Draco owns a yarn shop (i know!!!! he knits prick cozies!!!! it’s fabulous!) and it’s next to Harry’s wand shop. There is accidental bonding, and a d/s feel, and it’s all around GREAT. To be honest, the hickeys don’t exactly stick out in my memory, but they are tagged, so? Give it a go?

I know I’ve read plenty more with hickeys, but I have no idea which ones they were at this point. Maybe one of my followers might know one and leave a note?

I hope you find some more! 😘