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aand then there's Fall Out Boy's new single Champion for Shiro... it's quite fitting for him actually

Ooooh i have yet to hear that. listening now…. WOW OKAY YEA. THIS IS TRUE.. 




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Bucky discovering Lana Del Rey & loving her music, but he's too embarrassed to tell you & one day you hear music coming from his room & you recognize Lana's voice & you walk in & he gets all blushy & tries to turn it off but you tell him not to & you just start dancing so sensually to her music & Bucky gets turned on & you end up fucking to "West Coast" or whatever song you prefer of her

Oooooooooo I like 

Moaning Monday™


Local Man Ruins Everything™ 


It was an idea I had, I think, when I was flying from L.A. to somewhere. I thought it would be nice to lose our identities, to submerge ourselves in the persona of a fake group. We would make up all the culture around it and collect all our heroes in one place. So I thought, A typical stupid-sounding name for a Dr. Hook’s Medicine Show and Traveling Circus kind of thing would be ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Just a word game, really.”

—Paul McCartney, 1984


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ben platt out here with some more iconic content

 Comptine d’un autre été (x)

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I’ll start off with: this is an instrumental fanmix. I have another mix like this (dedicated to Rey) and after its success on 8tracks, I couldn’t not make one for Diana. I’ve spent a lot of time on this, trying to find the perfect music that suits every aspect of Wonder Woman: from her invincible courage to her pure and loving heart. There are two tracks from the film as well. There’s not one track that doesn’t suit Diana on this mix, so I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Note: Glimmer of Hope has been replaced with The Power of Will in the Spotify version, as Spotfiy doesn’t have the other song.