love the siren tour

It would have to be when Kellin waved at me before you guys went on stage. The show was amazing. Thank you for bringing Shapes & Colors, they were AWESOME! Then Nick Santino was super chill and cool 😁 Of course The Summer Set was amazing as always. Then there was the headliner… SwS killed it! I was so excited to hear how you’d break down most songs, and I wasn’t disappointed! If You Can’t Hang was amazing, not to mention the Sublime cover 😜 I loved the whole night, and I’m so happy you brought the tour to Chicago! We love you all, and I hope to hear some new acoustic music and maybe another acoustic tour in the future 😊 love you!

(I look like shit, I was crying uncontrollably basically the whole time)
To be honest I’m still trying to figure out how this is real. It was so fucking amazing and I honestly cannot put into words what it meant to me. They were so sweet and I just can’t believe how perfect it was. I got my picture with Sleeping With Sirens and I was already crying a bit and then I turned toward PTV and they were all looking at me and I just kind of lost it like I started crying really hard and I couldn’t keep walking because I was just really emotional. So then Jaime walked over and pulled me in and walked me over to the rest of the band saying “it’s okay! Come on over.” which was pretty spectacular. So then I hugged them all and I was still crying a ton and I kept telling them how much I loved them and it was so surreal. So then they told me “stand in the middle” and so I did and we got ready for the picture but I couldn’t stop crying so Vic put his arm around me like it is in the picture. Once they took it, Vic said, “oh sweetheart, what’s your name?” And I told him my name and then I told them I had things to say to them so I told mike I loved his tattoos and then I asked tony what his middle name was (Vic was like “do you even have one?”) and he said it was a secret, and then I asked Jaime if I could touch his hair and he said “of course!” so I did (it was really soft) and I was still crying and then I told Vic over and over how much I loved him and then I told them all how much I loved them and I almost forgot to give them my letters and Mike was like “oh you’ve got our names in little banners on here!” which was very cute and then it was time for me to go and as I was leaving Vic said “can’t wait to see you tonight!” and Jaime said “yeah, see you in the pit!” and then it was over and I cried a ridiculous amount and I can’t believe that happened holy shit