love their dynamic so much

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me??? as well??? i literally love everytime the speak and are near each other???? like i don't ship it per se but if i see them glance at each other across a room for .3 seconds i'm like dID YOU SEE THAT THEY JUST LOOKED AT EACH OTHER THEY HAVE A C O N N E C T I O N LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL BOYS dowejdrgth. i can't even write fics anymore without these two being like *two fingers join into one blob* jinkook literally gives Life to all those in need like what do you need more

ndfhfhjs all of their interactions are gold like, i love their dynamic so much.

i ended writing quite a big chunk so i put it under a cut haha

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I just really adore the parallels here?? 

In both cases, everyone else on the team is completely blindsided by an incredible and unexpected play, but Tsukishima and Yamaguchi both know each other so well and believe in each other so much that they’re not even surprised, just proud

Yamaguchi’s screaming reaction to The Block wasn’t because he thought the block itself was previously impossible, but rather an expression of pride and wonderment at how happy Tsukki was. This was a culmination of everything he’d known Tsukishima was capable of, and winning the set was almost second to the victory of Tsukishima finally realizing it for himself

Tsukishima didn’t need to react like the others because he knew exactly what Yamaguchi was capable of, and how much he wanted it, and has always believed in him and relied on him, ever since they were kids. Tsukki knew that Yamaguchi would succeed the moment he stepped onto the court.

They’re so tuned into one another’s progress and feelings and when everybody else is freaking out, they’re chill bc they already knew

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”


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I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 

She ran her fingers over the delicate stitching on the fabric. The gold thread shone in such a brilliant way that her eyes began to water. Off in the corner of her room she heard the sound of her kwami stirring.

“Marinette?” her soft voice called from her little bed.

Marinette didn’t say a word. She stared blankly down at the fabric as she read the embroidered words over and over again.

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

How those words burned into her eyes.

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There are two very wonderful things about this picture that I just love with my whole heart.

1. There is BARELY any - IF any - malice in Ichi’s expression. He’s having a genuinely great time pulling an innocent prank and I adore that.
2. Kara’s sentient face child is concerned! Protect the father! I wonder if much of Kara’s emotional elasticity comes from the support he receives from his iron-on friends.