love them sorry

okay but does anyone else like the idea of blueberry tap dancing.

like.. he saw a video of it one day and got immediately interested because “LOOK! PAPY LOOK!! THESE PEOPLE CAN MAKE MUSIC WITH THEIR FEET BY STAMPING IN A STRANGE FASHION!”

and he just would /not/ shut up about it until stretch finally gives in and signs him up for lessons.

and he’s!! ecstatic!!!

and if we’re talking au crossovers here, just imagine him dragging black into it too - who immediately scoffs like a little shit, “I AM /NOT/ GOING TO WASTE MY TIME PRANCING ABOUT LIKE AN OVERWEIGHT GAZELLE!”

but then eventually he gets into it too.

and he refuses to admit it but him and blue practice together and go to classes together and sometimes do little mini performances to the rest of their class and both of them are just bouncing on the spot whenever people say they’re good (no matter how much black denies it - i can /see/ those lil’ stars in your eyes you little shit)

i’m sorry i don’t know why i’ve thought so much about this

i just-

blue and black

tap dancing

i didn’t know i needed this


you were my future, I was your yesterday

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition


…the Earth had to shake for us to find each other again

If they weren’t going to give us Arya x Gendry

Then they should not have let us see him look at her like this:

and like this:

and like this:

and like this:

or done this:

and they should never, ever have given us this:

But they did.

So yeah we know how Gendry feels about Arya. It’s all over his face.

keith would be such a caring and smitten bf in established klance…. imagine…keith greeting lance returning from a solo mission by running towards his lion and holding him tightly into his arms that he unconsciously raises him off the ground while he kisses him softly and complementes him about the result of the mission and caresses his face gently….

“you did good”

“you didn’t even let me tell you how it went!”

“i just know you did.”