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I’m on my second glass of wine, and honestly???? The Purple Wall™ at Magic Kingdom Park® at Walt Disney World Resort© is so iconic for so many reasons. Like, I don’t even know who the first person to take a picture there was, but it just spread like wildfire, and suddenly, everyone and their mom was taking a photo at this wall and they were finding other walls at WDW to take pictures at. And I’m so happy about it? Like, it encourages people to go be cute for a hot second and just let loose and take photos and be cute and happy and I just love it so much. Like??? I was looking through old Purple Wall™ photos earlier and

They’re just so good. And then people found the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot -

And then there’s the Blue Wall by The Living Seas (which some call the Toothpaste Wall)

And that doesn’t even COVER Animal Kingdom which is just an aesthetic PARADISE

And then, if you go to the other coast, Disneyland has great aesthetic spots too!

Bottom line - The Disney Parks fandom kind of just became a beacon of positive self-image because of this one wall that was a pretty shade of purple in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, and I’m so happy to see people post pictures of themselves and their friends at these places. And if you’re EVER at a Disney Park, feel free to be basic for however long you need to be. Take as many photos as you want. Make yourself feel good. Know how beautiful you are. If you see a wall/an area you think is pretty, take a picture of yourself there. Make it prettier! <3


Apparently congratulations is in store for GG who decided to propose and get married to his girlfriend!! Seems like he’s taking cues from Barry. Hope that he’s happy with his life and that he sleeps in the bed he’s made very comfortably.

Out of respect for GG, CP and my dignity this blog will no longer support or promote grandice as anything more than co-workers and friends. As that is all that they are. There will be no jokes, no asks taken related to them, nothing of the sort. And if and when Candice dates, whoever she’s dating will be the main boo on this page and the only other person with a real tag.

Candice comes first for me. Always has, always will.

I have no explanation for posting this other than to show you the adorable face of my former guide puppy-in-training <3

“A meal should always lie lightly on the estomac,“ said Poirot. "It should not be so heavy as to paralyze thought.”
- Agatha Christie, Death in the Clouds