love their smiles so much



On the back of Hoseok’s ‘YNWA’ photocard, he wrote “아미바라기” with a little drawing of a sunflower. It says, “ARMY’S HOPE”. Our beautiful ray of sunshine. ♥

Please do no reupload my photos anywhere else. Thank you.

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Tbh I absolutely love how lana smiles so much in the new music video. In the past she always had this somewhat neutral or even sad expression, and it's so refreshing to see her smile again. It kinda reminds me of her Lizzy era videos which I absolutely adore 💕💕

I know, so cute too!

Hello lovelies! I decided to do a follow forever in honor of reaching 1.3K followers! Thank you for sticking with my sad, lame ass. It really means a lot and I love every single one of you! Also, I’m probably going to go on a following spree because I only follow 190 accounts…and most of them are inactive…haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this nice little list! ♡


@alwaysinnarnia - I really appreciate how you were there for me when I was in my dark state of mind. I know we just met but I really love you and I can already tell that you and I are going to have a lot of fun :)

@stilesyukimura - I love you to pieces my dear! You make me smile so much, I can’t even explain it. You’re in my two main fandoms and we are now bonded! Haha, I love you and thanks for being friends with my lame ass :)

@angrybabybeta - Oh my god were do I even start? You’re like a sister to me. You’ve been there through my dark times and you didn’t run away. I love you so much, words can’t even begin to explain it. No words in the world are good enough for you. xx

@thepeculiaroutsider - We haven’t talked in a while but you’re still counted as one of my really good friends :) You were my first friend on here, way back when I first started my account in June 2016!



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Saeran reacts to MC losing a friend-hurt/comfort

(Hello everyone, this is a gift for @xsynchxyz​ who has been struggling with some tough stress due to struggles with social situations and is fearful that they’ve lost a close friend. As an attempt to help this is a little headcanon just for them~)

-Saeran catches your gaze from across the room
-Almost immediately he can tell somethings wrong
-His first thought is that he maybe did something wrong
-So he nervously rushes over to ask you whats going on
-He sits down beside you and asks to take your hand, tightly holding it for dear life
-You can feel his pulse beating through his grip as he feels you shake gently
-The look on his face is almost complete panic 
-When your eyes meet you can see the sadness in his gaze
-He can’t stand the sight of you upset
-He loves how much you usually smile, so when you aren’t it’s always such a shock to him
-His voice shakes a bit when he asks if you’re alright, slowly moving a hand to wrap around you
-His breath his hot on your ear as he pulls you against his chest
-You can hear how uneven his breath is while he worries about
-This boy cares so much about you and he has no idea what to do
-He whispers how important you are to him in your ear
-Every little detail about you that he’s observed
-Somethings so small you hadn’t even noticed
-You let out a small smile and reassure him it’s not his fault as it becomes apparent that he’s scared that’s the truth
-You can see and feel him relax, but the amount of worry only grows
-He sits back on the couch and invites you to come lay down on his chest
-His hand comes into your hair as he strokes it softly and invites you to tell him everything
-I’m sure he would have begged you to tell him if he had to
-As you talk he’s silent, hands holding you tighter when he feels you start to choke up, reassuring you he’s got you
-He’s really not sure if he’s helping, but knew holding you usually did help a great deal from what you’d told him
-When you’re done he pauses to think about what you said
-He didn’t completely understand, but he knew what it was like to have someone cut you off when you needed them, someone close
-He swallowed thickly and looked you in the eyes
-”You’re stronger then them, you don’t need to rely on them being in your life to be happy. You’re amazing and have people who actually care about you, people who wont leave even if you mess up. Don’t waste your energy, they aren’t worth it, not when you’re the beautiful person you are, I won’t allow it.”
You blinked and just stare at him for a few minutes, a bit stunned by his words before being dragged up into a kiss
-It was soft, warm and slow, pushing his emotion into the kiss as he got carried away, trying to show what words couldn’t
-He suddenly jerked away and his eyes shifted away from yours, a deep blushing coming to his face
-He coughed, realizing he forgot to ask before kissing you
-You let out a laugh and you could almost see his heart pound seeing you smile again
-You tug him into a kiss before flicking on a movie together
-You both didn’t move for the rest of the evening, just enjoying being in his arms
-He’s always mindful of being extra reassuring after that
-Telling you he’ll never leave no matter what
-Telling you he’s just as bad socially as you so there’s nothing to be ashamed of
-And of course, making sure you know you’ll always have someone who loves you 
-He probably spends the next week trying to make you smile as much as he can too
-He has to make up for all the time you were upset
-It’s adorable, this boy thinks you’re amazing so you should too~

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There was a picture of Dan and Phil, some tiger good for winston, a paper with their phone numbers, a silver hat, a shirt, the play dough Jess Glynne used last year (they played a clip of that) and the blindfolded drawing of britawards Years and years draw last year (they played a clip from that too) 😄

i dont know why that makes me smile so much i just

i love dnp and i love caspar 

this is so cute