love these bishes

I keep having to pause and tear up every time I think about bish. He never got to play a game with stammer this year. He won’t be able to hug his giant bud heddy anymore. He can’t have Vasy squish his head in delight when they win. He can’t pick up tyjo in his cellies. Besides all the sadness of the boys losing him, I keep getting sad over the tbl fandom in Tampa. Outside of tumblr bish was a HUGE part of the bolts. He’s plastered on every inch of the malls and hospitals and downtown buildings. Trades happen so fast like I know we were expecting it but actually seeing him in a lak jersey is gonna be painful. I hope they treat him well. He’s the purest softest boy I know. I’m gonna miss seeing his smile after practice. Wish you the best bish, all the love 💙


“Now that little bitch will wish she never, ever knew me!
Down with love,
Down with dreams,
Down with Goodness’ schemes,
Gonna rip the song right from their hearts!
Got the magic I need for my darkest of deeds:
Watch my curse kill romance!
Oh, love doesn’t stand a chance!
No, no, love doesn’t stand a chance!”

-Regina the Evil Queen, “Once Upon a Time” (The Musical)


Book describing its romantic lead: His face cracked into a charming crooked smile.

Me: Uh crooked smiles are not real?? No one in history has ever had a ‘charming crooked smi-.

Harry Styles:

Me: ok but you didn’t have to go that hard…

Listen I love Zendaya to the point where I would give her my edges if she didn’t already have them excess. But it is pissing me off that she is being marketed as the star of Spider-Man. I get that she’s marketable because people know her and she’s beautiful but there is another beautiful black women in this film and her name is Laura Harrier!!! She is the clear romantic lead and I haven’t seen any publicity on her when she’s probably in more of the movie than Z who I’m ballparking will be in the movie for a total of maybe 15 minutes, and yet who made an appearance on the craptastic poster…

Vineyard Vines or Boyfriend Finds?

Part 1! You’re here: Part 2!


My contribution to @indiansummersunset and @iverindes ‘s College Rich boy trust fund kid Viktor

You can find my Ao3 here!


“Yuuri Katsuki if you think I’m going to wash all of your stupid little tea things then you’ve got another thing coming. Okay they are super cute and I totally instagrammed the poodle one but babe you thought wrong.”

Yuuri walked into the small kitchenette with Vicchan then sighed and ruffled his hair. “I was going to do them as soon as I got back from getting your coffee Phichit.”

Phichit took the coffee from Yuuri’s hand then took a long sip while making direct eye contact with Yuuri. “I take back my statement, son.”

“I’m older than you!” Yuuri nearly shouted before grabbing his own tea and quickly walking to his room. “I have psychology and then physics in thirty and Ciao Ciao gave you the day off so you’d better not waste it on instagram and…the snapchat?”

Phichit gave Yuuri a deadpan look then crossed his arms. “Don’t you ever call snapchat the snapchat again Yuuri. Never again.” He huffed slightly then went back to washing anything but the many little tea infusers. “Besides, how do I talk to my people and cheer you on by not going on social media?”

Yuuri hummed then shrugged and smiled. “I guess you’re right but still, you need to make sure you do your homework…and don’t cut the sleeves off of your shirts again.”

“Yuuri we’ve discussed this. I’m the fun one and you’re my impulse control. Remember?” Phichit grinned as he took another sip of coffee then sat on the counter. “Oh, after practice we should totally go out and splurge on a dinner okay? Yep, we’re doing that and then we can go to the club!”

Yuuri furrowed his brows then hummed and shrugged. “I actually can’t tonight Phichit, I have something to do. You can go out though~!” He grinned at Phichit then retreated to his room with Vicchan scampering after.

It took Phichit a beat or two to realize what happened before he slammed his coffee down. “Yuuri come back out here and wash your tea things!” He listened to Yuuri’s laughter for a few minutes before grabbing a monster energy drink from their mini fridge and downing it while sipping his coffee. “Little jerk.”

“Chris! Mama wouldn’t let me hold a skating party at the rink.” Viktor whined as he leaned against his best friend and pouted.

“Well it’s mid Fall so either way he probably can’t be there mon ami.” Chris practically purred into Viktor’s ear before Viktor pulled away and pouted rather dramatically.

“Why wouldn’t he be there Chris? Does he not like me? I knew I should’ve given him a faberge! A yacht! Anything!I don’t think I’ll ever recover.” Viktor whined as he sunk down in his chair.

Chris sighed as he ran a hand over his face then took his glasses off and set it on his computer. “Well he’s a figure skater, Viktor.”

“What does that have to do with my unrequited love?” Viktor frowned then sat up and fixed his hair before slipping his Vineyard Vines hat back on.

“He has qualifiers soon, I may not be able to qualify this year but I still keep up with it. That Phichit kid keeps posting updates on his insta and snapchat too. You should follow him so you can do less literal stalking and do it on the internet like the rest of us.”

Viktor pouted then placed a finger on his lip before he sat up. “Good idea Chris, we’ll hold a viewing party at the rink for Yuuri’s qualifying match!”

“I-I didn’t say that Viktor.” Chris sighed then shook his head. “Nevermind, but make sure it’s big enough for everyone to see.”

Viktor clapped then stood. “Alright, I have physics in ten. I’ll bring a starbucks back for you.” Chris slid his glasses back on then saluted Viktor as he walked out with his computer. As soon as Viktor was stepping out onto the quad he slid his sunglasses on and winked at the large crowd that immediately began to gather around himself.

He made his way across the quad, his hair practically gleaming in the mid fall sunlight. As he walked into the crowded classroom his eyes found Katsuki Yuuri who was sitting in the back and staring out a window. Viktor grinned before rushing over and nearly dropping his computer in his haste to get to the empty seat next to Yuuri.  “Hi Yuuri~!”

Yuuri jumped nearly three feet in the air without momentum then rubbed the back of his neck and turned his head to give Viktor a slight smile. “Hello Viktor.” Viktor grinned as he took his Vineyard Vines hat off then ruffled his hair. “Wanna go on a ride on my daddy’s yacht?” Viktor grinned as he watched Yuuri turn a few varying shades of red before setting his elbows on the desk and placing his head on a fist. “I’d like it better if you wanted to go on a ride on me afterwards though.”

Yuuri let out a screeching noise similar to that of his roommate Phichit before hiding behind his fluffy sweater and coffee mug filled with tea. “Uh w-well I don’t think I can? N-not that I don’t want to I just can’t?” He smiled nervously then took a sip of his rose tea to avoid making eye contact with the pouting Viktor.

“But Yuuri~ We would have so much fun! We have jet skis and we can go paddleboarding together before swimming at sunset.” Viktor pouted as he watched Yuuri keep his eyes away from Viktor’s.

“I have competitions, the first ones that I already did aren’t that important but they help for the important ones.” Viktor pouted for a few more seconds before positively lighting up. “That reminds me! We are having a viewing party here for your competition~!”

Yuuri rubbed the back of his neck then smiled slightly and shook his head. “Ah! Uh w-well if you were going to do that the connection doesn’t always work and uh Phichit already talks about it enough you probably wouldn’t miss much if he told you what happened.”  He grinned, albeit a bit nervously, then went back to sipping on his tea.

Viktor hummed thoughtfully, not paying attention when the professor came in and began to talk about centrifugal force and centripetal force. Yuuri took careful notes, making sure to get every detail down before the assignment was passed around.

While a majority of the class worked on the assignment Yuuri walked up to the professor, having finishing most of the following month’s work and spending many nights studying and doing multiple assignments. He was ready to take the multiple tests so that he could easily travel for week after week for the Grand Prix and other competitions. Phichit, the rather sarcastic optimist, pointed out helpfully the previous day that Yuuri drank enough energy drinks to make a christmas tree in their sitting area.

Yuuri spent the next few hours doing his tests while the others did an essay. Once he sat down again he rubbed his eyes and grabbed his phone out of his bag to see if Celestino texted him. Viktor leaned over Yuuri shoulder, not bothering to do the assignment just yet in favor of spending time with the blushing Yuuri. “What were you doing Yuuri?”

For the second time that day Yuuri flew nearly three feet in the air before stammering and closing his eyes to take a deep breath. “Well I had to do my tests instead of making them up when I return for longer than a week or two.” He smiled nervously as he red through the e-mail Ciao Ciao had sent. Yuuri had a near heart attack as he read through the e-mail a few extra times.

Viktor watched Yuuri turn pale then raised an eyebrow and tried to read the e-mail before humming and leaning back in his seat. “What happened Yuuri?” Yuuri turned his head to look at Viktor before running his fingers through his hair and smiling nervously. “Oh, uh Grand Prix finals assignments are out now.”

Yuuri quickly pulled his old computer out of his backpack then took a deep breath and typed in the website to find out where he was going this year. Viktor skimmed through the website with Yuuri, more like reading over the younger man’s shoulder before Yuuri covered his mouth with his hands to avoid screeching once more.

Viktor hummed as he read the many foreign names then focused on Yuuri. “Which ones are you in Yuuri?”

Yuuri let out the bigging smile Viktor had seen since he met the younger man then ran his hand through his hair. “I’m in the Trophée de France this year and the Rostelecom Cup.”

Viktor smiled when he heard France then positively beamed when he heard Rostelecom. “Those sound so fun! The campus will love watching~!”

Yuuri raised an eyebrow at Viktor then nodded slightly and took a deep breath. “W-well, thank you for your support Viktor.” Viktor merely grinned in response then grabbed his Vineyard Vines hat and slid it back on, grabbing his laptop and winking. “No problem Yuuri, you can thank me by coming with me on my daddy’s yacht and if chris were here he’d say come in more than one way.” He winked at the blushing Japanese man then ducked out as the class ended.

Yuuri sat in the chair for a few extra minutes with his mouth agape, a horrified yet confused expression on his face before he shook his head and began to stuff his things back into his bag to rush back to the dorm. Phichit jumped on Yuuri as soon as he walked into the dorm, catching a selfie before climbing off and grinning. “Congrats on qualifying Yuuri!”

“Thanks Phichit.”Yuuri was laughing as he set his back down next to the door then bit his lip. “So, I finally took care of all of my classes so I can actually travel without having to think about physics or psychology or engineering or anything.” He smiled then walked over to the small couch and plopped down, closing his eyes in the process. Phichit huffed slightly as he walked over then picked Yuuri up off the couch and settled down with Yuuri now in his lap. “Phichit! I could’ve moved!” Yuuri was blushing a familiar red as Phichit rolled his eyes and pulled his phone out to post the selfie he had just taken.

“Don’t give me that excuse of you being too heavy again babes, I know you aren’t.” Yuuri whined slightly then took his glasses off and leaned his head against Phichit’s shoulder. “So, Viktor invited me to go on his yacht?”

Phichit raised an eyebrow at his roommate then grinned and set his phone to the side. “Oh he did now? When did you guy start dating Yuuri? So scandalous!”

Yuuri laughed as he shook his head then rubbed his eyes as Vicchan hopped onto his lap. “We’re just in physics together, he said that he was going to hold a viewing party for the skates I”m in.”

Phichit laughed then nodded. “Chris told me, Viktor’s extra. He is hot though to get it Yuuri. Go get that ass.” Yuuri choked on air as he sat up fully, Vicchan nearly falling off, then turned his wide doe eyes to Phichit’s gleaming ones and let out a shrieking noise at the back of his throat. “Phichit! I can’t-why would you-how did you even get to that point in your head? I just said that we were in physics together and that he wanted to see the skates when did getting together with him cross your mind?!”

“Oh Yuuri I didn’t know you were the jealous type.” Phichit wiggled his brows at Yuuri before laughing at his roommates horrified expression. “You know that’s not what I meant!”

“Sure Yuuri, just remember that when you come back the walls are thin and make sure Chris isn’t there too he’d want to help Viktor, he says your thighs could kill a man and he’s not wrong, so remember. Thin walls. Thick thighs. Low screams, people wouldn’t want to be woken up that late at night. Make sure Viktor wears a different color other than that pink Vineyard Vines shirt, unless you’re into the pink. I don’t judge.” Phichit winked then watched as his roommate covered his face with his hands and mumbled in Japanese with bright red cheeks, partially hiding behind his small poodle.


Shout out to @actualyuuri and her fic Centripetal Force! Go read it! Cry with me!