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me, internally: jon anderson fucking deserves the name of yes after those cold sons a bitches ditched him for his health & went on without him without even telling him, he & chris are the defining heart & soul of yes & without chris to hold down the other half, arw is more purely yes than the current incarnation of yes

me, externally: isnt it cool that we have 2 yeses :^) i love them both 

5 Things to know about the Danny Phantom Phandom

1. They are absolutely insane. The show has been cancelled for 10 years and the fandom is still very active and engaged. They just don’t know what to give up the ghost (pun COMPLETELY intended because, this phandom lives on dead puns)

2. A good 50% of Phandom headcanons and materials are better, more interesting and more well thought out than canon. About 30% is the most heartbreaking, disturbing, horrifying angst you never imagined could exist. The remaining 20% is the weirdest, most bizarre crack that become phandom inside jokes.

3. We talk about a reboot a lot but Hartman recently put up some new material speculating on what happened to the characters and most of the Phandom huddled in a corner around their beautiful fics and headcanons and hissed. Most Phans live for the fanon and have no interest in adhering to proper canon.

4. The shipnames are weird af and you have to squint your eyes and turn your head to make sense of half of them. Like??? Timely Intelligence? Makeup Honor?? Psycho Cereal??? What kind of names are these (you don’t even want to know what these ships are for because some of them are wiggity wiggity whack yo)

5. Everyone fandom has their dark spots but I can truly say that after 4 years very active in the Phandom and 8 years on and off, this is one of the nicest, most open and welcomes fandoms I’ve ever been in. There are problems sure but I met some amazing, kind and talented people in this fandom.


reminder to broadcasting stations: DON’T GIVE BAP THE POINTING STICKS!

(No one’s sick of the “Everyone Lives” au right?”)

When Baze’s eyes opened all he saw was white. He thought for a moment that he must have been dead. He had become one with the Force, and all was white. That was right before the pain hit. It started in his chest and worked its way out as he gained awareness of himself. If this was the afterlife he had been very misled. He moved his arm and groaned. Suddenly there was a voice, “Baze!” and then a dark headed shadow entered his view. He blinked and focused on the face of Jyn hovering over him. Her face split into a grin. ‘You’re awake!“ she said brightly. Baze just blinked up at her, his brain still not kicking in.

"Little sister…” Baze muttered and blinked. “Where…”

“We’re on a medical ship,” Jyn said, letting out a breath. “You’ve been asleep for three days… we were evacuated right before…” Jyn’s voice dropped off and she swallowed hard. “We’ve… been taking shifts to wait with you…” Jyn said quietly.

Baze’s eyes widened as memory suddenly came to him, and he tried to sit up. He felt Jyn’s hands on his chest, pushing him back, but he easily moved past, ignoring the sudden flare of pain. “Chirrut,” he said. “Where is Chirrut?”

Jyn let out a breath and she stood up. “Baze, you have to lay down…”

“Where is he?” Baze roared at her, causing her to jump back, swallowing.

She held up her hands in a defensive position and then reached over, touching his arm. “Let’s go see him,” Jyn said, trying to give him a smile. Baze let out a breath and nodded, trying to relax and failing.

Jyn led him away, and Baze looked down at himself as he walked. He was in all white hospital clothes. Bandages restricted his movement in his arms and legs, and he could feel a bandage around his chest too. He’d have to ask where his robes and weapons were.

Jyn walked into another room, and Baze’s heart jumped into his throat. The room was filled with tanks, wall to wall, and all of them were occupied. The bacta baths they were in cast a cool blue light around the room, and in the one closest, was Chirrut. Baze would have recognized him anywhere, despite the breathing tube obscuring his face. Baze swallowed and moved over, touching the tank closest to Chirrut’s hand. “Is he…”

“He’s alive,” Jyn said quietly, swallowing. “He was dead when they found him… but then again, so were you, and you came back.” Baze swallowed and nodded, eyes glued to Chirrut.

“He’s been here for three days too?”

“Yeah,” Jyn said. “We should get you back to bed…”

“No,” Baze said firmly. “I’m going to stay here.”

Jyn paused then nodded. “Alright…”

Baze listened as Jyn walked away, and he shifted to sit down, finally tearing his eyes away and sitting with his back to the tank. He put his head back on the tank. “We did it, Fool… now you just have to come back to me.”


It was another week before they pulled Chirrut out of the tank and put him in a bed. In that time six people in the other tanks died and were taken away,  and Baze worried every day that each day would be their last. Baze was checked on every day by medical droids who insisted he go back to a bed to rest, but Baze refused, turning them away with a wave of his hand.

When they laid Chirrut on one of the beds, his breathing steady, and Baze pulled up a chair to the bed he nodded when the medical droids told him all they could do now was wait. Baze got settled in his chair. He could wait.

Over several days Baze watched the medical droids take care of Chirrut, how they moved his limbs and shifted him, how they cleaned him and redressed his wounds. Baze questioned everything they did until he understood Chirrut’s treatment.

After the eighth day, the medical droids stopped coming.

On the twelfth day, Baze had been pushing Chirrut’s legs in and out and then he heard his name, a whisper barely heard. He looked up at Chirrurt’s face, but he looked the same as ever, mouth slightly slack and head always leaning to one side or the other. Baze let out a breath, and he tilted his head down and went back to his work when he heard it again. When Baze’s head came up this time he saw Chirrut’s lips move, and Baze was up at his side in an instant. He caught Chirrut’s hand with his own as he lifted it, and Baze brought the hand to his lips, tears stinging his eyes.

“Baze?” Chirrut’s voice was quiet, and hoarse from lack of use. Something it had never experienced before.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Baze whispered against cool knuckles. “I’m here.”

“Where are we?”

“Medical ship,” Baze said quietly, letting Chirrut’s hand fall, but stubbornly refusing to let go.

“We did it?”

“We did it,” Baze said, biting his lip.

Chirrut nodded, but it was awkward and rigid. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m not hurt.”

“I am,” Chirrut tried to smile. He silent for a moment before he added, “and tired…”

Baze’s smile came easily to him, relief filling every muscle in his body. “You should rest, love, you need your strength.”

Chirrut let out a small chuckle, which was trying to be his full body laugh.


“You didn’t call me 'Fool’,” Chirrut teased.

Baze smiled and kissed Chirrut’s forehead. “You are living. Living is the least foolish thing you have ever done. Now rest.” Chirrut chuckled again before he closed his eyes again, and drifted off to sleep.

Stingray Feeding Time
  • Me: Hi sweet nuggets! Time for dinner!
  • Cownose rays: *nom nom nom*
  • Me: Ok, this was great...
  • Rays: As is custom with our peoples, we must grant the provider of nomz a splash in the face
  • Me: Really, no, that's not necessa-

For the anon who asked, I literally wrote this in less than an hour, hopefully you like it, if not then im sorry im gonna go hide now!

Malec prompt: Magnus staring at Alec’s abs and Alec getting all blushy.

Alec opened the bathroom door and strutted down the hallway, his bare feet on cold tile as he runs a towel through his wet hair, not paying attention to where he was going. His black pants hung dangerously low and his chest was dangerously ripped and bare.  

He can hear Magnus come to a stop at whatever he was doing in the kitchen and suck in a sharp breath, but Alec pays no mind to it as he walks over to the living room window to get a feel for the weather.  

He hums, considering his clothing options as he finishes drying his hair.  “You think I should wear a jacket with the button down you picked out?  It looks like it’s gonna rain,” he asks thoughtfully.

When he doesn’t hear a peep from Magnus, he turns around.  Magnus is staring at him, well, more like ogling his body, with his hand half raised to pour tea into two cups, his mouth slightly agape.  Alec furrows his brow in confusion, not understanding Magnus’ reaction.

“Darling,” he purrs as he sets down the tea kettle and slowly walks over, adding a little sway to his hips.  “I don’t think you should wear anything, ever again,” he says seductively with a new hunger in his eyes.

Alec catches on and tries to hide his grin by rubbing his fingers over his mouth as he tries to come up with something, anything to say, but this only makes matters worse.  

As Magnus reaches him, his eyes follow Alec’s fingers over his mouth and he smiles mischievously. Alec quickly lowers his hand and brings his behind his back, tightly grasping it as he stutters for words.  His cheeks burn with blush.  

But Magnus is now staring at his beautiful, full lips as they open and close in an attempt to alleviate the sexual tension.  Magnus gives Alec time to come up with something to say as he runs his eyes slowly down his body, taking in his broad shoulders and chest, all the way down to his abs and that perfect v leading down into his low hanging pants.

“F-for our date…would a-uh, um, a black jacket look okay with the blue button down you picked out?” he asks, but knows Magnus isn’t paying attention to a word he is saying. Alec shakes his head and chuckles fondly, looking down to hide his blush.

Magnus reaches forward and gently eases his chin up with one finger.  He steps forward until they are almost nose to nose.

“Even after all these years,” he murmurs, looking into Alec’s wide hazel eyes, “I can still manage to make you blush, I’d say that’s a win,” he says, a sweet smile brought to his face.

Alec huffs and smiles at him but before he can get anything out Magnus’ lips are on him in a soft sweet kiss.  He’s completely hypnotized by the gentleness at which Magnus approaches him.  He reluctantly lets the kiss come to an end, but Magnus turns Alec’s head a fraction as he softly assails his neck with slow mouth kiss.  Alec gives in and closes his eyes, leaning his head to the side.  Magnus teases him with hints of his tongue, he grabs Magnus’ waist and tugs him closer, releasing a shaky breath.  

Magnus runs his hand through his now dry and disheveled hair, he slides his hands down over his broad shoulders, making his way down the hair on Alec’s chest, easing down his abs and finally wrapping around his waist as his kisses begin to follow.

Alec shudders when his hands fleetingly glide over his body and he tightens his hands around Magnus. Magnus is down to his chest, kissing above his heart.

“I love you,” Alec says raggedly, his hands running up Magnus’ strong back and stopping at his shoulders to tug him up.

He brings their mouths a breath away from each other, and Magnus utters, “And I…” he says as he slides his hands back to Alec’s abs, “love your body,” he barely manages to say before releasing a laugh.

Blush brightens Alec’s cheeks as he turns his head away from the almost kiss.  “Wow.  You just love me for my body, I thought we had something special,” he says trying to act offended.

Magnus laughs lightly. “Well, it definitely is a perk,” he says playfully as he leans in for a kiss.

Alec turns his head away again.  “Nope, no kiss for you.  You’ve lost all kissing privileges,” he says as he releases Magnus and walks toward their bedroom to get dressed.  

Magnus pouts but stands his ground.  “Oh please, you know that never works,” he crosses his arms defiantly.

Alec turns around in the door way and raises his brows, giving him a try-me- look.  He wasn’t messing around.  He walks into their room and lets the door begin to close.

“Oh come on!” Magnus pleads before running to catch the door before it closes.  He enters the room and closes the door so Chairman won’t disturb them.

“Alexander I’m sorry-mmf” he says as he turns around and is attacked by Alec’s lips and his hands cradling his face.  Magnus is shocked at first, his eyes close and he sighs in content as he wraps his arms around Alec’s neck, pulling him closer, always closer.

Alec teases his bottom lip with his tongue, and as Magnus is about to open up for him, ready for a full on make out, he pulls back.  He grins at Magnus’ pout and chuckles lightly.

He tucks a loose strand of hair behind Magnus’ ear.  “After all these years,” he says softly, “you’re still fun to tease.”

Magnus huffs and pulls him into a quick kiss.  “Go get ready before I change my mind about a romantic date and smother you with love on our bed.”

Alec chuckles and swats at his butt as he passes Magnus, laughing as he gasps exaggeratedly.

Thirty minutes later, both gentlemen dressed and ready for a night on the town with their beautiful significant other, just couldn’t keep it in their pants.  They ended the night laying naked in bed, their nice clothes strewn about the room, hair that was gelled back now pointing in every direction, bodies covered in sweat, sweet bliss in every smile and gentle caress, takeout food boxes laying empty on the end of the bed as they curled up and watched movies.

Magnus rested his hand on Alec’s abs and sighed contentedly.  “I was right, you never should wear anything.”

Alec tried to conceal his blush by kissing Magnus’ forehead, but Magnus knew the effect he had on him and he joined in his light laughter. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Things I say after watching the SPN Season 12 Finale
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the Supernatural Writers. *Raise my own hand*<p/><b></b> *Entire Supernatural Fandom raises their hands*<p/></p>