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When we first started talking, I had no idea how much of an effect you would have on my life.
—  LM - Everything I Didn’t Say #25

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How well does Damien get along with Val? And how well do Robert and Lucien get along?

Damien is wary about getting close to Val at first. It’s only really because he knows how the relationship between her and Robert is, and it wouldn’t feel right if he got closer to Val before Robert could even patch things up with her. That, and he’s not sure where things are going to go with Robert. His feelings for him are strong, yes, but he knows Robert may take some time to figure out exactly what he wants, and Damien is willing to wait. 

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Imagine Mark showing you his dark side…

The room was filled with silence. The pounding of Mark’s heart was all you could hear and a small smile was spread across your lips. You were laying on Mark’s chest, falling asleep and holding onto him like you normally did. He had finally come home and stopped working on his videos and you were glad. While you laid there enjoying him for the first time in what seemed like forever, you noticed tonight had been a little different. Something was on his mind. Of course you knew how stressed he was so you didn’t say anything to him and kept quiet so you let yourself drift off.

Now, you were used to Mark leaving to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but you were never used to him waking you up because he needed something. This time he did. 

“(Y/n), can you wake up?“ 

His voice was shaky and dark.

You immediately got out of bed, worry hitting every bone in your body. You wondered what exactly he was so scared of, because knowing him he was never afraid. As you stepped into the light of the livingroom you saw it trashed and your heart sunk. You saw everything shattered onto the floor, the pictures of you and him, the couch ripped apart. You felt tears weld in your eyes as you walked to broken photos of you and mark.

"I… I didn’t mean to,” Marks voice broke. 

You couldn’t believe he could do something like this. Your Mark. Your baby, breaking and destroying your shared apartment. You looked at him and wanted to cry and yell. Instead you saw him looking at the ground, refusing to make eye contact.

“Look at me,” you demanded. 

He balled his hand in a fist almost as if angry to. You knew he wouldn’t look at you if you were disappointed and mad because it hurt him to know you were disappointed in him. 

“Our home, really?” you asked in annoyed disbelief.

“I didn’t mean to!" 

HIs yell made the place rattle. Your heart stopped in fear. Who was this? It wasn’t your Mark. You watched him carefully as he looked at you, then you saw it. Something that you never expected to see. Pitch black. Your heart sank to your stomach. There was nothing to be seen. There was no trace of Mark, just his body stood where you thought your boyfriend was. 

"Who.. What are you?”

He looked at you his eyes not moving from yours. 

“This is what I really am.”

You realized that even through the nothing of his eyes, he was sad and afraid to lose you. A faint smile began to glow from your lips. You knew that even though he wasn’t human, he was still the Mark that you had fallen in love with. So with all the courage you had, you walked to him and wrapped your arms around him to give him a hug.

“I’m with you through thick and thin, baby. You cant get rid of me,” you said softly as you buried your head in his shoulder, “I love you.”

With a small I love you too back he lifted you up into his arms like his gentle baby and carried you to your bed. 

“And I’ll clean the house tomorrow,” he promised. 

You gave him a peck on the lips before curling into him once more and listened to the familiar hum he always did for you to make you sleep.

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Untold || Day 6

There are words unconveyed, stories untold and the flickering within the dirt she cannot reignite. There are flutters of emotions that keep her awake till dawn, a book of prayers she dare not open and a lost soul trying to find its way home.

But home is next to a man who cannot be hers. A man who gave her nothing but the stability and safety she needed, the understanding she wanted and a haven where nothing else quite mattered. 

A jarring as she stopped him in places, comfort in the proximity - an occasion that should never have occurred as it did. But his scent suffocated her for days, his warmth guarded her for weeks and his words rang out like the village bells - louder and louder still.

She cried and she fought. She killed herself in the silence of the disconnected line. Gone were the ideals of embodiment and perfection, because here lingers an attachment he denies and one she cannot forget. 

Your best friend is that person who will listen to your late night fears about your relationship, your endless drama about what to do as a professional in the future and gives you a huge box of ice cream when your feeling horrible instead of driving you out to a party and make you feel shittier in the day after. Your truly best friend makes you get you shit together and look forward to the next day of life.
Life thoughts

It’s hard to think… to breathe… to learn… to love. But I power through. I analyze my life, through the puzzle of human kind. We use our brains, yet we never reach our full potential. We are born breathing, and we die with our last breath. We learn morally, we learn from our surrounding, we learn from observing, yet we are quite influenced. Love… it isn’t something you think about, it isn’t as easy as breathing, and you can’t learn love. Love is an entity within itself, a new mindset. Love is a virus, it takes over your body and your mind. But it doesn’t hurt… it just consumes you as a whole… 

You make me believe,
It’s okay to be treated like shit.
I am so insignificant to you and
You make me understand what it’s like
To love unrequitedly.

You let me fall deeper and
Deeper in your trance,
Giving you everything,
Beating my heart harder in
Order to pump your mood.

You ignore my efforts and
Joke at my defeat
I cannot feel this anymore.
It’s a cheat, beat me, did you meet me
When I was just me and not us.

You are the bones breaking in
My spine and the muscles
Weakening as I lift you and
Struggle against your will.
I love you, I love you, and I want you.

I love you, I love you, and I need you.

—  R.E.P