love the poem prompt

I always felt like a cup
half empty with you,
and I know-
you have always been an optimist 

if it were up to you,
we would have struggled through this,
slept in the same bed without touching 
and called the space between us love 

but I am a realist,
it wasn’t enough and we 
are both so impatient 

I couldn’t wake up each morning 
hoping for kisses
to drink only half a glass,
I am thirsty and tired
and wanting

and it isn’t enough

—  when love isn’t enough || O.L.

Arms so inked they pass for black, lips always kissing a lit cigarette. He was a Bad Boy, in the most cliche of ways.

She was an angel, just missing wings and a halo.

She wouldn’t go bad for him, and he couldn’t turn good, not even for her.

In time, white water will carve river rock.

They learned to love in shades of grey, in undefined twilight at dusk and dawn.

Even the purest princess can get addicted to smoking. Even the fiercest of dragons need more than the fire of their own breath to keep them warm.


Mt // yin-yang love

Prompt: @free-her-state-of-mind

If love is blind, then you must feel my heart
A collection of fingertips and lips,
signatures of their names left in braille
I drink my fears from a flask made of flesh
loving you was realizing
a fresh dozen of roses
will wilt away some day

If love is blind, then you must hold my hands
A regret that I can’t write down,
signatures of their names left in braille
I saved your tears inside of a flask
loving you was realizing
the ocean will some day
reach my shores–
a tsunami of emotions
left in a hurry

If love is blind, then I must feel your heart too
is your heart scattered with hieroglyphics too?
it’s such a tragedy to love without eyes
so coat my skin with your taste
and I’ll surrender my feelings
to someone new, but only if I knew better–

No wonder why it is hard to open up.

i left my name in braille not on your heart,
but on your lips instead.
so the next time someone kisses you,
maybe they’ll wonder about the ones
who kissed you first.

i burn love letters into my skin,
but i can never get it right.
so the next time someone kisses me,
maybe i’ll wonder if it’s real
or just a fling.

a fresh dozen of roses,
but they’ll still wilt.
if love is blind,
then i must be blind too.
a poem without a proper ending,
the only way that i know
if you’ve been here or not–

If love is blind and we were in love,
did I see for who you really were
or who I thought you were to me?
—  If love is blind

l.s. | [sent] [a companion piece/sequel to [unsent]] © 2017

15:47 sometimes the words i can’t say build walls in my throat, post guards to lean against my teeth, an oppression that forces my thumbs to tap out text messages i never let myself send [UNSENT]

15:48 you take my scarf every morning. i think you like how it smells. i think you notice that i notice. i don’t think you notice that i take yours too [UNSENT]

16:10 yess i got the milk, blue like you asked. did you want me to grab bread? [SEEN 16:11]

23:45 every conversation we have is a complicated mess of maybe and could be and i wish it would be [UNSENT]

00:59 sometimes i think i can hear you breathe through the walls. your sighs shake the foundations of our house and they rattle my bones. i hate that you’re unhappy and i hate that i could help if i just opened my mouth to tell you i love you because i do. i do. i just can’t say it yet [UNSENT]

03:09 the last time you told me you loved me it was because i’d stubbed my toe and then flailed around the room like we were on a boat rolling over the waves and i had nothing to hold onto but your laughter and so i prolonged the moment, drew out the pain just to see you smile for a little longer. i didn’t know what to do, what to say, how to act. how to say it back [UNSENT]

08:05 you took my scarf again and i took yours. i watched you through the window as you flung yourself from the front door. tonight i’ll roll my eyes like i always do when i pull it from your neck. i’ll laugh because it’s a habit by now and we’ll linger in the silence that follows, two stars in the same sky but still thousands of light years apart [UNSENT]

22:05 that’s it. that’s enough. i can hear you crying through the wall we share. it’s muffled like you’re trying to hide it and it kills me that you think you need to. i’m putting the kettle on and we’re going to eat cake and i’m going to kiss the crumbs from your face, if you’ll let me [SENT] [SEEN 22:05]

07:00 i think that last night was the best night of my life. i love you. the weather woman said it might snow. i love you. don’t forget to take my scarf when you leave. i love you [SENT] [SEEN 07:01]

I think in another life, we 
were unkind to each other. 
That’s why we met again,
to try and fix things. But
things didn’t work out 
again, and I hope we are
given another chance in
another life.

Your skin is naturally purple
and green, and those weren’t
bruises, no, it was just your
paint chipping, it was just who
I thought you were washing away. 

We never knew each other, 
we only talked in words with
many definitions because we
were afraid of meaning one
thing, we were afraid of
committing to love, a word
everyone knew except for 

—  Three theories I have about past lovers.

and though you hurt me
I cannot regret being yours
for a time
because you’ve helped me realize
I deserve so much more

(so I thank you).

—  by Shelby Leigh

“Why are you so afraid of trusting me?”

I wanted to tell him that it was because his words were too kind and his eyes were too green. That his kisses were too sweet and his promises too unconditional. I wanted to tell him that it was because his love was too easy to fall into, and that if he left like the last one did I wouldn’t know what to do. I wanted to tell him that if I put my all into him, he could just as easily leave with every piece of me. That I had just finally got those pieces back. I wanted to tell him, I wanted to. But I couldn’t.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #94

It’s okay, I’ll find you in pieces.

I’ll find you in the way that girl walks as though she may fall over her own two feet. I’ll find you in the sips of coffee I savour at the cafe we used to frequent. I’ll find you in the laugh of the child who can’t possibly contain the happiness felt. I’ll find you in the smile of the boy who speaks to his love across breakfast.

It’s okay that you can’t love me.
Please believe me.

It’s okay.

I’ll find you in pieces.

—  (c.m.) // I’m not okay
I lost myself
After I gave you my all.
I gave you my heart and
When I did,
It became your duty to protect it,
Not break it.
I was a damsel in distress
And you were supposed to be
My knight in shining armour.
You weren’t chivalrous,
You broke your oath.
You were always
So fond of your sword
And you acted gallantly
Swearing on your sword
To protect me with all you had,
But it was that sword…
That sword that you used
To stab my heart.
I gave you my heart.
I gave you my all,
But you waited
Until I was most vulnerable
To strike.
I gave you my heart
But you returned it
Broken beyond repair.
I lost you.
You lost me.
I fear I will never find love.
Not because I’m unlovable,
But because I learned
How much damage one can do
No matter how knightly
They may seem.
I now realise
That you wore your amour
To hide the villain behind
The valiant “hero.”
—  Fears can kill #1 // S.T.
I Dreamt of You

“I dreamt of you.
 You were here in my arms again
 Holding tight, taking away the pain.

 I dreamt of you.
 Your smile, so pure, so innocent
 Oh, the things it can prevent.

 I dreamt of you,
 With such passion
 And such affection. 
I dreamt of you,
Just to wake up and realize
How I loved you
More you could ever recognize.

I dreamt of you,
And, now these tears are falling.
What a terrible waste…
Kiss them goodbye, give them a taste.” - R.G

I miss you.

I miss you even at nights when I can feel your breath against my neck,

even when your hands are entwined in mine and I can feel the callous on your fingers sketching flower fields on my skin,

even in mornings when your voice is the first music I wake up to,

even in broad daylight, when your eyes reflect the sun in mine as you look at me and you whisper to my ears “You are so beautiful.”

I miss you even when I can hear your laugh across the hallway as you search for my face in the crowd,

even at the last hour of the night when I am laying on your chest and your heartbeat is the last song I listen to.

I miss you even when your lips are pressed against mine with your hands finding constellations on the jagged spaces of my body,

even in afternoons when you’re strumming your favorite guitar to the song that reminds us of months before November,

even on Fridays when I’m cuddled up with you and you tell me “I love you” like a pulsating rhythm,

even on late nights when we fight and scream at each other’s faces like fires perpetually burning and sharp knives never dulling.

I miss you everyday even when your entire being seems like a story told from my childhood.

I miss you even when you’re here.

I will never stop longing for you and

it terrifies me. 

                                 Do you miss me too? 

Valerie T.

it’s near unsettling
how intricately his framework
mirrors my own

-how neatly i am captured!

the gentle white
of his essence ripples
between my dusky shades

& we are one.

at night, my breaths rise
& fall in tandem to his sweet pulse.
he hears my thoughts

& he wakes. he opens.

minds beget touch begets
feeling- the heart - & all
is blurred together, for always

this flesh is but a dream.

prompt: “whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.“ // @definegodliness

But what if I met my soulmate too young? What if he’s the one, but life separates the two of us like it always eventually does?
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #40
we will break the rules
a forbidden love, but somehow it grew
amidst cracked ground
they said there was no chance for us
but we proved them wrong, didn’t we?
and we are fighters
did we make this work simply to rebel?
but its real
more real than this façade we live day by day
they called us liars for loving
they called us thieves for stealing each other’s hearts
but how is it a burglary when we are both so willing?
so different, yet alike
we should not compliment each other, and still
a deviant kind of love
yes, that is what we have created here
they said that this would end swiftly
nothing more than a daring dalliance
so brightly burning, and then out when the wind threatened to blow
they expected us to be fickle with the affairs of the heart
but we are misfits, not matchsticks
and we do not love lightly.

misfits, not matchsticks, brydie ❤︎

prompt from @the-dahlia-lama

once you start it’s hard to stop,
you feel yourself begin to fall but you don’t resist because you’re falling with him
and you’re not scared because for the first time in a long time, you can feel
your senses are heightened in a way you could never have imagined
every touch feels like fire, every kiss ignites a flame
then the inevitable; you land.
and you can’t get back up,
no matter how hard you try, how hard you fell
because you’re broken
and he’s not there to fix you
his lips tasted like nicotine and you got addicted.

- // addicted
a.j.e (via @smells-like-teensluts)