love these pens

                                  CLAWS DULL AND HEARTS BREAK.

                         NOBODY SAID IT WAS EASY.

                                                                ind. multi muse ft. canon + oc.
                                                                          as loved + penned by k.

My latest LulaRoe orders shipped today. Peacock leggings & a gorgeous Irma (top). See online retail therapy is the best. You feel good ordering & then later feel good again when it comes in the mail.

Not going to lie, part of the reason I love pen pals so much is because I love getting things in the mail - letters included. ✉🌿

One of my history professors is this scarily intense German guy, and today we were talking about the peer reviewing process and how vicious some academics can get, so I casually asked him what the worst review he’d ever received was.

He became very stony-faced, looked off into the distance and said, completely deadpan and in his thick accent:

“It does not matter. They are dead now.”

I think my professor has killed a man.


addict with a pen



🌱Hello everyone🌱

29th was the Lunar New Years day so Happy New Year again!!! :)

I read all your comments & asks. It seems like you guys are having a good time with your favorite tea atm haha 🍵

I wanted to make this spread look like a cute newspaper page so there it is📰

And this is super cringy but a lot of fangirling is going on there lol but hey, I can’t help it you know👼

Thank you for 5K!!!!!!!!
Are you guys serious like OMG 😱😱😱
I’m dying no im already dead

+)sorry for reposting this just realized how bad the photo looked lol