love the quest

theworsttrashofall replied to your post “Man did I mention how my roommate absolutely goes nuts over her video…”

It i s fun though. Even the frustration! It’s all apart of the experience! If she’s keyboard smashing don’t think too much of it, she’s just got a challenge to overcome is all.

Yeah I def get that overcoming an obstacle is very rewarding especially after all the hassle, but/// it honestly doesn’t sound like she ever has fun playing her games, I’ve never heard her celebrate a GOOD move or a GOOD victory. There’s NOTHIN’ but insults and slurs being thrown around in here. <: / 

I’m not a fan of her intense keyboard slamming either when I’m trying to nap or when it’s “quiet hours” here at the dorms. She’s rattling everything on the shelves and unfortunately I bet our neighbors can hear every slam jam.

Hollow Feast

Cozy garden, full of light
glowing up the darker night
full of safety, full of souls,
full of darkened, hollow holes 
with thirteen, rusty poles.

Here you may come in! and rest!
rest eternal, rest unblessed,
here we are of sin and tar,
and thus most likely very far
from love and holy quest.

Dance! Dance!
Set thou free!
Throw away all what 
could be!

Body and teeth,
tons of soil and dirt
all that was hurt 
is now gone!
Our own, dark dawn
is here! 
Beware! Beware!

Cozy garden, full of glow
take that little bone of crow
and come inside, we provide 
a feast, come down below.

I realized belatedly that this looks like a Progression of Fucks Given by Elim Garak, from ”ZERO FUCKS GIVEN to “FAR TOO MANY FUCKS FOR THIS LIZARD’S COMFORT” to “SISKO WOULD YOU STOP PUNCHING ME FOR LIKE ONE MINUTE”

…every time I look at it, the watermelon outfit gets a little worse.

Romantic Tropes I’m an absolute sucker for:

The slow burn where they both love each other but think the other person doesn’t feel the same way but literally everyone in the world knows how they feel about each other.

They absolutely loathe each other but everyone around them knows that they actually totally love each other.

Royalty/Commoner ESPECIALLY when the commoner didn’t know they were royalty and feel so betrayed when they find out.

I mean really, any version of the Person A is hiding something about their identity for decentish reasons and Person B eventually finds out and is just so betrayed and Person A has some version of the “I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. I fell in love with you.” (Chasing Liberty is my favorite, okay?)

Also the “we’re from different worlds” version, too.

And of course Person A is trying to rescue/find/reunite with they significant other and Person B gets enlisted to help but then totally falls in love but thinks Person A really loves sigo, but when they finally are reunited they realize they really love Person B.



Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please