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Thanks to everyone who joined me in my 5hrs and enjoyed the music! I’m glad we ended on a good note >v< / It was so much fun and each character was adorable and fun to draw and just fun!

Even if my hand hurts XD worth it >;3c ENJOY YOUR DOODLES OWNERS NEXT TO THEIR DOODLE.

Protective//Josh Dun

Requested: Please do one where your pregnant and josh is really protective of you


               You woke up, stretching yourself out before letting your hand gently rest on the small bump on your belly. A smile began to adorn your lips as you snuggled closer to Josh, hand still resting happily over where your future child was growing. It was a fight, but you managed to convince Josh that you would be okay to join them on tour for a week—you were only 5 months along. No big deal right? Well to Josh, everything was a big deal when it came to you and his future baby.

               “Where you going?” He mumbled tiredly as you began getting up. When you didn’t respond, and continued to the bathroom; you heard him spring up from his spot on the bed. “Y/N, are you okay? What’s going on?” You rolled your eyes, stifling a laugh. This was a regular occurrence, you couldn’t even go to the bathroom without Josh losing his mind.

               “Nothing’s wrong Josh, I’m tired and needed to pee. Go back to bed.” You called back, sighing as he protested. “I’m not dying, I’m pregnant. I can handle myself. I promise no sewer monster will come and—Oh my god no.” You began screaming, trying not to laugh as Josh began freaking out once again, grabbing at the door handle and screaming back to you. You swung the door open, laughing the moment you saw Josh’s worried face. “I’m fine, I was just messing with you. I’m sorry.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his middle. You felt him sigh in relief as he reluctantly wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

               “You know I worry about the two of you. That wasn’t funny.” He whispered, resting his chin on your head as the two of you sat there in blissful silence. Which was a rare occasion, tour was stressful and sometimes the fans got a bit out of control. Lots of variables which could go wrong and in a worst case scenario cause harm (as Josh lectured you about many times when you begged him to let you join tour for a week). The two of you finally broke apart when a knock at your door broke the silence.

               “How’s our favorite lovebirds today?” Tyler and Jenna joked, walking in. “So I was thinking of stealing your girlyfriend for the day. Do some cute girl stuff and shopping.” Jenna smiled sweetly at Josh, who merely looked at you with a worried expression. “Oh come on! She’s pregnant, not dying. I’ll take care of her, she’ll take care of herself. We’ll be fine!” Jenna fought, causing Josh to let a breath pass his lips.

               “Fine, just be careful okay?” He asked you, wrapping one arm around your waist and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I know you won’t want to call me because of this silly interview Tyler and I have; but if anything goes wrong please do. Okay?” He whispered, receiving a small nod from you.

               “Will do sir. Now if you all don’t mind. I will be getting dressed before we meet the two of you for breakfast downstairs.” You smiled, walking over to your suitcase to grab some clothes for the day. Josh had finally let up and allowed you to explore a city! Without him. Not that you minded him joining on adventures, it was just how overprotective he got sometimes. Like he forgot that you were able to take care of yourself. But it was all because he loved you and the baby too much to even think of something bad happening.


               “So, where to first?” Jenna smiled as the two of you walked into a mall. It was large, filled with lots of people. Which you had to admit made you a little uncomfortable. Large crowds were ironically a fear of yours (considering you were always more than happy to endure them for Twenty One Pilots shows). “Oh my gosh, can we go look at cute baby outfits?” You nodded, though the sex of the baby was still a surprise, you still loved looking at little onsies and shoes. Thinking of how adorable it would be to dress your little one and listen to them giggle as you tickled them and gave them kisses. You were so lost in your thoughts that you ended up walking into someone. Which caused you to jump, lose your footing and fall backwards; landing on your back. But not after letting your wrist slam painfully into the ground in your attempt to catch your fall.

               “Are you okay?” Jenna asked worriedly, helping you off the ground. Your back was sore, you could barely move your wrist and you kind of wanted to vomit. So you just nodded, whispering something about wanting to lay down. “I feel like you should get checked out. You just went from fine to whiter than a ghost.” You looked at her with pleading eyes, hoping she wouldn’t automatically call Tyler and Josh. You knew Josh would get worried, leave the interview early and let the fans down. You didn’t want that. “Fine. I won’t say anything, but you better tell him at some point!” Jenna pointed a finger at you before leading you out of the mall.


               “Hey Josh, so I know you’re probably at sound check. But can you come to the walk-in clinic? I fell on my ass today, and messed up some tendons in my wrist and they’re talking about running tests to make sure our little one is okay and I’m scared.” You whispered, fighting tears as you spoke. When the doctor recommended doing tests and ultrasounds you felt like a monster. You should have just listened to Josh when he asked you not to come along. It was all a risk to your little one and you just messed up.

               “Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice ask from the doorway. You were sitting in an evaluation room, and a familiar mess of hair was poking in. “I’m so happy you’re alright!” He pulled you into a tight hug, rocking you back and forth slowly. “Shh. It’s okay, they’ll be okay.” He continued to whisper, pressing a hand to your stomach as soon as you started sobbing.

               “Ms. Y/L/N, hello again. All we have left is an ultrasound, so far all the tests came up negative for any distress or concern.” You nodded, laying back on the bed and lifting your shirt above your stomach. When the doctor gasped slightly after looking at the screen, you felt tears prickle in your eyes. The shape on the screen looked terribly odd. You looked over at Josh who was smiling—why is he smiling?! You hurt your child.

               “Josh, what’s there to be happy about? Look what I did to our child. I feel so bad.” You whimpered, feeling his hand slip into yours.

               “No, no. Y/N look closer.” You continued staring at the screen, the malformed figure not becoming any clearer. “Here’s number one.” Josh reached over and traced part of the figure. “And number two.” He smiled widely, finger tracing around the second part. “That isn’t one harmed baby, that’s two healthy ones.” He started laughing, smile spreading across his face as you stared at the screen with your mouth slightly ajar.

               “There’s two little ones?” You whispered in awe, smiling at the two small figures on the screen. “Does this mean you’re going to be twice as protective?” You looked over at Josh, who was still smiling at the picture of your two little ones.

               “Very much so. Maybe even quadruple as protective.” He laughed, bringing your fingers up to his lips and pressing a soft kiss, eyes never coming off his future babies.


My little brat spent two nights with me she loves wearing her diary and onsie for pictures I even got a picture of her little wet bottom before a diaper change love her so much @kinkylittlezombie