love the sari


I commissioned these gorgeous pieces from @lhcshutupandloveme !! I requested Winter in traditional Indian and Jamaican dress, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they came out!!


“If ever you feel unloved, insecure and sad, remember to whom you belong”
~ @blasianroanne

Model: @blasianroanne   
Image by @gt3_photography
Hair, makeup & styling by @rowen.subaya

angelic self care, according to sari, pt 2

- paint your nails an opalescent color for the Aesthetic™, if you’re into that
- make yourself some rosewater for skin care (can post a tutorial if you want)
- seriously, drink some water. consider adding fruit (I like lemons and strawberries with some mint in mine)
- stretch. stretch your arms, your neck, your back, your wings if you can feel them. just take your time to really stretch when you get the chance
- humming hymns under your breath
- volunteering
- if possible, spend some time roaming your local library reading about all sorts of things
- spending time in nature, maybe even gardening
- sitting outside on a sunny day, basking in the warmth and sounds around you
- sitting in a car with the windows down while closing your eyes. it’ll feel like you’re flying!
- if you don’t like Enochian, Latin is a great language to use and learn for angelic purposes
- wearing some angelic fashion (whatever that means to you! for me, that means lots of golds, roses, earth tones, softer colors and textures, and flowy tops)
- listening to choirs and getting lost in the harmonies because it echoes home
- listening to chants and being reminded of times long lost
- being as honest and loving as you can
- being as fierce and protective as you can
- wearing some light lotion that smells like temples and gardens the world forgot
- just taking the time to breathe and love yourself

Happy birthday my spirit animal of cat lovers, Lord Mitsuhide~! Keep awesome and love cats moreeeeeee \(✪ω✪)/


Me: wow look at all the cool skelinktons people are making

Me to me: DRAW THEM. A L L  O F  T H E M.

Tundra and the skelinkton species belong to @7goodangel

Indigo belongs to @napstayore

Sari belongs to @weezy-pup

Coraline belongs to @charases

EDIT: made coraline’s shirt plaid

When we started discussing what we were going to wear for my graduation, my ma quietly and hesitantly asked, “Mai sari pehen sakti hoon?”

Can I wear a sari?

And I was suddenly hit with shame and revulsion for myself. I have in the past asked her not to wear overly desi clothes to celebrations because I was embarrassed. But now, I am deeply ashamed that I had internalized so much hatred for myself, for my colorful culture and traditions, for our beautiful and historical clothes, that I would ever do such a terrible thing. That I would make my own ma think twice before asking to wear a sari.

It was with tears in my eyes that I begged her to please wear the sari.

I love my ma’s saris, and I love my ma’s bindi, and I love my ma. 

My greatest accomplishment on graduation was not my diploma, but her pride. Everything for you, ma. Thank you.

It’s Yukimura Day (ง • ᎑•)ว

It’s March 8th and it’s Lord Yukimura’s birthday (*´ω`*)
Happy birthday, may you blessed by the luck and you’ll have  a happy, healthy and prosperous years ahead. Oh, and full of donuts every single day nyahahahaaaa \( *´ω`* )/

Keep fabulous and always be a cinnamon roll (ง • ᎑•)ว