love them dammit

5 Things to know about the Danny Phantom Phandom

1. They are absolutely insane. The show has been cancelled for 10 years and the fandom is still very active and engaged. They just don’t know what to give up the ghost (pun COMPLETELY intended because, this phandom lives on dead puns)

2. A good 50% of Phandom headcanons and materials are better, more interesting and more well thought out than canon. About 30% is the most heartbreaking, disturbing, horrifying angst you never imagined could exist. The remaining 20% is the weirdest, most bizarre crack that become phandom inside jokes.

3. We talk about a reboot a lot but Hartman recently put up some new material speculating on what happened to the characters and most of the Phandom huddled in a corner around their beautiful fics and headcanons and hissed. Most Phans live for the fanon and have no interest in adhering to proper canon.

4. The shipnames are weird af and you have to squint your eyes and turn your head to make sense of half of them. Like??? Timely Intelligence? Makeup Honor?? Psycho Cereal??? What kind of names are these (you don’t even want to know what these ships are for because some of them are wiggity wiggity whack yo)

5. Everyone fandom has their dark spots but I can truly say that after 4 years very active in the Phandom and 8 years on and off, this is one of the nicest, most open and welcomes fandoms I’ve ever been in. There are problems sure but I met some amazing, kind and talented people in this fandom.

I’m just saying IM JUST SAYING!!!!!

we now have a character who wouldn’t think twice about the moral repercussions of bringing someone (her former commander no less!) back from the dead using her cutting edge genetic research that was too controversial even for Blackwatch

reaper: you made me into a husk of a man, doomed to live in endless agony, my body stuck in an ever-repeating circle of dying and being resurrected again

moira: you’re fucking welcome


reminder to broadcasting stations: DON’T GIVE BAP THE POINTING STICKS!

inktober day 11: when your girlfriend has to go on a mission and you tell her to be careful but in like a cool nonchalant way because you’re not concerned at all

Jeankasa Week 2017: Lake

This is the entire reason I don’t have any other drawings done for this week. I took a long time on this and honestly it was a lot of fun! This is the most complete drawing I’ve done on here to date! I’m really proud of it and I hope you enjoy it too! 

*Click the image for better resolution since Tumblr is terrible 😉

Stingray Feeding Time
  • Me: Hi sweet nuggets! Time for dinner!
  • Cownose rays: *nom nom nom*
  • Me: Ok, this was great...
  • Rays: As is custom with our peoples, we must grant the provider of nomz a splash in the face
  • Me: Really, no, that's not necessa-