love the hand holding

Idk why fans get hurt when they see their bias hold hands with another fan ? I’m low key rooting for jungkook everytime I see him initiating some skinship with his beloved army ❤❤❤ I Love seeing him holding hands with those fans 💕💕💕 They have the cutest interactions in this world 🙊🙊🙊 I’m over the “envious” phase lmao , tbh I came to terms with the fact that I can’t even meet him, so why not feel happy for everyone else instead ? ❤ K-army are the luckiest fluffy bunch of this fandom 💕💕💕 I’m happy for the girls who got to hold his hands , but I’m also happy for jungkook , because he had the time of his life, holding onto his armys cute hands 💜💜💜 I’m a fandom lover and Jungkook lover. I may love kook but I honestly love our fandom as well 💙💙💙

I love girls. I love their hair and their hands and their softness and their smiles and personalities and the way they talk to their friends and how they look at you and how they laugh and I love it when they make that face where they scrunch up their nose and they’re focused and how they always seem to know what’s going on and yet they can be so clueless and I love that too. I love how they hold your hand and the way they touch your hair and how they laugh at their own jokes. I love it when they talk and their face lights up and I love it when they get shy and look down and when they get flustered and can’t speak and I love the way they dance and blow hair out of their face and when they tuck the loose strands behind their ears. I love it when girls see their friends and run to them and hug them.. I love the way girls hug. I love it when they pull their sleeves over their hands and I love it when they roll their sleeves up and and when they give you their jacket. I love the way girls love…. I love girls

sometimes i think about…how Soft™ eva and vilde are.

and it’s eva watching vilde sleep with her lips slightly parted, cheeks the color of those pink valentine’s day candy hearts, hair floating in sunbeams like tendrils of spiderwebs.

it’s vilde making eva tea and chattering incessantly, full of energy and just so grateful that she’s lucky enough to love her best friend.

it’s lots of hand holding and smiles and watercolor paint sets and smelling like baby lotion and soft lighting and big coats and so much love and respect and i just can’t wait for them to be happy.

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i gotta list all the tropes i've found that could apply bjnkvnkjdnk there's "aw look they really do love each other" "battle couple" (im taking the balmera as proof of this fight me vfdkssk) "belligerent sexual tension" "forgotten first meeting" ("headbutt of love" if we wanna reach) "holding hands" "imaginary love triangle" bc idc what anybody says lance was terrified at the idea of k@llura (same) "longing look" and "opposites attract"

fdkjngfdklnjfk i laughed out loud at imaginary love triangle

“is the princess wiht you?” “yes” “like….with you….with you?”

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CS Preference: Forehead touches or hand holding? Why?

I think I prefer hand holding. 

There’s something really intimate about entwining your fingers with another person - it can be made as sexual or as platonic or as loving or supportive as you want. There’s many depths to hand holding. 

Plus, with hand holding, you get to see their expressions, you get to see their smiles, their eyes connect, all while their fingers are joined and using their thumbs to rub circles in the other’s skin.

I feel like hand holding can initiate so many more little details and displays of affection between them.

Forehead touches are nice, they’re a sign of being comfortable and at ease and close to one another. But I just feel you get so much more out of hand holding.

i swear to god if i hear another oscar “we are divided but!! if we all hold hands and get along, peace and love will triumph❤️” im gonna scream like do you guys not get how nuanced the political and social state our country has always been in… dude tru solidarity is not sweeping shit under the rug with the pretense of peace but acknowledging the issues at hand and actively doing something about it, wishing for peace only gets so far, you have to work for it

G1 Hoist dating headcanons with a human s/o because hoo bo y… I lo v e this bot so much like talk about ultimate husband material lmao

Hoist (G1)

  • He adores being smooched by you!! He’s sad he can’t smooch back because of his faceplate though…
  • Gives you nicknames ranging from “my dear” and “sweetspark” to kinda sappy and/or dumb stuff like “light of my life” and “squidget” 
  • He’s always there to give you a pep talk if you’re feeling down or anxious about something. He may not always understand, but he wants you to feel better so he’ll try his best for you
  • He’s very fond of movie dates, and will gladly take you to a drive in movie, or just watch a DVD or stream something at home. You take it in turns to pick what to watch
  • Hoist loves it when you hold his servo or rest your hands on it. The difference in size between you is pretty big and he thinks it’s adorable