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i complain about season 3 a lot (with good reason; also, i’m right) but i am literally so completely, profoundly grateful for allura’s pink armor. like, voltron has messed up a lot of things but they absolutely got this armor right. they took allura’s armor which, in the original series, was pink to represent her status as the One Female In The Group, and turned it into something that honors the dead. the voltron writers have altered our perception of the color pink, and therefore our associations with it. pink is not a ‘girly color.’ pink is not weak, or delicate, or fragile. pink is power, and remembrance, and a symbol for everyone because everyone has lost someone.

allura is strong, and beautiful, and feminine, and pink.

I’m thinking about like,,,,,… lance uses pet names on Keith all the time, just casually passes Keith in the hall and is like “Hey babe you up to training later? I’ll totally kick your butt >:D” and Keith is like “ oh uh, yah sure :)” And when lance leaves Keith is left super blushy and happy……. he’s not used to people using pet names on him but he likes it alot, and when lance calls him pet names and kisses him on the cheek, just out of no where?? Keith ….. loves it, and loves his bf alot. Lance calling him babe, sweetie, honey? Yah he loves it just saying :/

hey y’all!! I’ve managed to reach 500 followers!! it’s not that much but it means a lot to me. I just wanted to thank you all for willing to deal with the multifandom mess with endless ramblings and crappy edits that is my blog, so I decided to do my first follow forever ♥ (ugh actually tumblr made me unfollow so many blogs so I just re-followed most of you guys).
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Exposed and vulnerable
To thoughts ready to
Tear at my mind;
Uninvited, yet they
Make themselves at home
As they eat away
At the beauty I worked
So hard to store.
My walls are rebuilding
From the ground up
Enclosing me in a web
Of dread and loneliness
As my mind prepares
To shut itself down.
So I’m sorry if in the process
I’m leaving you out -

I promise to break free
And reach back to the beauty
That you are.

Imagine...Dean Making Lunch

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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