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Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

  • A rhetorical statement: God, how could you like the Cult Ending?! That's so homophobic and gross, you just wanna see gay people suffer, [some other reason I'm gross for liking it]
  • Me: As much as I enjoy the Cult Ending, since Horror games were a huge part of my life growing up, I acknowledge that Joseph really deserved to have a better outcome than just "Cuck or Cult."
  • Me: Joseph could've been an amazing example of religious LGBT+ representation, and a strong moral and satisfying outcome with coming to terms with your sexuality and how you don't need to suffer and be ashamed about it.
  • Me: However, with the fact that Joseph's writer, Jared Rosen, is a known LGBT+ horror writer, and the fact the devs confirmed not wanting Joseph to have a good ending to avoid the implications of breaking up even a clearly toxic marriage as a good thing, it was clear that Joseph's character was doomed before the game was even released.
  • Me: The fact that Joseph literally only has outcomes that condemn his character, and one that straight up demonizes him, is so damaging to a lot of people.
  • Me: Sure, it would be a bit much to say "Give Joseph the ending we thought he deserved" while keeping all of the other endings a possibility. But the canon of Dating Sims have always been such a flexible entity. It makes no sense to try and apply a solid, consistent canon no matter what you do in a genre like this.
  • Me: Joseph deserved to have a good ending, just as much as he did a bad/dark twist ending. And frankly, he NEEDED a good end so that people who didn't like the Cult Ending had another outcome to work off of.
  • Me: I love the Cult Ending. But there's no denying that Joseph needed better, not just for the game, but for the fans as well.

okay but i love both outcomes of this either a) he’s going to sing kiwi and he thought this would be a fun and sweet way to let the fans know ahead of time or b) he’s playing a prank on us and it’s gonna become a lil inside joke and i’m just very endeared either way


Mind Reader

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst adjacent, smut, dirty talk, LOTS of language

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: I was looking through some REALLY old requests and I came across an idea from @jennalyncarrigan1230 from who knows how long ago. She pitched an idea that I have twisted and LOVE the outcome. I doubt she even remembers sending the ask, but her initial idea sparked this smutty goodness. This took on a life of its own. I haven’t wrote Dean smut or ANY smut in quite some time. This is officially DIRTY. Or at least by my standards it is. Hope you enjoy. ;) Italics & Bold indicate reader’s thoughts.  This has very little plot. Just the poor reader thinking her secret dirty thoughts about Dean only to have them be not so secret anymore.

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“And thus we solved the mystery of the sinister house called The Copper Beeches. Mr. Rucastle survived, but was always a broken man, kept solely alive by the care of his devoted wife. They still live with their servants, who probably know so much of Rucastle’s past that he finds it difficult to part from them. Mr. Fowler and Miss Rucastle were married, by special license, and he now holds a government position in the island of Mauritius. Miss Hunter is now a head of a private school in Walsall, where I gather she has met with considerable success.”

Favourite Granada Holmes scenes (1/?)

He held his skate guards to the ice for a few moments before touching the ice with his right hand to thank it the way he always does. I hope he leaves this venue with a good mental image and that he will return to this arena and stand at the top of the podium in February next year.

- You are an important part of something very large and beautiful

Happy Birthday Shiro // February 29th

Sequence [iv]

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sequence masterlist


chanyeol x reader
genre: angst
word count: 8.5k



You woke up burning, the feeling deep within your bones as the figure beside you felt foreign. The places he touched you singed your skin, leaving behind a metaphorical black ash. It was as if the person lying with you was a stranger, a body you had yet to be accustomed to. The space that usually occupied a cold, stale air now lingered with a thick, heavy weight that dragged you into the mattress- like quicksand trying to suffocate you. His arm, wrapped tightly around your body, felt claustrophobic, his face buried into your neck as his hot breath cascaded across your skin.

In the past, this breath would ignite the fire flickering in your chest, set ablaze to your skin and leave you starving for more as the embers sparked wildly within you. But now, after months of fasting, a thick dull grey consuming your life without his light, the breathing on your neck felt stifling, like it was sucking the life straight out of the veins in your jugular. You squirmed beneath him, desperate to peel your body from his grasp and take a breath of fresh air, feeling as if your lungs would collapse in on themselves if you didn’t escape his clammy touch.

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will you smile once looking at me?

hello, hello

as i slowly, look at you, i gather up the courage to wave my hand

seventeen “hello” / [ lyrics trans. ] 

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“Where the heck is Delirious taking us this time?! ”

This is my first art collab with @lafiska
She did an awesome job and I love the outcome big thanks to her for doing a great great job at this, so much love goes to her💞😆

Aries loves starting new things
Taurus loves material luxuries
Gemini loves to communicate
Cancers love to nurture
Leos love to entertain
Virgos love to perfect things
Libras love to socialise
Scorpios love to investigate the depths
Sagittarians love the journey
Capricorn loves the process&outcome of working hard
Aquarius loves the community platonically
Pisces has love (compassion) for everything