love the new opening

Signs as Yuri on Ice skaters (much more accurate version)

Yuri Plisetsky: Aries
Active, energetic, excitable, and impulsive

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Guang-Hong Ji: Taurus
Quiet, affectionate, patient, stable, determined, and practical

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Leo De La Iglesia: Gemini
Lively, energetic, versatile, and intellectual

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Yuri Katsuki: Cancer
Receptive, sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, and emotional

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Jean-Jacques Leroy: Leo
Enthusiastic, powerful, extravagant, and fixed in opinion

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Seung Gil Lee: Virgo
Reserved, modest, practical, and analytical

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Christophe Giacometti: Libra
Active, easygoing, peaceable, prizes beauty, and very socially inclined

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Georgi Popovich: Scorpio
Passionate, emotional, persistent, and intense

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Kenjiro Minami: Sagittarius
Energetic, ambitious, freedom-loving, a seeker of challenge, and open to new ideas

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Victor Nikiforov: Capricorn
Reserved, patient, determined, and quick yo seize opportunity

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Otabek Altin: Aquarius
Assertive, independent, has strong dislikes and firm opinions

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Pichit Chulanont: Pisces
Receptive, intuitive, romantic, and imaginative

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I love the new opening but one thing that came to my mind was you see how in the beginning of the shows the opening had no colors or anything to just how its just plain. I think that kinda shows how all the main characters were probably in a point of there life where they didn’t know where to go or what to do. Where they felt kinda lost.

Now the new opening is so vibrant and colorful. Its shows how they found something to fight and live for. They found there hope in life. It just shows how there in a better place.

love a scorpio 
and break off a piece of soul into their pocket. they will keep it forever 

love a sagittarius 
and you will find it hard to resist putting all your happiness in their hands 
watch they don’t drop it 

love a gemini 
you’ve fallen for the charm of a summer fairy. but that fairy dust dries up quickly, don’t become boring 

love a cancer 
and a new safe place will be opened up just for the two of you. they create a portal with you 


I don’t know why you’d want it but here you go, my very boring self for you 

(ノ´ ᵕ `)ノ*:・゚✧

Music 3/10/17

Random music I enjoy finding and sharing with everyone. Click the name to open the link (Might want to right click and open new link). If you love edm, pop, modern 80′s vibes, trap, and mash ups, then you might enjoy these. One of my favorite things to do is finding new music and sharing it with others.

If you want to just feel good, dance, and sing in front of your mirror like I do, then listen to these and start de-stressing yourself!

1.) Ariana Grande - Into You (DJ Linuxis Remix)

2.) Ariana Grande - Into You (Kyle Meehan Remix)

3.) Cash Cash & ROZES - Matches 

4.) The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Like This

5.) Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (Elephante Remix)

6.) Ellie Goulding - Something In The Way You Move (DEVI Remix)

7.) Gryffin & Illenium - Feel Good ( ft. Daya)

8.) Madison Mars - We Are The Night (feat. Sanjana Ghosh)

9.) Maggie Lindemann - Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes x Cade Remix)

10.) Maroon 5 - Cold (RetroVision Remix) [Ft. Future]

11.) NIEKED -Sexual (Uplink x MAGNÜS Remix) [Ft. Dyo]

12.) NIEKED - Sexual (Welshy Remix) [Ft. Dyo]

13.) Sia - The Greatest [ft. Kendrick Lamar] (BOXINLION Remix)

14.) Sigrid - Don’t Kill My Vibe

15.) Tritional - Strangers

16.) Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay 

17.) Carly Rae Jepson - Roses

18.) The Band Perry - Stay In The Dark

19.) BTS - Save Me 

20.) The Chainsmokers - Paris (LOUDPVCK Remix Audio)

21.) Mr Probz - Till You’re Loved

22.) CID - Secrets (ft. Conrad Sewell)

23.) Deorro - Tell Me Lies (Feat. Lesly Roy)

24.) Galantis - Rich Boy

25.) Hayley Kiyoko - Palace (Justin Caruso Remix)

26.) The Him - I Wonder (Ft. Lissa)

27.) Jojo - FAB (Ft. Remy Ma) [Giovanny Remix]

28.) Fifth Harmony - Work From Home (Muffin Remix)

29.) The Weekend - Star Boy (Ft. Daft Punk) [Kygo Remix]

30.) Fifth Harmony - Work From Home (Young Bombs Remix)

31.) Fifth Harmony - That’s My Girl (Ryan Riback Remix)

32.) DJ Snake - Let Me Love You cover (BOXINLION Remix)

33.) The Chainsmokers - Closer (T-MASS Remix)

34.)  Major Lazer - Cold Water (Neptunica & Matt Defreitas Remix)

35.)  Flume - Say It feat. Tove Lo (Illenium Remix)

36.) Julia Michaels - Issues

37.)  Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (Snavs Remix)

38.)  Major Lazer - Cold Water (R3hab vs Skytech Remix)

39.)  Zara Larsson - Ain’t My Fault (R3hab Remix)

40.) Rihanna - Kiss It Better (R3hab Remix)

41.) Kygo - It Ain’t Me (Ft. Selena Gomez)

42.) A R I Z O N A - Oceans Away (Vicetone Remix)

43.) Steve Aoki - Just Hold On (Ft. Louis Tomlinson)

44.) Wonder Girls - I Feel You 

45.) Zak Abel - Unstable

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Open letter to the man who couldn’t love me.

Dear you,
Today, for the first time since we broke up, I cried.
It’s not because I miss you.
It’s not because I still love you.
It’s not even because everything finally came crashing in.

It’s been over a year since I fell out of love with you.
No. Today I cried because I finally felt the damage you did to me, and I realized that everything that happened was not my fault. 
I cried hard. My head hurt and my heart hurt and everything hurt because I finally felt relief. The anxiety of feeling like I wasn’t good enough, trying to figure out what I did wrong and why I wasn’t good enough for your love? The years I wasted trying to be enough for you, I finally realized I was good enough for you. You just couldn’t see that. We were so young, so how could you have?

Sure, you told me you loved me. And we loved each other. And I believed it all. But you didn’t love me the way I needed you to.

You didn’t put me first. You chose any and everything before us.
You didn’t want to spend quality time with me.
You didn’t kiss me good night.
You didn’t tell me you loved me daily.
You wanted nothing to do with building a future together.
You expected me to do all of the work.
You yelled at me whenever I messed up.
I cried and you wouldn’t comfort me.
You grew angry with me easily.
You made sure to point out my flaws and not let me forget they were there.
You made me feel like no one would ever love me like you did.

I threw my whole self into our relationship only to be dropped on my face, desperately clinging onto us and trying to put the pieces together as they shattered. I wanted it to work; I truly wanted it to work. I had imagined a life for us full of laughing, crying, joy and sorrow as we navigated growing old together. I saw us having children and having pets and living in a house working our asses off for everything we ever wanted.

But somewhere along the way, we lost track of who we were and we never recovered. I tried to fix you while I tried to fix myself and ended up losing in the end. I didn’t just lose the man I was in love with, but I lost my best friend as well. And even though I didn’t cry the day I left you, I spent many nights crying myself to sleep trying to find the solace I found that morning when I packed my things and left.

So today, I cried. Because I found a man who loves me the way I need to be loved. Someone who has become my best friend and who believes I am too good for him. Although most days, I think he is too good for me. And I finally realize what it means to be in a healthy relationship with someone who loves me the way I feel I deserve. I cried because I finally know what love is supposed to feel like and it hit me like a train.

This letter is meant to thank you.

Thank you for all the lonely nights.
Thank you for the emotional abuse.
Thank you for all the broken promises.
Thank you for the cancelled dates.
Thank you for never being there for me.
Thank you for pushing me to fight for my happiness, because without this experience, I would have never ended up where I am today, which is on my own, building a name and a life for myself and being stronger than I was when I was with you. You helped me realized my worth and that I deserved more than you were equipped to give me. I met someone who gives me everything you couldn’t. You set me free and I’m a better person after having been with you.

I am autistic and proud of it. I love being autistic because I love the person it makes me.

I love how I can find beauty in everything, how in love I am with the smallest things and how easily I’m happy.

Sometimes, I even love the sadness and pain it can bring. Because I am able to transform it. Because I’m able to turn it into understanding for others who are also in pain, even though their pain differs from mine.

I love that it makes me more open for different and new things, because in a world full of allistic people, I always had to be. And I love how stubborn I am, how strong my sense for right and wrong is and how easy it is for me to stand up for what I believe in.

However, sometimes I still find myself being angry at who I am as a person because I’m autistic. I still sometimes hate myself for it.
And that’s okay. It’s hard to ALWAYS love yourself for being autistic when everyone else tells you that you shouldn’t. When you were raised to see yourself as flawed and weird and someone others would often rather not be around.

It’s an act of rebellion in itself to love yourself if others tell you not to. And I even love this struggle to love myself, this fighting for the self-respect that I deserve because it allows me to grow as a person. Because by learning how to love myself against all the hate autistic people receive, I’m also learning how to love others who get the same hate.

And I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. Because in this world, autistic people are still seen as “less than” allistic people by many.

Being autistic is sometimes hard. Loving yourself for being autistic is even harder.
But every autistic person deserves to love themselves for who they are. And the struggle to unlearn ableism is completely worth it.

If you are still struggling to love yourself, then I am proud of you. Because you’re taking the harder path and fighting through all odds thrown at you. Because at least you are trying to give yourself the love that you deserve instead of giving in to how others abuse you.
You are strong and wonderful and I fully support you.


Spoiler alert: The Mikaelsons will eventually escape their psychic prison, triggering a long-awaited reunion between Hayley and Elijah that will serve as “one of the emotional cores of the season,” teases executive producer Michael Narducci. Complicating that relationship further will be Hayley’s daughter Hope, who “definitely shares her mother’s street smarts, but may or may not also display some of her father’s temper and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her family.” Speaking of Klaus, “one of the great journeys of the season” will be his reckoning with Marcel — and there is “hope of healing some wounds.” Elsewhere, Freya will finally get a new love interest, setting the stage for an “emotional struggle [which] opens up a whole new dimension to the character.” (One final treat: Narducci promises we’ll get Claire Holt “for about half the season. Rebekah has an incredible journey to go on.”) - X

Merry CHRIStmas! ♥

That the ones who were good or bad get what they deserve. 


151231 Gayo Daejun

What love means to the (moon) signs

Aries: I love you means… I’ll burn without you

Taurus: I love you means… you envelope me with comfort

Gemini: I love you means… I need you in order to function

Cancer: I love you means… I can’t see anything but you

Leo: I love you means… we rise above the rest together

Virgo: I love you means… you complete me

Libra: I love you means… there’s no person who compliments me better

Scorpio: I love you means… we feel what no other has felt before

Sagittarius: I love you means… everything feels new with you

Capricorn: I love you means… I can finally open up to someone

Aquarius: I love you means… you electrify me

Pisces: I love you means… you’re the only one I’m truly comfortable with

Scenes I loved in episode 11 of Yuri on Ice (despite the ending):

The new opening. Very nice.

The cuteness of this moment…

…and this one.

I wish.

Yuri’s mom being all loving and supportive. She is just the sweetest thing.

Cheerleading Minami-kun (almost forgot about him) and the half-asleep triplets!

Phichit’s cuteness not at all upstaged by adorable hamsters. I almost want him to win #1 if it wasn’t for how disappointing it would be for Victor, Yuuri and Yurio (although, knowing Yuuri, he would probably still be sincerely happy for him).

I laughed so hard I actually snorted.



“Mmmm, my boyfriend is a total awesome badass. But of course he is, he is MY boyfriend. After all, that’s my minimum requirement.”

JJ revealing he’s human after all.

I confess, I kept it together when everyone started singing JJ’s song, but lost it when she did this. That was super sweet.

And here I was all hopeful because of how sexy Victor looked. BUT, I have faith in Kubo-sama. At this point, I almost REFUSE to believe we will get an unhappy ending from all the love and perfection we’ve been given.