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Hi there! 2 questions, if you have time lol who do you think had more chemistry, Ross & Rachel or Monica & Chandler? :) and what are the couples you think have the best chemistry in GoT?

These are interesting questions.

The “Friends” question is interesting because to me, Ross and Rachel are chemistry

That’s basically what their relationship is

it’s about the angst

the will-they-won’t-they

the longing gazes

It’s purely chemistry, which the list Ross makes when he compares Rachel to Julie proves because in the con column for Julie he simply writes “She’s not Rachel” so because of that, because their entire dynamic is based in them having a chemistry that doesn’t go away, I think it’s hard for any couple to have more chemistry than them.

Whereas with Monica and Chandler before they got together, it’s not that they had this intense chemistry that made their pairing make sense, it’s that they had dynamic, they had moments

they had an intimacy that showed how close they were because when Chandler wants to please Kathy, for instance, it’s Monica who tells him what to do and when Monica laments not having a boyfriend, Chandler is like I don’t know why because you’re amazing

so that when they actually do get together, it’s like well yeah because you two were working towards each other for a long time so you just fit

which doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry because they do, in order to fit, in order to make a relationship like that sell, you need to have chemistry with your partner but like I keep saying because I think their relationship is rooted more in dynamic than in chemistry, I think Mondler wins substance while Rosschel wins chemistry.

For Game of Thrones.

Now, you all know how I am about gazes so for me, Missandei and Grey Worm win because they communicate so much through how they look at each other because for a long time that’s all they did, they expressed how they felt about one another through how they looked at each other and that takes good chemistry

so that when they finally hook up, it’s all those gazes in that hook up

Jonsa isn’t a “couple” but the reason for my preoccupation with them is their chemistry, it’s quiet yet intense and palpable and there’s just this charge between them that makes every scene non platonic

like they make my heart beat fast.

I really hate Daeneyrs, I really do, but she and Drogo had some, like, intense chemistry, I can’t even lie about it

It’s funny I liked Robb and Talisa and I loved Jon and Ygritte (and I love that Kit and Rose are getting married!) but their onscreen chemistry isn’t as palpable as these examples, like Ygritte and Jon have moments where it’s like Kit and Rose shine through so it looks really genuine:

but that’s kind of it.

Shae and Tyrion were another couple I liked and the way that went sideways had me like what in all the fucks? but again, not palpable chemistry.

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Hi can u recommend me some lesbian films or like any one with lesbians in it. Ive watched like 4 today including imagine me & you which im inlove with also watched lost and delirious which was not into :/ I really prefer happier ones can u help im looking everywhere. Btw if this seems like a strange request sorry ive recently come out to myself and i like these kinda movies and its good to watch them without feeling guilty or questing why i like them so much

i feel you, i’m wishing u the best as you get comfortable! Tbh this is a Real Problem, it doesn’t help that there aren’t many films with lesbians that don’t end in angst or involve Disapproval or affairs or dark forbidden things and leave you feeling kind of miserable? Like?!??! in my Gay opinion, in addition to happy lesbian films, there should be blockbuster fantasy/ scifi /action etc films that just happen to hav lesbians, and i want the lesbians to b treated as casually as straight people in the same sort of films w/o anyone making a giant deal out of it being a Lesbian™ film… im… it needs 2 not be so rare so lovely ppl like u won’t feel guilty about it!

Anyway, with the exception of a few, some of these aren’t great great… but I hope at least like some end up being worth it, bc like at least these don’t have miserable endings,,

  • Masterlist Recs: *use this one* / 1 / 2 / 3 (these aren’t necessarily all happy ending films though… i want to warn you though, that blue is the warmest color is on some of these lists and i personally do not recommend it idk.)
  • Carol (2015): I’m sure you’ve seen/know about this by now and obviously it’s excellent and beautiful and has Cate Blanchett and is the standard to which all other films with lesbians should aspire to in my opinion, maybe all films with lesbians should feature Cate Blanchett, i wish e v e r y lesbian film was this high quality and dreamy but they aren’t
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (1999): comedy with a popular cheerleader who’s parents decide she’s gay and LITERALLY send her to a ‘recovery’ camp, like! so it backfires and she falls in love with this girl and there’s lots of pastel colors and 90′s music and softness and the cheerleader’s played by nicky from oitnb which makes it funnier im,
  • I Can’t Think Straight (2008): elegant, involves a lady that’s about to get Married to this guy but then she meets a woman that she falls in love with, it has Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth and they have onscreen chemistry and passion mostly
  • Kyss Mig (2011): Swedish film similar to Imagine Me and You, since you said you liked that one, this film is /ok/ and well written but it’s just… also, like, awkward-ish in my opinion but
  • My Summer of Love (2004): OK so i lied this doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending and it actually has triggering subject matter (also reviewers will pass it off as a Gals Being Pals film which….. is vaguely annoying) but i just stuck this in here bc i guess it’s kinda good and has emily blunt and you might want to check it out later or whatever
  • Viola di Mare (2009): film set in rural 1800s Italy about two women that fall in love, based on a true story, sometimes the soundtrack is rlly annoying, not really a happy ending idk
  • Desert Hearts (1985): this lady is stressed out from her divorce and moves to nevada in the late 50s, or whatever, but then she meets this lady who works at a casino and, yeah
  • D.E.B.S. (2005): a girl who was admitted to this elite secret spy academy falls for the Attractive villain… cute, ridiculous lots of guns and actions and plaid skirts, it has bad reviews but like… c'mon… it’s one of those sleepover type films… it’s not meant to be Deep…
  • Show Me Love (1998): i watched this forever ago it’s Swedish lesbians-discovering-themselves film abt a girl falling for the ‘popular girl’ and it has grainy cinematography. decent with a decent ending. (trigger warnings: homophobia, abelism) the soundtrack gets annoying
  • The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love: I saw this awhile ago but I recall it being mediocre but relaxed it takes place in the 60’s/70’s and involves an interracial relationship between high school girls so it’s kind of a bb lesbians discovering themselves film

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Okay for me, if they're not going to have Harry Hook end up with a guy, Sophie Simnett playing an AK, maybe daughter of Rapunzel (I can't remember how to spell it!), and ending up with Harry would be amazing, I love how they play a couple onscreen their chemistry is amazing, and obviously he can't end up with Mal even though I love him and Dove, it would be a nice nod to the lodge too

It would be a Godsend! I decided that Sophie is 100% my fancast for Ruby ever since Luke tweeted about her reminding him of Rapunzel.

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i'd love to read some good ones! i don't usually read much fic because hunting around for good ones can get kind of disappointing so usually i just end up reading ones that friends write or ones that get recommended. i hate opening up a fic that looks so promising and then finding out it's formatted weird or the grammar is terrible or something like that

yay! i used to just compile a huge list when i first started reading it when i was younger so it’s come in useful, especially if i want to re-read anything. and i’m the same way. like, i know some writers that push everything together, like you’re reading a book, and i’m like, it doesn’t look the same on the website. it just ends up looking like a huge paragraph haha. 

okay, so I compiled a sort of gigantic list, complete with summaries so if it doesn’t sound good you don’t have to open it. haha. also, I didn’t know how you felt about ‘M’ rated fics, but I love them so I thought I’d throw them in here. These are my absolute favourites.


A Bent Fork in the Road by knowhere / Rated M 

Alternative Universe. Literati. Now in their early 30s, as Jess and Rory juggle careers and expectations, they find that their friendship has been the one constant in their lives. 

A Gradual Descent by knowhere / Rated M

Literati. She refused to be a cliche, falling for the seemingly dangerous guy when she was with the safer one. He refused to let the innocent girl of his friend make him feel something unwanted. AU.

All’s Fair in Love and War by xiao chan / Rated K+

AU: The year was 1945. In times likes these, you never know when something could come along and change your life. In my case, I broke the rules. I fell in love.

(dont’ worry, it’s not actually written in first person.)

Both Sides Now by columbiachica / Rated T

It’s summer in Stars Hallow, and the heat is making Rory feel unfamiliar feelings. 

Community Service by Jay-La52 / Rated K+

Jess never went to Stars Hallow, continuing down a bad path living in New York, eventually getting punished with community service, where he happens to bump into a certain Gilmore fresh from her yacht-stealing escapades. Set around 6x03 and onwards.

Daily by liz-macgregor / Rated T

“Rory,” he said, touching her elbow and guiding her towards his friend. “Allow me the pleasure of introducing my good friend. Jess Mariano,” he addressed the boy now to his left, “this is my friend Rory Gilmore.”

Freudian Slip by Hallon / Rated T

Rory lets something slip that completely changes the chain of events. AU, starting at the dinner in Nick & Nora, Sid & Nancy.

In Society by Lucille Mabel / Rated T

AU. Jess is raised in the Hartford upperclass… “Tell you what, if another girl even comes near me I’ll run off and hide in the teachers lounge.” “Where I’ll undoubtedly be waiting for our tryst, right?”

Keyless Entry by Cadence / Rated M

What if Rory and Jess had sex in “Keg!Max!”? What if that didn’t actually solve any problems?

Losing Left and Right, Finding In Between by someone5 / Rated T

Post Season 4. Never in a million years did he expect to find her on his doorstep. Her, of all people. And truth be told, she never expected that it would be him she was running to.

Love Me or Leave Me by laurenventi / Rated M

Two words: Arranged Marriage.

Lux et Veritas by knowhere / Rated M

A more relaxed college freshman Rory meets a more confident adult Jess for the first time. Different backgrounds, attitudes, and behaviors for both of them.

Shivery by Green Eve / Rated M

Dark Literati. Jess offered her his hand, and she took it; she climbed out her bedroom window. 

(omg i love this story so much and it’s long and lovely yet unfinished, but it’s amazingly AU. i couldn’t write like this if i tried.)


Bend and Not Break by Francesca Jones / Rated T

Jess knows he has to leave. He needs to face the horrors of his past. He needs to figure out his life, and how to fix all the mistakes he’s made. Will the journey lead him back to her? 

Come To My Window by Fadeaway Windwaker / Rated T

“Maybe he calls out your name,” he whispered, restarting the slow, careful movement of his hips against hers. He dropped his head, burying his face in her neck. “Rory,” he breathed, his exhalations rapid and irregular. “Rory…” Oneshot.

(probably my favourite sort of sexual one shot. starts out with a tiny bit of dean and rory smut, but it gets over with really quickly, you’ll see.)

Hollywood Hearts by Bittersweetbloodbaby / Rated T

Sequel to ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ When the pressures of fame and family get to be too much, Rory turns to drunking while Jess turns to the nanny. Is there any hope of returning to the happiness they knew in their youth?

(this hurts my heart because hello look at that summary but eventually you cry for both good and bad things.)

Laundry Night by Shannon Michelle / Rated T

What if Paris never came over in “There’s the Rub” and Rory and Jess had the house to themselves?

Lights, Camera, Action! by Bittersweetbloodbaby / Rated T

AU. Jess is the bad boy playing the nerd, while Rory is the good girl playing the vixen. There’s chemistry onscreen, but what about off?

Lovely Things by Buffychick / Rated M

Rory and Jess run into each other, two years after she graduates college. They’ve grown up, but have they moved on?

Pennames by Bittersweetbloodbaby / Rated M

Jess and Rory are 25 years old, living on opposite ends of the country, and both happen to have books on the bestseller list. Jess never came back East after leaving for California, until now.

Pleats & Puzzle Pieces by Finnigan Geist / Rated M

He liked finding all the ways they fit each other. A bit of saucy fun set mid/late season 3.


17 years ago Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet starred in epic romance Titanic, where their beautiful love swept the world. This couple has such good onscreen chemistry that the whole world fell in love with them. 11 years later they collaborated again in Revolutionary Road, and in that time period, have formed some of the closest bonds you see in the industry.
Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun worked together on thieves in 2012, and again on You from Another Star in 2014. Both parties have said their wishes to work together again. Their natural and adorable friendship will make way for future collaborations. Leo/Kate is living proof. We will wait for you 2hyun, even if it takes a decade.
The whole world has fallen in love with you two.

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I literally just finished watching the Handmaid's Tale all in one day and I'm dreading with having to wait at least a year for the next season. I didn't think I'd enjoy the show as much as I have but I couldn't stop watching and now I'm obsessed. I'm assuming since you've made Nick & June videos (amazing I've watched them countless times) you finished watching the show and liked it at least and I wanted to know your thoughts. What drew you in, characters you've sympathized or not, etc.

Here is my thing with The Handmaid’s Tale.

I do enjoy the show, I enjoy the stylized rendition of the novel, I think the acting is great, I think Elisabeth and Max have outstanding chemistry, I absolutely love watching them onscreen, I think the music choices are good, there are a lot of hard-hitting scenes, I like it as a show.

But if we’re speaking critically, I have issues that also make the viewing experience of The Handmaid’s Tale irksome for me and while this article romanticizes Canada which happens a lot, it does a good job in outlining why watching the show would irritate me: especially in the wake of a show like Underground getting cancelled.


Appreciation post for Louise Brealey. (Also for Beneloo *-*)

Countdown to Sherlolly -3

Edit: I got a message from someone whose fanfictions I love, asking if I’m a Beneloo shipper. Absolutely not. I just love their friendship, and their onscreen chemistry. I just appreciate the two of them for being such good friends and such good actors. Don’t get me wrong on that please, everyone. Thanks x

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Do you think bellarke will ever happen? I mean Jroth doesn't like them and nor does Eliza or Bob.

Hello! So firstly eliza and bob don’t hate bellarke, that’s just a lie that a certain part of a certain fandom likes to spread D:

  • “I love Bellamy and Clarke’s chemistry. I think that we have a great onscreen thing,“ -Eliza
  • “I think that’s something that soared in the show that we didn’t necessarily write.” -Eliza
  • I: Do you ship bellarke?
  • E: I do, but I don’t think it should happen right away, I think they should tease it out a bit. (this was from a while ago and i’m currently looking for the link because i don’t remember where i watched it)
  • A fan mentioned good ships on the show and Eliza whispered “bellllarrrkkkeee” -x
  • “I think his feelings for Clarke has been realized. I think they were realized in season 5 of episode three where he said, “I needed you and you left me. They had such a loyalty and such a strength together and then she decides to go with lexa as opposed to back with bellamy.” -Bob
  • “In terms of romance I think they both admire each other. Whether that blooms into something else I’m not in control of that.” -Bob

now eliza has literally won awards, polls, and constant praise for her onscreen relationship with alycia. the fact that clarke is bisexual is huge for the community, and eliza wants to support that. she said she ships clexa “purely for that reason alone,” and if she praises bellarke too much she suffers the consequences and fans would be up her ass. 

the reason why bob has been so hesitant and yikes to talk about bellarke lately is fan backlash. bob morley gets hate on a daily basis for his skin tone, i don’t think he wants any more hate for shipping clarke with bellamy instead of with lex@ since for some reason some people think bellarkes bad representation when clex@ exists but im too tired to yell about that rn lol. i mean just look at what jroth went through for killing lexa off, bob does not want to undergo the same.

you can literally see his face get terrified whenever someone brings it up which hurts my heart. contrary to popular belief it’s not because “ohhhh he hates them so much look at that” it’s because “ohh shit if i say something good about them my boss and clex@ fans are gonna get on me, but i don’t necessarily wanna say anything bad about them because our characters are important to each other” and i’m sure it stresses him out. 

also jroth has definitely, since day 1, made bob and eliza talk about bellarke a certain way. what they say in interviews is practiced and scripted. in last years comic con, a fan asked jroth about bellarke romantically and he said “i have never shut that question down.” and bob like bolts up in his seat and goes, “what so now you’re changing your mind?!” and lets out a little laugh but you can just tell he’s annoyed. which means that jroth had been telling bob and eliza bellarke is completely platonic and they’re just relating what their boss is telling them. 

k so to conclude what turned into a really long rant, bob and eliza do not hate bellarke. if there was absolutely no fan retaliation from shippers and antis they would discuss it openly with no problem. bob and eliza do not want to get hate because the hate can get overbearing. bob already had to shut down his twitter twice. 

and i do believe bellarke will be together! i’m more worried about them staying together, because you know jroth D:

MMFD S3 Finale (3x3)…My Thoughts….

                                 CAUTION - SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!

 When I see you it won’t be because I need you, it will be because I love you.

This is what I thought as I watched the final scenes play out. It’s not a line from the show, but rather what I imagined and felt like Rae was trying to tell Finn when they talked. I also thought:

                      Rae is starting to grow up. It finally happened.

I always liked S1 and S2 (a lot!), but now I realize just how much I have loved S3. It has given me what I never knew I wanted (except for more episodes because I would love to continue on this journey with the gang, and especially Rae and Finn forever). But, like life, there are times when you have to move on, have faith, and keep going even when you don’t want to leave something behind, and tonight was one of those times.

I’m going to jump right in at the deep end, and say that I don’t hate how they wrote Finn this season, nor in this episode.

Finn is not perfect – thank God! Rae never needed perfect, she just needed him. But she also needed to be better, and so does he before they can have the future that I now know they both deserve and WILL HAVE when they are both ready for it.

Finn did not seek out Katie, she went to him. She had an agenda. That much is clear based on her conversation with Rae in the car. Her view of Rae as a “burden” to her friends was wrong. She most likely shared her version of Rae’s situation with an already distraught Finn who was already feeling less than worthy of saving and loving Rae. Is this an excuse for him kissing her? No. However, the fact is that yes, he kissed her; and yes, I was saddened and disappointed by it. But was it out of character? I’m not so sure.

This season (I believe) that both Rae AND Finn felt out of character to much of the fandom and this is correct. And its mainly because neither was acting like they did in S1 or S2 – but that’s (for me) exactly the point. They weren’t fully being their real selves before now, which is something that they need to accomplish before this relationship can work.

They each put each other on a sort of pedestal. For Rae, he could do no wrong and she was the one who seemingly screwed up all the time. While Finn prematurely put a level of strength and healing on Rae that she hadn’t fully achieved yet.

In S1 Finn was a bit of a misunderstood, grouchy, yet completely adorable, loner, who would later be shown to be sensitive, shy, and maybe (just maybe) what the doctor ordered for post-hospital Rae. She was just trying to be “normal” – or whatever she thought was normal - for a 16 year old. Drinking, hanging out, and dating. Finn was then presented as the answer to all of that and quite literally her savior after the rescue at the Chippy – and from that point on I was hooked on Rinn. I thought How great is this guy that he can balance Rae out. She talks, when he doesn’t. Both like music. He can show her what a beautiful catch she is. Check, check and check!

Start of S2, and we get it! Rae and Finn are reaaaaally into each other. The chemistry was off the charts, and the best part was that it wasn’t a dream. They are literally playing out fantasies that Rae had for herself in S1 (mainly to kiss a boy) but now its not just any guy – its Finn freaking Nelson. The stakes were high. They got very serious, very fast, and who cared?! Because Rae had to make up for lost time.

So the caravan, the second attempt at intimacy at his house, the breakup, jealousy over Liam, her first time, and then the finale where she opens herself up to him completely after a commendable level of patience, respect, and maturity on Finn’s part. Our Finn only wanted our Rae. It all felt so right to me. We finally got to see Rae face her S2 issues, which were shifting beyond just being “normal,” to now having to deal with what being someone’s girlfriend meant (”I didn’t want to be known as the girl who couldn’t get undressed in front of her boyfriend”) + returning to school (“staying under the radar”) + dealing with a gang that leaned on her (“you’re the glue”), and all while they each faced their own growing pains. But this was the problem and now I see it clearly.

She may have been distracted from dealing with her own lingering problems and fully healing herself. In other words, she wasn’t cured … yet …because her goal became having a relationship with Finn rather than fully tackling the greater issues she still had lurking inside.

Now maybe that’s the biggest difference with S3. The attention is now squarely back on Rae (where it should be for only a 3 episode season) but it’s a moment when I think she (and we) realized that she’s tried to be a normal teenager, and it was more than working out. For example, the start of 3x1 where Finn is quite literally making every single dream of Rae’s 16 year old self come true – y’all know what I mean (see my original post on the premiere here).

ASIDE: I will forever love and adore the undeniable onscreen chemistry/friendship between Sharon and Nico!  

But when the reality of her future was upon her, it became painfully clear to me that maybe what we have been seeing for the past two seasons is just that – only a fantasy of a girl who hasn’t yet really grown up or healed herself.

Rae thought that Finn was the answer to all of her problems. Finn thought I can help her through this, like in 2x1 when he asks But you’re okay now though, right? It was all he (and I) needed to hear. She was ready for this. For him.

But she wasn’t.

Just like neither of them were ready for the things that happened this season, but it was not for a lack of love (see my thoughts on 3x2 here) and the finale showed that.

Rae and Finn wanted (and I think still want) a life together, but at that age you just don’t yet know what that means. The daily struggle of mental illness is lasting and deep if not insurmountable. But there is no timetable and no one person can cure it.

Rae: “Some things will never let you go, not until you find the strength to deal with them.”

I do believe that it did not have to be “all or nothing.” If Rae had let Finn into the darker side of her doubts, fears, etc. early on, then maybe they could have worked it out before things spiraled out of control. Or they at least could have broken up without Finn kissing Katie because he too felt like he had already lost and screwed up everything.

However, I have a feeling that if they had just agreed to break up, I (and maybe more people) would have felt it to be a cop out. Why couldn’t Finn have just moved to Bristol? Or if he had just moved to Bristol with her, the inner fangirl in me for sure would have been super happy don’t get me wrong, but I do think in hindsight we would have lost out on what we actually got in 3x3. We would have lost the real meaning of her journey out of Stamford…”Creep” playing in the background (perfect choice!), Rae not alone (thanks to her gang/family/Liam hovering nearby), and determined to never let herself get that low again.

Rae and Finn (unfortunately) had to be pushed to their limits as characters, because they weren’t yet the people that they are meant to be. Hence their final conversation.

No kiss. That would have been a step backward.

No gushing. “Finn Nelson. Late, not invited. Taking his life in his own hands just by being here, and looking beyond sexy in a tuxedo. Which… Dear Diary…was not the point.”

Just straight and honest talk about it just not being the right time now, but that doesn’t mean no future. I thought: When I see you it won’t be because I need you, it will be because I love you.

Ultimately, I feel as though Katie did serve a purpose. She quite literally came out of no where – yes – but its all the more telling that it was enough to reveal the cracks in their relationship and in both Rae and Finn as individuals. Believe me I’m not giving her any undue credit here, because it could have happened in a bunch of other ways. But the truth is that sometimes, when these things happen (and they do happen), its without warning, its people that do just come into your life, mess it up, and it is sudden.

But in the wise words of Danny and Chloe: “Its okay to hate Katie Springer, yeah?” “Definitely” :)

None of this changes that, for me, Rae and Finn are and will always be the heartbeat of MMFD. Amid the jokes, music, drama, and highs/lows of the gang they remain an important part of Rae’s story, but Chloe is the other, and Jodie was fantastic - as usual.

I could not help but feel as though the S2 arc between Chloe and Rae was essentially the mirror of Rae and Finn in S3. When Chloe went missing, and Rae read Chloe’s diary, she realized that she was not necessarily seeing things from any other POV other than her own, which may be a bit skewed at times. Her and Chloe’s realities were not matching up and expectations as a result were failed on both sides. I loved this because it allowed us to gain an alternative to Rae’s world and voice, and although Rae and Chloe both hurt each other, they were finally honest and found a way to forgive and earn one another’s trust.  

Chloe was Rae’s other savior throughout MMFD, and similar to Finn, both had to be torn down a bit in order to be built up anew with a clean slate in their relationship with Rae. Rae then had to admit that in both cases she had projected too much on to them at times and now had to take a step back and focus on herself. This is why I loved Chloe’s hilarious, yet sincere and wholehearted, defense of Rae + her comment at the pub that Finn was meant to be Rae’s “plus one” for a lot more than just one night at the leaver’s ball + when Finn and Rae exchanged glances multiple times during Archie’s song, and Chloe looked at Finn, it wasn’t romantic on her part, but instead an acknowledgment that Finn will always have a rightful place as someone who loves Rae and whom Rae loves in return. This was important because given the protective friend that we ALL know Chloe to be, she only wants the absolute best for Rae, and for me it was about as high praise as I can imagine that she still believes in Finn as she sat beside Rae. That was when I knew they were endgame.

Now a misstep for me was with Kester. Make no mistakes I love Kester/Rae scenes, but what bothered me the most was that all of this time he was just fired and that’s why he was no longer at the hospital and lied to her. It felt a bit lacking for me and almost like an excuse for them to have Rae talk to another person.

That being said, I did enjoy watching Rae’s session with the other doctor, who was more buttoned up and formal, but whom I felt that she was the right blend of forceful, honest, direct, clear, and most of all – was able to let Rae find her own path, while offering answers that I could not see coming from Kester. She didn’t let Rae take a little bit of the hospital with her, and instead of Rae retreating, she prepared her to leave for a new place, a new future.

But the echoes of Kester’s past sessions with Rae as she read her diary was perfect. And the gang and Rae’s mum also continued to pick up the slack. Although a bit more absent than in S1 and S2, I loved seeing the gang’s chemistry when they were together at the pub and the ball. I was happy to see the flashbacks of the good times they shared, and hear the quotes from the diary we all know so well. It helped to tie things together.

I was also happy to see her mum be the one to support and guide Rae through this tough time in real life (clearly she confided in her mum after leaving Finn’s).

The depths of Rae’s issues were playing out for us this time. We witnessed her self-harm graphically, her overwhelming and sudden depression, her manic attempt to cover for her loved ones, and last night, her quiet suicide attempt. When Finn appeared in an incredible slow motion rescue for Rae, my heart was in my throat and relieved that it was only a vision. But I must admit I was not expecting it to be Finn busting in through the door. Nor was I happy to see him there. Because this wasn’t about Finn.

“My problems poison other people…so what do you do when you harm the ones you love… you get out of their way.”

This was a cross roads. Two Raes - who would win out?

This is why the final train ride was so perfect and special. Everyone that made an impact on her life was there with her. It was necessary and important that those chapters of her past were there while she began to write a new one.

Radiohead’s “Creep” is one of those hauntingly hopeful and cynical songs that was too perfect for words when it came out. It was always about owning your flaws, your weirdness, your unique qualities that make you special, if not always popular.

I’m proud of MMFD for telling the story Rae deserved (bumps, warts and all) rather than the one I wanted.

Now, I feel more satisfied knowing that when Rae and Finn get back together it will be for keeps. Two kids who found love early and never let it go even when they had to let go of each other. When I see you it won’t be because I need you, it will be because I love you.

So I guess the story is just beginning rather than over - and that is the most beautiful and perfect thing about it.

As Rae’s mum said about her scars: “They still look sore” but Rae says “Yeah but they’ll heal.”

Many many endless thanks to the cast and crew of mymadfatdiary for producing such an amazing and original series.

Thank you to realraeearl for sharing your story - its been the best thing since My So Called Life!

                   Cheers m’dear to all the MMFD fans out there!

P.S. …and for those who want super feels just listen to these songs by Tori Kelly which give me all the Rinn feels ! (or “First Heartbreak” or “Beautiful Things” or “I Was Made For Loving You”) … because in classic MMFD fashion — music always makes everything better ;)

P. S. S. Does anyone know for sure if that was Finn’s jacket that Rae had on at the ball??

“The great thing about Chloe and Oliver is that they are oddly in similar places because they have both been through the wringer. They have both been damaged, they aren’t superhuman and yet they’re trying to be heroes in their own right. They have so much to bond over that I think the sparks just come naturally out of their characters and what they have been through the last couple of seasons.” Brian Peterson - 2009We’re huge Oliver/Chloe fans as well. We think they are just so fascinating, I love watching them onscreen. There’s just a chemistry and there’s just sort of a depth and a familiarity and sort of almost like a sadness ? They just kind of understand each other in a way that other people don’t. So we’re huge fans of it. Kelly Souders - 2010“It’s interesting when he’s with Chloe, I think, because there’s something really private and deep-rooted in both of them. Their relationship is private to each other, so they get each other. They both have gone places together that only one other person could understand; that would be the other.” Justin Hartley - 2010They’re both very headstrong and passionate and loyal and I think that they make a really good team in that way. I also think that they challenged each other intellectually. They’re both really smart and really resourceful. They’re both superheroes without having any superhero abilities, and I think that makes for a really dynamic, exciting and sexy team.“  – Allison Mack - 2011”They’re both deeply broken people who found their missing pieces in each other.“ Bryan Q. Miller - 2013 .

Among the FIRST things explicitly discussed and negotiated with lead actors who carry a show are, “The details of your bumping-uglies/true love status are yours. But if you screw up your onscreen chemistry or the show’s publicity with your offscreen relationship, I will be right there in the bed with you.” It is NEVER not talked about extensively among the agents, producers, marketing and is constantly monitored.

Showrunners know ALL. 

“Faux naive” is a really bad look. 

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tbh you and Jake have always reminded me of David Tennant and Catherine Tate: perfect onscreen chemistry + lovely offscreen friendship

honestly this is the loveliest thing! Thank you. I passed this onto Jake and I think you should know he can’t cope with life right now and he’s very happy and is freaking out about this compliment in his tiny cold room in Wellington so thank you