love the snot out of them

in which everyone is grossly in love with jack & bitty’s love
  • the guys put on a whole show of fining / sin bin / chirping because they know this is a Big Secret Deal & they want jack and bitty to feel like normal teammates (lol str8 people trying too hard, amiright)
  • but secretly everyone is just….kind of in love with jack and bits’ relationship
  • ransom once walks past them in the kitchen, where bitty is sitting on the counter, stirring something & humming along to the radio. jack is buzzing around the room grabbing things and measuring things and Literally Every Time he passes by bitty, he leans down to give him a lil kiss
  • ransom makes an embarrassing noise at how cute the entire thing is and has to pretend he saw roaches to cover
  • lardo sketches them when she’s feeling grumpy. they’re just so cute together, and soft and happy and just the process of visualizing their sappy lovestruck expressions is enough to pull her out of small funks
  • (she does eventually paint one of the sketches; it’s their wedding present)
  • shitty has actually cried about how happy he is for both jack and bitty on several different occasions. it usually ends with him flopped on top of one or both of them, mustache a little wet with beer and snot, cuddling the everloving shit out of his disgustingly adorable best friends. 
  • chowder is literally counting down the hours to when jack and bitty are ready for the world to know about their relationship so he can tell farmer. he’s already plotted out their first double date. he has an agenda. 
  • nursey is actually the most Chill out of everyone about jack and bitty, but he is not immune to their love. sometimes when he’s rereading shakespeare’s sonnets for class, he can’t help but think of them. 
  • sometimes he’ll send snippets of them to bitty, who he knows is gonna send them to jack, accompanied by twelve heart emojis.
  • (it makes his inner romantic grin to know he’s helping his bittiest bro romance a professional athlete.)
  • dex took the longest to wrap his head around the idea of Jack Zimmermann dating another guy, but the fact that it’s bitty isn’t really a surprise. he bought him a brand new oven when they were just friends. he’s clearly In Deep. 
  • dex is actually lowkey obsessed with this new, in love Jack Zimmermann. the dude was a cranky bastard the year before, he’s heard horror stories from before his time, and now he’s all relaxed and smiley and literally Always Touching Bitty and honestly dex is a little jealous. 
  • and holster-
  • oh holster.
  • holster has written friend fiction about them. 
  • he’s not proud.
  • and it’s a secret he will take to his grave.
More Cute Sickfic Things

• Imagine wonderful Character A supporting the feverish Character B’s rambles, saying things like “yes, of course” and “wait until you get better and then we can pet the all the dogs in the park”

• An utterly delirious Character A who starts crying at the thought of little baby birds that fall out of nests, and Character B trying to placate them. Bonus points if it’s the character that is usually so stoic and serious

• Feverish Character B falls asleep in random places either because it’s cold or cosy, and Character B finds them, eyes fond, yet brows knit in worry at Character A sleeping on the bathroom floor with the giant teddy bear

• Dehydrated Character B complains of a headache and Character A gives them a pill (when in actuality they need to down a glass of water or two) only to realise that their mouth is dry and immediately begins to fuss

• When dehydrated Character B refuses to go to hospital or drink that icky stuff, so Character A goes crazy and buys 1263 juice packs and forces them to drink it under their stern gaze

• Character B being a blanket hog when sick and Character A waking up to complain, only to find them unnaturally warm and looking utterly adorable wrapped up like a little burrito

• Something bad happens and Character B screams and cries, only to have Character A hold them and try to calm them down, but cry so much that they throw up and have to be looked after

• Character A is really lonely and buys a kitten and Character B tries not to sneeze or sniffle as they’re allergic and because they don’t want to make Character A feel guilty

• When Character A is caught out with a fever and cannot walk straight so Character B huffily gives them a piggy back ride and finds themselves enjoying having Character A so close

• Character A being a celebrity and rushing out of a talk show, saying that their significant other, Character B, is much more important and hastens to look after them

• Sick Character B being self-conscious about how they look when they’re sick and Character A holding their chin and saying that Character A never looked lovelier and that they will love them regardless of how they look when sick

• Character B feeling guilty about throwing up/crying/snotting all over Character A and apologising, while Character A soothes them saying that they’re health is more important

• When feverish and exhausted Character B just collapses into Character A’s arms, head lolling on their shoulder as Character A hauls them, whilst tutting, off to bed

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What Do u think About Bamon in general? Platonic or no?

I freakin’ love them. Here’s where you can read some of my thoughts about them (x) (x) (x). 

But yeah, I definitely ship romantic Bamon. It wasn’t an instant thing, they grew on me over the course of season 6, but their chemistry is just so incredible and it pulls me in every single time. I haven’t even watched the show since season 6, but the one thing I’ve watched consistently is Bamon scenes. I regularly check the tags and watch their videos on YouTube, because there’s something about them when they’re together…they just come alight. It’s such a different dynamic than any of the other relationships on the show and I see a completely different side to both of them when they’re with each other that I don’t see when they’re with anyone else. 

Plus, Bamon has just really made me love Damon’s character again. Way back in the early seasons Damon was one of my favourite characters, but between his constant pining and whining over Katherine and Elena I grew so tired of him. When he’s with Bonnie I see a Damon that I can get on board with. There’s a vulnerability and sincerity in him that Bonnie brings out. She makes him more aware of who he is, the things he’s doing, she makes him question that and makes him want to be a better person. He genuinely cares what she thinks of him and you can see that. He doesn’t want to let her down or disappoint her, but he’s consistently done that to everyone he loves so he pushes her way because she’s just too important and special for him to do that to her out of everyone. 

I see that lot of people don’t ship them or agree with them based on the fact that Damon has put Bonnie through a hell of a lot and they think she deserves better. I do understand why, but for me it just adds a new layer to their relationship by creating conflict and issues that they need to overcome. 

Here’s the honest truth of the matter: Damon is damaged. He’s so damaged that he doesn’t even seem to realise when he does something messed up, he’s just so used to following the same negative patterns of behaviour and no, it shouldn’t be a woman’s responsibility (or anyone else’s for that matter) to fix him, but it’s kind of inevitable that it has to happen. Damon needs help, he needs someone to be there for him, to remind him when he’s being an ass, to give him direction and guidance and support. What Damon needs is a strong, passionate woman that is mature, emotionally developed and capable of independent thought and that person is Bonnie. We saw what the writers did with D*lena, using Elena as Damon’s humanity and his morality and whether we like it or not, any Damon relationship whether it’s with Elena or Bonnie or Katherine or any other woman, will always have that aspect involved, because Damon needs that. But here’s the important part; with Bonnie it’s different. With Elena, Damon literally projected all of his issues directly onto her and used her as a catalyst for his humanity, but Elena never actually actively did or said anything to help Damon be a better person. Damon just convinced himself that she did because he wanted it to be true. But with Bonnie, she does. Like I said, she tells him when he’s doing something wrong, she’s not afraid to stand up to him, to reject his apology if she knows he’s in the wrong, but at the same time, she accepts that deep down he’s a good person that is trying to be better and she wants to help him do that. But what’s even more interesting is that just seeing Bonnie hurt by his actions is enough to make Damon remorseful and want to change. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve never seen Damon react like that with Elena. When he hurts Bonnie it’s like he can’t stand it, it eats him up and it tortures his soul, but with Elena, he actually did things to deliberately hurt her. And I think evidence of this can be seen by the fact that when Elena had no memories in season 6 Damon said he didn’t want her to be happy, he wanted her to be as miserable as him. But what did he say to Bonnie in 8x10? “I hope it’s the happiest life, because you are an amazing woman.” See the difference? Damon is starting to show that he is capable of selfless love with Bonnie, which is something we’ve never really seen from him before. 

As for Bonnie, despite the utter crap she’s had to put up with from Damon, he’s good for her too. I think Bonnie is the kind of character that needs a challenge, someone that’s going to keep her on her toes and Damon is that for her. But more than that, he protects her, makes her feel safe and I think that’s important for Bonnie, because she’s constantly put in the path of danger. And like I mentioned in a previous post, Damon is the first person that’s actually consistently put Bonnie first and treated her as an actual person. Bonnie has been constantly overlooked and mistreated across the entirety of the show and I think the biggest thing that I notice is that she’s perceived as a witch and a solution to problems, rather than just Bonnie. And even the people that are supposed to be her best friends never thank her or show their appreciation. In season 6, Damon was the first one that acknowledged everything Bonnie had done for him and everyone else, he actually challenged Elena (because she was making everything about her as always) and said that he wanted to save Bonnie for Bonnie. Damon stopped making everything about Bonnie about Elena or magic or anything else and he made it about Bonnie. That’s so important. When Elena was put into the coma she said to Bonnie to let her make this sacrifice so Bonnie could live and that she wanted to do it after everything Bonnie had done for her. No, Elena had no choice but to sacrifice herself for Bonnie because Kai created the spell and Damon decided he wanted to keep Bonnie alive for Bonnie. Bonnie deserves that so much. She deserves someone that loves her, that puts her first and Damon does. 

And putting all of the deep stuff aside, Bonnie and Damon just have such an amazing dynamic. They have fun, they tease each other and naturally bounce off one another. I mean, they spent three entire months together on The Other Side. That is approximately 2,190 hours they spent in each other’s company, with no one else to talk to but each other. Imagine how much they learned about each other, how well they got to know each other, the comfortableness they built up. Honestly, I don’t know many people that could spend that much time together alone and not develop a significant and intimate bond that becomes something romantic. Generally the thing that makes people fall in love is getting to know someone on a deeper level. Hearing them speak about their fears, their hopes, their dreams, their past, their likes and dislikes; seeing them in every state of being there is, first thing in the morning, when they’ve just got out the shower, the dark circles under their eyes because they haven’t slept for days because they’re nervous about something, when they’re tears streaming down their face and snot running down their nose, when they’re laughing hysterically and accidentally snort, when they’re singing along to a song and don’t know anybody’s listening. You get the idea. All of these things are what Bonnie and Damon saw when they were together for those three months. Having that kind of closeness, getting to know someone that deeply, seeing every side of them that there is…it nearly always leads to one or both of those people falling in love with each other. 

And that’s what I love about Bonnie and Damon. There’s so much development and depth there, yet at the same time such a lightheartedness. They have the domesticated, adorkable best friend side of their relationship, where they sit around doing crossword puzzles, making pancakes, Damon teases Bonnie about Mrs Cuddles, Bonnie teases Damon about his collection of 90s music. But they also have the angsty, complex, intricately messed up side of their relationship where they argue, challenge each other, hurt each other and even hate each other. When those two elements come together it creates such a beautiful and interesting dynamic. There’s just so much potential there with them, so much that could be done, so many intriguing aspects to their relationship, the possibilities and just endless and I think that’s what’s so exciting about Bamon.

Title: Sharks Are Proven to be The Best Cure for Anxiety 

Pairing: Sidlink 

Tags: Fluff, straight fluff, little bit of sad but not a whole lot, little bit of selective mute!Link 

Summary: Link has a panic attack and his shark boyfriend helps him through it 

A/N: Thank you for the request! Sorry this took so long! I’m not sure if this is one hundred percent in line to what the majority of panic attacks are like but this is personally been my experience with them so hopefully, it’s close enough! Anyway, hope you like it! 

This has been cross posted to my AO3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs, and kudos are very much appreciated! Thanks! 


It had come on suddenly without any warning and, within a few moments, he was completely at its mercy.

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okay so I was at the barn earlier and this 13 year old kid was there who is the son of the barn manager, nice kid just total redneck… Well I brought my tarp out to work on Oakley trotting over it and rubbing it on him because he’s gotten a little more spooky and needed a refresher.. Well after my ride I was putting my stuff away and walked into the cross ties and he asked me how my ride was and said  “You looked like Clinton Anderson out there” 

JUST because I made my horse walk over a tarp?? I was so 

THEN he proceeded to ask if my saddle was a barrel saddle, which it is because I like the seat more and he said “you would get along with my girlfriend, she loves barrel racing. Is out there working the snot out of her horses for 2 hours and beating the hell out of them” and I was like

I don’t understand anything

Gajevy Love Week 2017 - Day 2 - Matching

Gajeel was hunched over his workbench working on what looked like a long, thin piece of metal when Levy got out of the shower. She jumped onto the bed, not bothering to remove either towel as she sprawled out.

“Hey, Gajeel?”

She got a grunt as a response. It was hard to get anything more out of him while he was working.

“You know it’s the guild Halloween party tomorrow?”

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Watching Rogue One never gets easier...

First Time: Teary-eyed

Second Time: Tears streaming down my face

Third Time: Bawling my freaking eyes out into a huge snot-crying mess

title: only fools rush in (act three)
rating: t for some cursing
word count: somewhere between 9 and 10k for this section
summary: “Jyn talked herself into a corner with her grandma,” Han explained. “Now she needs a fake boyfriend for Christmas.”

a/n: again, much love to @mechanical-orange for looking over this for me!


like the river flows surely to the sea



“So, tell us about yourself!” one of Jyn’s aunts, whose name he couldn’t recall, asked, leaning forward eagerly, if somewhat unsteadily. Jyn, Bodhi, and himself had all been stuck at the “adults’ table” with Lyra, her sisters, brother, and parents, either because the aunts and uncles never got to see them and wanted to chat (according to Gran) or because putting Jyn and Garrett at a table together would result in Jyn leaping across said table and/or flipping it over to beat the snot out of him, which had happened several times before (according to Jyn and Bodhi). “Where are you from?”

Cassian blinked; he’d personally seen this woman — the youngest, apparently — down three glasses of wine with her salad and keep going strong through dinner, so it… probably was an innocent question. People asked that question all the time. “Ah… New York,” he replied, with a bit of a smile. “Upstate, but I moved to the city for University.”

“Which is where you met Jyn?” another aunt — Tilda, he was pretty sure it was Tilda, if for no other reason than the sidelong glance she threw her sister, which told him that she was deliberately derailing the conversation away from the wreck the drunk sister was apparently steering straight for — cut in.

“Yes,” he answered. “We were assigned as lab partners.”

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Could I request some headcanons about the TFP 'bots with a cybertronian SO that is decently taller than them. Like, OP would just barely reach their chest plate (whatever that's actually called) and everyone else is just smol. ((I really just want some size difference fluff <3))

Optimus~ While he has gotten used to being the taller Bot around base, he can still remember life as Orion Pax when he often was shorter than others. You love teasing him while using your height against him sometimes and while he is a Prime, he still smiles (behind closed doors).Surprisingly enough, or not depending on you, you’ve saved his aft in combat before. Ironically picking him up and moving the both of you out of fire. He doesn’t dislike it but still worries about you risking yourself like that. When it’s just you and Prime, he lets himself relax and peppers you with smooches and affection. You have been known to just pick him up and hold him close.

Ultra Magnus~ Is not used to it. At all. He doesn’t mind it’s just odd for him to be looking up to anyone besides Optimus. Sometimes when you walk behind him, you’ll reach out and play with his shoulders, moving his arms back and forth. This is one of the only times you’ll hear and see him act undignified. He always yelps and spins to face you while subconsciously twitching his arms. PDA is a no no as sad as that is, but when it’s the two of you he honestly doesn’t mind you being the big person of the relationship and just enveloping him in hugs and kisses.

Bulkhead~ Loves this. He’s always been the heavy metal, the big bot, and well the Wrecker who’s great at breaking things. Now here you come, big ol’ bot and what luck! You two love each other. He doesn’t mind PDA at ALL. A lot of times he’ll sneak up (you always hear him coming but the poor dear trys so you act for him) behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. You return the favor by picking him up around his middle and gently swaying while you hug him. Smooches. Smooches all the time, everywhere. For pity’s sake, you punched the snot out of Breakdown and Bulkead kissed you for it!

Wheeljack~ Isn’t to excited when you first meet. Great. Another big, bossy bot. Aaaaannnd then he fell head over heels for you. He’s only the worst at PDA, second only to Bumblebee. But man! He loves it when you randomly attack him with hugs and or kisses. He’s small enough for you to carry around for a short while on your shoulders and he loves it despite how he may act when questioned. Turns out his finials blush and you do everything in your power to make them do it. Secret? Pick him up and smooch the top of his head and cheeks.

Arcee~ She really is not a fan of PDA. At all. But she understands that you can be quite affectionate at times so she’ll begrudgingly allow it (while inwardly screaming at how cute you are). A lot of times the two of you will disapear to some forgotten corner of the base and tell each other stories from your lives back on Cybertron. You’ll sit with your back against the wall and your legs crossed in front of you while Arcee will sit between them with your large arms completely wrapped around her. You two are a FORCE to be reckoned with on the battlefield. You were pretty good at lobbing back on Cybertron and you convinced her to give it a try with you if she trusted you. She did. She loved it. You threw her at so many cons and she was having a blast! Scared the slag out of Knockout when he heard distant screaming before getting knocked the frik out.  

Bumblebee~ Is the worst at PDA. Can’t exactly give you smooches but does he ever make up for it with nuzzles and head bonks! You guys will always be touching or hugging in some way while having time off. You love the cute blue hue that tints right under his optics when you cover his helm with smooches. He’s small enough for you to comfortably scoop up in one arm and hold him against you while you tell him battle stories (some may or may not be a wee bit stretched)

Ratchet~ Will not do PDA. Nope, nuh-uh. Your sweet moments are reserved for when no one’s around. You can’t help but wonder if that just makes them sweeter for the two of you. He’s got quite a bit of kibble but not enough to make it strange if you pick him up. Deny it as he may (and does, seriously Ratchet who are you kidding?) he loves being able to actually feel safe and protected in your arms. The two of you share sweet kisses and often times Ratchet will just relax in your arms and just lean his forehead against your lower chasis. These are short moments but treasured ones because neither of you have responsibilities.

- - - - - - - - -


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Most of the chatacters in botw are really small, how would revali, kass, and sidon reach with a s/o whos chubby/plus-sized? Sfw and nsfw if you'd be alright with it. And youre writing is so so good. Thank you so much for putting up with our thirst <3

No worries, thanks for putting up with my slow output.

-Mod Pinks

Chubby/plus-sized s/o

  • Revali
    • SFW
      • Will beat the snot out of someone who says crap to his partner. 
      • Revali might occasionally poke fun, but he genuinely loves them, chub and all.
      • Falls asleep curled up against their warm body.
    • NSFW
      • He tend to top a lot 
      • Likes missionary, if only because he gets to see their body
      • No matter position, likes to be pressed closely to them.
  • Kass
    • SFW
      • Finds them to be super adorable
        • Results in him sometimes squeezing some love handles because he finds their flustered look and body too cute
      • No matter what, will sing songs of them occasionally
    • NSFW
      • Likes to feel them, everywhere.
      • Likes that he doesn’t have to worry so much about hurting them
      • Will whisper how much he likes the feel of their body, etc.
  • Sidon
    • SFW
      • Cuddles? Cuddles.
      • Honestly not much changes. He doesn’t care what size his s/o is, it’s not like he’s not strong enough to lift them and he finds them beautiful because of their features, not despite them.
    • NSFW
      • Uses a bit more strength that usual because less worried about possibily hurting them.
      • Still body worships them, twice over if they had a particularly bad day.

All in all, not a lot changes up for the boyos sweetie.

anonymous asked:

If you have the time, can you do headcanons of vanderwood and saeran taking care of their s/o when their sick or vice versa? I really love your blog btw!!

Awwh, thank you, anon! Here you go, I hope you enjoy~


(taking care of MC)

  • Mask on? ✓
  • Hair in a ponytail? ✓
  • Chicken stock, onions, celery, carrots, basil, freshly made noodles, basil, oregano… and tons of other ingredients from the grocery store all ready to go? ✓
  • alright Vanderwood it’s chicken noodle soup go-time
  • As soon as they hear you’re sick, they show up in total and complete mom-mode. They do your dishes, vacuum your floors, fold your laundry, and basically make sure you’ve got nothing to do around the house during the entirety of your illness.
  • You don’t actually see a lot of them while they’re over. Mostly they just confine you to bed rest while they get their work done in the other room and make you meals. They say it’s because they don’t want to catch your illness - but the way they avert their eyes signals one of their typical evasions of the truth.
  • It’s just… so uncomfortable seeing you miserable, especially when they know they can’t do very much. Honestly? They’d love to just stay in bed and cuddle with you but oh boy is that embarrassing to admit, and, y’know, it’s true that they don’t want to get sick. They hate getting sick.
  • being left totally alone is driving you a bit nuts though, especially since they won’t let you DO anything, so you manage to convince them to at least let you be in the same room as them. So they’re working at the table while you’re sprawled out on the couch watching TV in a stupor…
  • and. okay. maybe about an hour in they give up - not because they’re worried or want to be by you or anything, they just. y’know. are tired of work and want to also take a television break next to you.
  • (they totally pet your hair, because there’s no germs on ur hair ok)

(Being taken care of)

  • Vanderwood hates being sick, so when they catch a cold they are just the sulkiest bastard on the planet
  • seriously they will not stop whining and moaning about it
  • “please let me tear off my nose it’s not necessary”
  • “use the stun gun, MC, knock me out”
  • They want to be on whatever drugs make them the sleepiest.
  • The worst thing is the snot. They feel so gross and want to take a million showers.
  • (You bring over some nice bath salts and other fancy toiletries to make them feel better. vanderwood secretly loves bath bombs ok)
  • when they’re not conked out, they’re getting extremely anxious over the state of the house. (there’s dust on the windowsill! there’s dishes in the sink! LET ME VACUUM THE FLOOR)
  • they try to get up and do those things but you’re like
  • get the fuck back in bed u giant hypocrite
  • (you try to do the housework but they whine at you that you’re not doing it right)
  • basically, what I’m saying is Vanderwood is a huge pain in the ass.
  • they make you wear a mask around them because YOU’RE NOT GETTING SICK OK
  • actually, they tell you to stay away from them, and are mostly very insistent about this
  • when they are really sick and really sleepy tho, you basically get a big, miserable Vanderwood in your lap. you don’t complain, because you know this is what they wanted all along.
  • (when they wake up and realize they drooled ALL OVER YOU they apologize like a million times)
  • shut up vanderwood u big baby


(taking care of MC)

  • you tell saeran it’s fine, it’s just a cold, but lmao this child does not listen
  • He is by you 24/7. he doesn’t even care if he gets sick it’s YOU and he will be READY TO ADMINISTER THE KISS OF LIFE THE SECOND U NEED IT
  • (saeran that’s NOT WHAT THAT’S FOR)
  • Seriously he is rendered useless by you being ill, and he will NOT leave the chair in the corner of your room.
  • (you have to shove him out so you can shower)
  • Saeran tries to be a responsible adult and take care of things for you but you walk in one morning and lmao he’s ruined one of your pans in a horrible pancake accident
  • (plz baby it’s ok we’ll just order takeout)
  • he won’t even let you eat by yourself, seriously he tries to feed you everything
  • but he won’t even admit that this is weird and that he’s freaking out
  • “No this is normal, this is what you do for sick people, I read it on the internet”
  • “where.”
  • “….….  .. a website.”
  • “what website”
  • anyway, as bad as Saeran is as a caretaker…
  • he’s an even worse patient.

(being taken care of)

  • “i have a runny nose and a fever I MUST HAVE LUPUS I OBVIOUSLY ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS TO LIVE”
  • (take mayoclinic away from this idiot)
  • he hides in closet like a dying animal because he doesn’t want anyone near him while he’s sick and vulnerable
  • you coax him out with goldfish and candy bars.
  • eventually, you manage to convince him to take some fucking nyquil and it’s probably the most intimate display of trust he’s ever shown you
  • While he’s out, you make him all of his favorite foods to try to make this less miserable. You also get a bunch of DvDs of his favorite shows.
  • He lives on the couch from that point on and is just curled up next to you.
  • he complains so much.
  • more than vanderwood.
  • that is a lot of complaining.
  • he totally clams up around anyone else though and you realize he’s only doing that because he trusts you enough that he’ll display weakness around u
  • you’re like the only person he’ll voice his troubles to congrats
  • enjoy your horribly whiny sick boyfriend.
Izuocha 02: “Are you drunk?”

Genre: Drabble/Fluff

Pairing: Midoriya x Uraraka

Rating: [PG]

Drabble Prompt: #5: “Are you drunk?”

Word Count: 1414 words

Author’s Notes: This is a izuocha prompt requested by an anon! I know that I still have a huge backlog of kacchako prompts (TT__TT) and one more izuocha request that I need to do but I thank you guys for understanding that, you know, real life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, enjoy this fluffy fluff! :D

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anonymous asked:

In the Xenomorph fic, did Vader ever brief the containment team on what they're facing or are they going in metaphorically blind? Also, is Vader aware that Xenomorphs hunt by sound? (I hope the respirator has a silent mode, or Vader's breathing is going to draw all the adult Xenomorphs right to the team.)

Well my general idea was that the specific emergency situation code that Vader tells that poor officer guy to relay to Piett is one that means “hostile biohazard life-forms, bring fire”, so they’ve got somewhat of a general idea, but they don’t actually know what threat level these things are. They’re going to learn real fast.

He’s not aware that they hunt by sound.
Not yet.
Hopefully Luke realizes this soon and tells him, huh?

(I assume he’s got a “silent running” mode, anyway, considering how long it took the Rebels to realize he was hiding in the dark with the lights turned off just to scare the ever loving snot out of them in Rogue One)


I wrote this short little fic ages ago on Livejournal and forgot to upload it anywhere else, but it’s basically my take on Snape’s childhood.

Warning for implied/non-graphic domestic abuse and child neglect

Severus hides behind the tatty armchair, his hands covering his ears while his mother and father scream at each other.

It’s the same every night, and Severus often wonders how it would be to have parents that love each other. He hears the boys at school talk about their fathers with admiration and praise and love. Severus is only nine, but he’s old enough to know that he doesn’t love his father. He hates him, in fact.

Severus hates the boys at school, too, who call him names; slimy Severus, stinky Severus, snot-nosed Severus. Severus knows he’s better than all of them, because he’s magic and they’re not, but he has to keep it a secret.

Eileen gave away her secret, and now her husband beats her for it.

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That’s the Hughes I know and love.

He showed up with a gun out, at the ready… Ordered Mustang and the Ishvallan to step forward… then turned the gun on the bullies.

Then, of course, he put it away and helped Mustang kick the snot out of them.

Hah, I wonder what this fellow is feeling right now. I wonder if an Amestrian has ever showed him such kindness before, let alone two.

Kid IwaOi Headcanon 1.0

Their First (and only) ‘Break-up’ (Age 7)
  • Oikawa always goes to Iwaizumi whenever he feels upset and wronged.
  • Oikawa isn’t good at words to express his feeling though, he cries instead and Iwaizumi would comfort Oikawa by patting his hair and walking Oikawa home, holding Oikawa’s hand all the way.
  • (Sometimes it’s just a walk from the Iwaizumi household to the Oikawas right across the street. They manage to make the 10-second walk into a five-minute one.)
  • Mrs. Oikawa finds it cute and jokes about it when she visits the Iwaizumis. Small Iwaizumi hears a part of it (“Tooru just cries so much around Hajime-kun.”) and misunderstands.
  • Iwaizumi thinks he’s the reason that makes his friend cry so much and since crying means sad, it must means that he’s a bad friend for Tooru.
  • Iwaizumi tells Oikawa the next day that they can no longer be friends.
  • Oikawa is crestfallen and starts bawling his eyes out.
  • Iwaizumi still walks Oikawa home, holding hands extra tight. Iwaizumi feels both guilty and sad and starts crying as well.
  • Mrs. Oikawa is incredibly worried when she opens the door and sees her boys both crying and small Iwaizumi keeps saying “I am sorry.
  • Mrs. Oikawa calls Mrs. Iwaizumi over and they comfort their son’s best friend respectively, trying to figure out why the boys are crying. (They learn the reason and laugh.)
  • Mrs. Oikawa reassures Iwaizumi he’s a great friend and he has taken a very good care of his best friend and that she expects him to be always this kind and reliable.
  • It takes Mrs. Iwaizumi a little longer to calm down Oikawa because he keeps insisting that “Hajime-chan hates me.
  • (Iwaizumi provides his mother some help by standing next to a crying Oikawa, reaching a hand for a hand, and mumbles he really want to be best friends again. Forever and ever.)
  • (They make up right after and Oikawa becomes a bit clingy for the next few days.)
  • Oikawa tries to hold back tears when he goes to Iwaizumi after their grand break-up but fails anyway and ends up looking more miserable (in Iwaizumi’s point of view) because he trembles too much and snot keeps running out of his nose.
  • Iwaizumi’s way of comforting Oikawa changes from patting his head to wrapping both arms around Oikawa then patting his head. (Even after Oikawa outgrows Iwaizumi in height, Iwaizumi still cradles Oikawa in warm hugs when Oikawa feels sad.)

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    Maybe the RFA and a sick!MC, like maybe she has the flu and passes out because she didn't eat enough or something? (I've got no appetite when I'm sick lmaooo)


    • he’s really surprised when he finds mc literally passed out at the park near his dorm.
    • and with all his skinny boi strength he probably ends up carrying mc back to his dorm and sets them on the bed with a towel over their forehead and digging through his medicine cabinet (and by medicine cabinet, I mean just a small box shoved in the corner with cold and allergy medication.
    • probably tries to wake mc up and when he does he’s a kicked puppy ever so concerned about the love of his life passed out and he’s frantic. 
    • he plies with questions and will be cooking at the same time his famous omurice to feed to mc 
    • will cling to mc for the life of him until mc feels better, but then he ends up getting sick too and a newly recovered mc has to babysit a snot faced yoosung. good job, yoosung. 


    • he gets a call from jaehee that mc passed out while buying groceries and immediately demands them to be at a hospital
    • driver kim takes two minutes getting ready and jumin is already furious and ready to run to the hospital himself 
    • he’s cancelled all plans today and poor baehee kang needs to reschedule meetings with the oil prince and others 
    • even though the doctors say that it’s just a flu and that mc needs to stay hydrated and eat more jumin is convinced they could die and once they release mc he plys them with medicine
    • mc basically gets babied throughout their entire sickness save for jumin having to move his meetings from C&R to his home desktop through skype conferences
    • but even then that’s one room away and jumin hovers over mc 


    • when jaehee comes home to mc passed out in the most awkward position she panics 
    • mother hen mode is on
    • she’s so sweet she’ll bring u pastries when she comes home from the bakery and comes to check up on u during breaks by calling
    • sends takeout to the house and whatever mc wants expect it by the door in under fifteen minutes
    • once jaehee comes home though she’ll baby the fuck out of mc and even throw away tissues or take out the trash or disinfect the house
    • sprays down the whole apartment to keep things fresh n clean and even though it smells like chemical warfare in there jaehee makes warm drinks for mc to keep them feeling pleasant
    • probably succumbs to the cuddles even tho she knows she’ll get sick
    • surprisingly doesn’t??? jaehee’s immune system is A1 because being jumin’s assistant was a twenty four hour job. there is no sickness.


    • drags mc everywhere after seeing mc pass out on set
    • doesnt trust anyone with mc but him and mc’s doctor
    • will literally bring mc on set and come in tow with blankets and hot chocolate mix he’s so extra
    • will literally visit mc every time between takes to check up on him and he’s very dramatic about the whole process 
    • he’s just so damn hovering over mc throughout the whole sickness he literally needs to be surgically detached from mc but that’s his whole life so he’ll be as extra as needed even if mc objects???
    • basically his trailer becomes a sick bay filled with cold medicine and headache medicine and making sure mc is cared for properly because if mc isn’t he’ll literally throw the biggest fit
    • deadass. gets food delivered to set every day for mc. it’s a problem. he gets mc’s favorites too so mc feels more inclined to eat.


    • if mc passed out he probably thought they were just sleeping at first
    • saeyoung is very accustomed to sleeping on the floor sometimes when he’s too lazy to reach his own bed so he just collapses on the floor
    • but he then realizes mc is actually knocked the fuck out and he’s p a n i c k i n g 
    • he places mc in bed and puts hot towels on their head and props them to sit slightly upright and paces around the room until they wake up
    • drowns mc with questions until he can deduct that mc passed out because they didn’t eat and honestly would offer honey buddha chips.
    • he just wants mc to eat so he just tries baiting them hard af by cooking foods that smell strong af like bacon or smth 
    • when that doesn’t work he literally just tries offering food every 30 minutes and it’s just??? the weirdest way of checking up on mc but he wants them to eat so e a t goddammit and as with most members in the rfa he’d hover like a mom with a preteen child

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    Character Ask: Barry Allen

    Why I like them: Because Barry Allen is a cinnamon roll who loves adventure, and is a total nerd about it. I mean, come on, even before he was the Flash, he geeked out over Oliver Queen and told him off about being a douche. And he ALWAYS wants to do the right thing, no matter what. 

    Why I don’t: Barry gives up on himself a lot. Like, he’s always raising his loved ones up, always believes in them and forgives them, but if he makes a mistake and someone he cares about gets hurt, he shuts himself off from everyone and just shuts down. It annoys the snot out of me. 

    Favorite episode (scene if movie): I think my favorite episode for Barry is The Runaway Dinosaur. I just love the Speed Force and Barry talking, and the whole scene where his mom is reading to him. 

    Favorite season/movie: Hmmm…like, Season 2 is my fav, but season 1 is my favorite for Barry. 

    Favorite line: “It turns out no one can outrun pain. Life is tragic. But it’s also precious and sweet and extraordinary.” 

    Favorite outfit: …is it bad that I love the Savitar suit? If that doesn’t count, I really like the blue sweater he wore in the Arrow episode he was in 

    OTP: Coldflash. No competition. 

    Favorite Friendship: I really love Barry and Wally. I want more of them next season <3 

    Head Canon: I like the idea that Barry can’t cook. Like, he is a take-out junkie that has burnt water. 

    Unpopular opinion: Ummm…I guess that I don’t think that Barry deserved all the hate he got after creating Flashpoint? Like, I get that he did a selfish thing, but they’ve all made mistakes, and Barry always forgives them. If he’d known what was going to happen, he wouldn’t have done what he did, and he suffered enough without everyone (looking at you, Legends) harping on him about it.

    A wish: I wish Barry Allen would go on the Waverider. Like, can Grant guest star on an episode? And have a scene with Mick Rory? I’ll settle for even a conversation. 

    An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: I’m not really sure. Does not wanting Barry to be straight forever count? (Bi-Barry FTW). 

    5 words to best describe them: Hopeful. Quirky. Lonely. Loving. Hero.

    My nickname for them: I like Care Bare. Don’t judge me. 

    Give me a character

    listen. Fleur being on the run with the trio, even part veela’s can’t leave their soulmate when they’re in danger, it’s instinct and would cause lots of illness and pain. but like. the screams of Hermione being tortured, hearing her love sob and cry out for her but she can’t do anything because she is trapped in this bloody room. the screams get worse and soon turning into shrill sounds barely human and full of nothing but anguish. 

    Fleur clawing at the door, snot and tears running down her face while she curses in French, her inner Veela coming out and she is savage, vicious to protect her love. Her fingers bleeding and raw in her attempt to claw out of the door, her throat raw and burning from trying to get them to stop. please please stop. Mon Chere I love you and I am here please. Take me instead. Anything to stop her love from being hurt. tortured. to stop the screams. and you bet your ass she is going to kill the wild haired witch. how dare she cause her soulmate pain, anguish, tears?