love their onscreen chemistry

Among the FIRST things explicitly discussed and negotiated with lead actors who carry a show are, “The details of your bumping-uglies/true love status are yours. But if you screw up your onscreen chemistry or the show’s publicity with your offscreen relationship, I will be right there in the bed with you.” It is NEVER not talked about extensively among the agents, producers, marketing and is constantly monitored.

Showrunners know ALL. 

“Faux naive” is a really bad look. 

I just love how red is like this super mysterious, gun wielding, sassy, murderous criminal and yet has such a love for fine arts. He’s always admiring a painting, or playing chess in the park, even watching swan lake at the ballet theatre where his daughter used to dance. I just love the fact that he has that soft, classy side to him. It makes me think of what he said to sam about lizzy, about her being “soft and hard, and then soft again”. Because red is the opposite. He’s hard and soft, then hard again. And I think that aspect of red and lizzy is what makes their chemistry so magnetic. Because the do have common ground with eachother. They both have vulnerabilities, but at different times and that’s how they are able to depend so strongly on each other. It’s a brilliant dynamic, absolutely magical for the show.