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Anyway Soldier is perfect and good

One of the most unfortunate (and fortunate in some cases) aspects of completely delving yourself into a fandom is that you begin to accept how other people interpret characters versus how the true game interprets them. Like I mentioned, this can be a really awesome thing!

But sometimes, not so much.

A good example in our home sweet home, the tf2 fandom, would be the most antagonized character of the game (at least imo. Medic gets a lot of shit representation too)

Good ol’ Jane Doe.

Most of my opinion on this topic is from a personal experience so I’ll jump straight into that:

When I first joined this fandom/ got the game, my love for the characters was pretty contrastive; Medic was super up top, and engie, demo, and ya boy solly I wasn’t really into (yet of course). This was pretty realistic since I was newer and had set my heart on my favs. As I met people, enjoyed content, and created my own, my love began to spread and even out (thank God). 

Except…one merc was still lagging. Soldier. As I matured in my knowledge and independence of interpretation I began to really notice why. 

Soldier is portrayed very heavily as the angry hateful antagonist of many artistic scenarios, especially writing.

It’s too easy. Jane’s excessive expression of opinion and loud sense of patriotism and criticism made him an easy villain to give an insult, or cause a problem. I had seen this usage of his character so often that I had forgotten how this absolute DORK teleported fuckin bread for three whole days, just out of childish impulse

LIKE HOLY HECK HE IS SO BUBBLY AND ALL OVER THE PLACE! The interpretation is flawed in one major place. Is Soldier someone who has opinionated outbursts?? Yes. Are they all based on hate and bias?? NO. Soldier is very expressive in all fields, including excitement, love, and the support he has for his team

The team part is a big one. Like wtf are you thinkin’ Jane LOVES his teammates!! He is extremely supportive and doesn’t seem to push his insults any further than impulsive outbursts

look at him smiling during scout’s date!! He’s so proud


he’s so loving in his own way

anyway this kinda turned into a soldier appreciation post that is too long but uh yeah pls he’s not awful he’s a big ol dork thanks

Here’s a thing: no matter how upset I am at the show, no matter how over it I am and how loudly I will readily shout my criticisms, I will always love Kara Danvers. And Alex Danvers. And Cat Grant. And Maggie Sawyer. And most of the other characters too. These characters are beautiful and complex and deserve so much more than they have been given. I don’t blame them, I blame the creators that did this to them. So let’s keep loving them and writing them and shipping them, giving them the life that fandom always does. Yes, we deserve better in canon. So much better, and I support everyone speaking out. But just know that we will continue to keep our community thriving and safe and welcoming too. There is power in that. Sending my love to all ❤

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2 more days until i get my hands on Mass Effect Andromeda ^^, so heres some fan art of Jaal and Sara Ryder

You know what really gets me about that promo for Gimme Shelter? How much Kane loves Bellamy. 

Like, we knew, they’ve got the Earth dad and son thing going, but he doesn’t tell Bellamy that she’s gone, not at first. He doesn’t want Bellamy to go after her. Someone tell me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time that someone has stopped Bellamy from doing something to help Octavia that would be harmful to him? 

Kane didn’t even interfere during THAT scene in the cave. But he’s interfering now, because Bellamy Blake is important and Kane knows that and he loves his Earth Son.   

DC Legends of Tomorrow post. Spoilers this way.

Dude. What did you think was going to happen after you non stop make fun of and distrust a dude that was willing to die for you over and over again??

Like seriously. Did you all forget that it was Mick who was arm deep in the bomb trigger at the Vantage Point before Snart, just so Ray didn’t die??

And Sara. You girl, where the hell did your compassion go?? You were an assassin, and probably killed more people than Mick did. Because ultimately, he was a thief. I mean yeah, an arsonist, but a thief at his core.

And Stein. What a dickhead. Let me not get started. All I wanted to say in this case is that he told you that he was seeing Snart. He showed you the proof on his effing cheek, but then suddenly you gonna do him like that?? What the eff?!?! How messed up, man. No respect to you, dude. None.

I personally liked Amaya, up until the end. And good for you, Ray Palmer, for remembering that this guy saved your life and gave you his partner’s cold gun. And realizing how much of jerk and hypocrites you all were being.

Also, kind of sick of the whole Mick is stupid gig. Obviously he isnt.

Which is probably the perfect transition for my prediction for the episode next week based on the promos.

What if Mick infiltrated the Legion of Doom to get in on whatever they were planning so he could fix it. Maybe when he touched the spear of destiny he wished to remember the previous, real reality so he could find someone on the team to fix it. And it kinda makes sense that it ends up being Nate.

Hear me out. All the other members of the team had at some point dealt with the members of the legion. So obviously, the Legion is focusing on them, Nate is barely on their radar. It also circles back to the premiere of the season where is it Nate and Mick who find and reunite the rest of the legends.

Anywho, this is just a theory that will probably not be true. But it’s fun to speculate.

Also. #mickrorydeservesbetter… and a hug. Or a billion. I mean, he hears his parents with the spear for christ sakes. Obviously that means he regrets what happened. And that if he could he would change it. Not such a psychopathic arsonist now is he??

Love to hear your thoughts??